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WordBrain Answers & Solutions for All Levels

WordBrain is a puzzle game from MAG Interactive that you can play regardless whether you own an Android or iOS device. As the game warns you, this is an easy game that could get hard real quick; all you’ve got to do is find the words hidden in the grid by sliding your finger over the letters to spell them. Figure these words out correctly and the grid gets cleared.

Sounds easy? Try it and you’ll see that it can indeed be quite hard at some points. All in all, there are 15 languages supported and 580 levels per language, so you can see how in-depth a puzzler this game could be.

The real fun in this game is figuring out each and every one of the levels for yourself. But what if you get stuck? Isn’t there a crib sheet or sorts that can feed all those answers to you easy-peasy? There isn’t one at this point, but if you get stuck, our Wordbrain answer key covers most of the 580 levels in English.

WordBrain Ant Answers

Below you can find all the answers for WordBrain Ant Levels.

Ant Level 1: Salt
Ant Level 2: Chin
Ant Level 3: Nose
Ant Level 4: Spot
Ant Level 5: Idea
Ant Level 6: Talk
Ant Level 7: Clam
Ant Level 8: Soup
Ant Level 9: Maze
Ant Level 10: Duck

WordBrain Spider Answers

Below you can find all the answers for WordBrain Spider Levels.

Spider Level 1: Oval
Spider Level 2: Kite
Spider Level 3: Stop
Spider Level 4: Goat
Spider Level 5: Sail
Spider Level 6: Mast
Spider Level 7: Path
Spider Level 8: Cork
Spider Level 9: Sofa
Spider Level 10: Sink