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Word Jungle Answers for All Levels

In case you haven’t noticed, certain types of puzzle games are on a renaissance of sorts. We’re talking about those games where you have to perform actions on your phone or tablet, most of which require some out-of-the-box thinking, as well as trivia games, guess-the-picture games, and word games. Our next word game to feature is Word Jungle, which is a classic free word search and crossword puzzle with fresh new gameplay, coming to us from Hi Studio, and available on Android and iOS mobile platforms. Your objective is to find the hidden word, swipe over that word, and “crush” the letters in the correct order so that you can complete the puzzle. So are you one of those smartest word genius around?

If you’re a newbie to these kinds of games, you may be looking for some sort of cheat sheet to make it easier for you. We’ve fortunately got a complete guide with answers for all the levels in Word Jungle. So with that said, let’s jump to our list of Word Jungle answers and cheats, where we look at the correct solutions for all the levels.

Word Jungle Squirrel Answers

Below you can find all the answers for Word Jungle Squirrel Levels.

Squirrel Level 1 – Drew
Squirrel Level 2 – Hear
Squirrel Level 3 – Sank
Squirrel Level 4 – Dust
Squirrel Level 5 – Good
Squirrel Level 6 – Mist
Squirrel Level 7 – Fuel
Squirrel Level 8 – Also
Squirrel Level 9 – Lane
Squirrel Level 10 – Wear
Squirrel Level 11 – Roof
Squirrel Level 12 – Fade

Word Jungle Owl Answers

Below you can find all the answers for Word Jungle Owl Levels.

Owl Level 1 – Vast
Owl Level 2 – Beef
Owl Level 3 – Flow
Owl Level 4 – Oven
Owl Level 5 – Able
Owl Level 6 – Debt
Owl Level 7 – Meek
Owl Level 8 – Tame
Owl Level 9 – Vase
Owl Level 10 – Sack
Owl Level 11 – Main
Owl Level 12 – Slow