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100 Pics S is for… Answers for All Levels

Poptacular’s quiz game 100 Pics can give you hours of fun trying to guess what’s on the picture. And while many of the pictures may be giveaways that even a child can figure out, that’s the good part of the game – it’s meant for all ages, and even adults may find themselves stumped when it comes to some of the pictures they have to figure out. The game promises more than 10,000 picture puzzles and 100 game categories, and that number keeps on growing, as new puzzle packs are added every week.

For this 100 Pics answer key, we’ll be tackling “S is for…” which means a hundred pictures of items all starting with the letter S. And as you’ll see, a lot of these items aren’t common household items.

So check out our complete list of 100 Pics S is for answers below.

100 Pics S is for… Answers Levels 1-20

Level 1: Snow
Level 2: Stamp
Level 3: Sky
Level 4: Sunset
Level 5: Sisters
Level 6: Sing
Level 7: Sheep
Level 8: Shell
Level 9: Sofa
Level 10: Sunflower
Level 11: Skates
Level 12: Swans
Level 13: Stones
Level 14: Sponge
Level 15: Squint
Level 16: Swing
Level 17: Shoot
Level 18: Squad
Level 19: Students
Level 20: Spades

100 Pics S is for… Answers Levels 21-40

Level 21: Shadow
Level 22: Save
Level 23: Statue
Level 24: Salt
Level 25: Schools Out
Level 26: Snoring
Level 27: Snap
Level 28: Seedling
Level 29: Slice
Level 30: Sharpened
Level 31: Saxophone
Level 32: Suitcase
Level 33: Silly String
Level 34: Smoke
Level 35: Scones
Level 36: Screwdriver
Level 37: Stream
Level 38: Scaffolding
Level 39: Samosas
Level 40: Serrated