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100 Pics Spots and Stripes Answers for All Levels

Ready for more answers for 100 Pics? We’ll be giving them to you, but first, let’s talk about this game in brief. This is a long-running, popular title from Poptacular, and one of many trivia games that are getting quite a lot of attention these days. There are more than 10,000 picture puzzles for you to guess, more than 100 quiz categories, and the game just keeps on getting better, with new puzzle packs added on a regular basis. That means loads and loads of fun for players of all ages, with more to puzzles come in the future!

Now, that we’ve given you our requisite game summary, let’s move on to what you’ve been waiting for – our latest 100 Pics answer key. This answer key is for the Spots and Stripes category, and while we can certainly recommend that you read this guide if you’re stumped, we would suggest you only refer to it if you’re really having a hard time making a guess.

So without further ado, you can find our complete list of 100 Pics Spots and Stripes answers below.

100 Pics Spots and Stripes Answers Levels 1-20

Level 1: Donuts
Level 2: Zebras
Level 3: Bees
Level 4: Butterfly
Level 5: Dice
Level 6: Bananas
Level 7: Tongue
Level 8: Strawberries
Level 9: Rainbow
Level 10: Lily
Level 11: Dominoes
Level 12: Watermelon
Level 13: Peacock
Level 14: Mime
Level 15: Barcode
Level 16: Pool Balls
Level 17: Dalmatian
Level 18: Caterpillar
Level 19: Fireworks
Level 20: Paper Straws

100 Pics Spots and Stripes Answers Levels 21-40

Level 21: Hamburglar
Level 22: Stockings
Level 23: Beach Huts
Level 24: Toadstool
Level 25: Ladybug
Level 26: Hyena
Level 27: Freckles
Level 28: Jupiter
Level 29: Minnie Mouse
Level 30: Zebra Crossing
Level 31: Referees
Level 32: Furrows
Level 33: Football Scarf
Level 34: Chickenpox
Level 35: Bongo
Level 36: Pinata
Level 37: Gecko
Level 38: Party Hats
Level 39: Asteroid
Level 40: Hot Air Balloon