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WordWhizzle Answers for All Levels

WordWhizzle is an addictive game from Apprope, a company which you probably recognize as the maker of WordBubbles. And this is one of a number of word-themed puzzle games for Android and iOS that are emerging and joining existing, popular titles. Apprope claims that this game represents the “next evolution” in word games, and as far as the rules go, you’ll start out with a topic, and be tasked to find the hidden words related to that theme. You get a new topic per level, which means there should be no shortage of challenges while finding the hidden words, and swiping in all directions – you may find them up, down, and even diagonally, so you’ll really need to be looking close for those hidden words.

Given the resurging popularity of word games, we’ve been working on a lot of answer keys recently for other games, and WordWhizzle does have tons of levels to speak of. So, without further ado, let’s not waste any more of your time, and give you a complete list of WordWhizzle answers for all the 860 levels of the game. We would suggest, though, that you only refer to these answers if you’re really having a hard time figuring things out, as it’s always more fun to solve those puzzles without the help of any crib sheets.

WordWhizzle Duck Answers

Below you can find all the answers for WordWhizzle Duck Levels.

Level 1: Animal = CAT
Level 2: Insect = FLY
Level 3: Cold = ICE
Level 4: Beverage = MILK
Level 5: Hot = FIRE
Level 6: Dog = WOLF
Level 7: Footwear = SOCK
Level 8: Fish = TUNA
Level 9: Breakfast = EGGS
Level 10: Wet = RAIN

WordWhizzle Rabbit Answers

Below you can find all the answers for WordWhizzle Rabbit Levels.

Level 11: Night sky = MOON
Level 12: Instrument = DRUM
Level 13: Flower = ROSE
Level 14: Precious Metal = GOLD
Level 15: Wild Cat = LION
Level 16: Tree = PINE
Level 17: Daytime Sky = SUN
Level 18: Funny = JOKE
Level 19: Fruit = KIWI
Level 20: Nocturnal Bird = OWL