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100 Pics Games Answers for All Levels

We’ve got another list of 100 Pics answers for you, and it’s just one of more than a hundred available categories in this game. Just to give you a refresher, this is a game for Android and iOS mobile devices where you have to guess what’s represented by the 100 pictures in the category. These can be very easy items to guess, such as everyday farm or zoo animals or everyday objects, or hard-to-guess items that you won’t encounter in your day-to-day life.

With over 10,000 pictures and 100 categories, this is a very exhaustive quiz game, and some of those pictures may simply be too hard for you to figure out. Which is why we’ve come up with more than a few answer keys, including this one, where we take a look at the Games category.

Below you can find our complete list of 100 Pics Games answers.

100 Pics Games Answers Levels 1-20

Level 1: Go
Level 2: Uno
Level 3: Pool
Level 4: Ludo
Level 5: Dots
Level 6: Risk
Level 7: Jenga
Level 8: Hotel
Level 9: Craps
Level 10: Bingo
Level 11: Poker
Level 12: Darts
Level 13: Simon
Level 14: Slots
Level 15: Jacks
Level 16: Bowls
Level 17: Whist
Level 18: I Spy
Level 19: Chess
Level 20: Limbo

100 Pics Games Answers Levels 21-40

Level 21: Boggle
Level 22: Sevens
Level 23: Sudoku
Level 24: Cluedo
Level 25: Hearts
Level 26: Bridge
Level 27: Jigsaw
Level 28: Boules
Level 29: Lottery
Level 30: Hangman
Level 31: Othello
Level 32: Twister
Level 33: Snooker
Level 34: Yahtzee
Level 35: Frisbee
Level 36: Marbles
Level 37: Conkers
Level 38: Mahjong
Level 39: Buckaroo
Level 40: Leapfrog