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Wordmaster Answers for All Levels

Zeugma Games’ mobile title called Wordmaster is a game for iOS and Android devices that’s based on the pen-and-paper game of the same name. This game is all about anagrams, where your goal is to form as many actual words out of a jumbled-up six-letter word. There are about 30,000 words included here, all from the Official Tournament and Club List, and over 15,000 different puzzles you can figure out if you download this game for yourself.

As we always say, it’s more fun to play a game without any cheats involved, without any answers fed to you in case you’re having a hard time with a certain level. But if you ever find yourself struggling at some point in the game, you can find our list of Wordmaster right after the jump that should help you out.

Wordmaster Answers Level 1

1: Bank
2: Snow
3: Gold
4: Rice
5: Chin
6: Talk
7: Like
8: Coal
9: Soul
10: Love

Wordmaster Answers Level 2

1: Mail
2: Toll
3: Pack
4: Note
5: Lamp
6: Blue
7: Bold
8: Seal
9: Edge
10: Taxi
11: Stop
12: Give
13: Bone
14: Corn
15: Eyes
16: Dice
17: Icon
18: Lord
19: Horn