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Word Bake Answers for All Levels

Word Bake is Gameone’s latest entry to the always-busy word game/brain game category on Android and iOS, and as the game’s makers say, this is a game which could help you improve your vocabulary, concentration, and spelling skills. (Don’t they all? Though it’s not like we’re complaining.) You can play the game by swiping your finger vertically, horizontally, and diagonally, or even backwards, and finding all of the hidden words in the levels, particularly the bonus words. If you get stuck at any point in the game, you can tap on the hint button to get hints. Though as you’ll find out, that’s something you want to avoid in the game.

We’re not just talking game mechanics here — you want to avoid using hints because there’s an easier way to get the answers you need, and that’s by referring to our list of Word Bake answers and solutions. Bear in mind that we didn’t design this for you to read it from start to finish; this is only to be used if you’re stuck at a certain level and don’t want to use your hints. But we’ve got 12 puzzle packs included in here — that should cover a lot of ground, wouldn’t you agree?

Word Bake Malicoco Answers

#1: He, The
#2: An, Ad, And
#3: Of, Or, For
#4: As, Say
#5: But, Tub
#6: Of, Go, Fog
#7: Ow, Low, Owl
#8: To, Opt, Pot, Top
#9: Arm, Ram, Mar
#10: As, Ash, Has

#11: Or, Do, Rod
#12: At, Pat, Apt, Tap

Word Bake Secret Spiral Answers

#1: At, Hat, Tat, That
#2: It, Hi, Wit, Hit, With, Whit
#3: He, The, Yet, Hey, They, Eh, Thy
#4: Of, Or, For, From, Form
#5: At, Hat, What, Thaw, Ha, Ah, Haw
#6: No, On, Wok, Now, Own, Wonk, Now, Wonk, Ok, Ow
#7: It, Me, Ti, Emet, Time, Item, Mite, Emit
#8: Yea, Rye, Ray, Ear, Era, Are, Year, Aye
#9: We, He, Hew, New, Hen, When, Eh
#10: At, Tea, Ate, Eat, Take, Teak

#11: Her, Ear, Era, Are, Hear, Hare, Eh, Ha, Ah
#12: Pal, Lap, Ply, Pay, Yap, Lay, Play
#13: n/a
#14: Lie, Vie, Live, Vile, Veil, Evil
#15: At, Fat, Aft, Act, Cat, Fact
#16: Ow, Or, Do, Row, Rod, Word
#17: In, Kin, Ink, Kid, Din, Kind
#18: On, No, Go, Log, Long

Word Bake Traviata Answers

#1: In, It, No, On, To, Nit, Tin, Ion, Not, Ton, Into
#2: Or, You, Our, Your
#3: At, An, Hat, Tan, Ant, Than, Ha, Ah
#4: Ilk, Lie, Lei, Like, Elk
#5: He, The, Ten, Net, Hen, Then, Eh
#6: Me, Or, Rem, Ore, Roe, More
#7: An, At, Wan, Ant, Tan, Want
#8: If, In, Fin, Din, Find
#9: Veg, Vie, Give
#10: My, An, Man, May, Yam, Any, Many, Nay