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Word Jungle Answers for All Levels

Word Jungle Bear Answers

Below you can find all the answers for Word Jungle Bear Levels.

Bear Level 1 – Here, Critique, Judge, Sank, Famous, Dreamily, Shown, Worthless
Bear Level 2 – Sky, Please, Accelerate, Alien, Bull, Shoot, Govern, Sheepishly
Bear Level 3 – Mass, Onion, Daughter, Cooling, Strangest, Tricked, Poke, London
Bear Level 4 – Mum, Yet, Window, Observant, Cloud, Slimy, Instruct, Rightfully
Bear Level 5 – Bashfully, Pin, Clover, Glow, Dropped, Aberrant, Monthly, River
Bear Level 6 – Sturdy, Accomplish, Guessing, Hid, Awake, Clover, Anybody, Fowl
Bear Level 7 – Interpret, Subdued, Piecing, Future, Classify, Tow, Roll, Smash
Bear Level 8 – Set, Tan, Much, Volatile, Fitting, Dig, Upside, Verify, Reconcile
Bear Level 9 – Amuse, Curly, Poison, Powered, Tank, Forgetful, Liking, Realign
Bear Level 10 – Sturdy, Towering, Force, Treat, Frog, Supervise, Window, Remind
Bear Level 11 – Quiver, Rate, Allowing, Kicking, Ritzy, Selling, Opened, Melted
Bear Level 12 – Hastily, Wren, Well, Frog, Conscious, Fierce, Overcome, Hearing
Bear Level 13 – Feeble, Wizard, Heavenly, Print, Locked, Tawdry, Corn, Football
Bear Level 14 – Wear, Rotten, Loyally, Blush, Resting, Systemize, Handled, Rope
Bear Level 15 – Position, Truly, Darkly, Wind, Feel, Cute, Forbid, Correct, Being
Bear Level 16 – Lock, Lemon, Anything, Playing, Abrupt, Fold, Scored, View, Shoot
Bear Level 17 – Cloud, Skip, Patiently, Fancy, Carefully, Read, Gymnastic, Spot
Bear Level 18 – Omniscient, Recommend, Bury, Bleach, Upset, Screwed, Ritzy, Bag
Bear Level 19 – Grade, Piecing, Harm, Admire, Capricious, Bed, Input, Tap, France
Bear Level 20 – Project, Normalize, Fair, Desert, Best, Care, Whine, Mysterious

Word Jungle Camel Answers

Below you can find all the answers for Word Jungle Camel Levels.

Camel Level 1 – Toy, Unbiased, Journey, Tired, Subsequent, Driving, Cable, Buzz
Camel Level 2 – Jigsaw, Feeble, Almost, Bow, Yawningly, Surround, Mug, Politely
Camel Level 3 – Mislead, Creature, Stain, Irritating, Felt, Squeeze, Know, Pond
Camel Level 4 – Dive, Sixth, Sink, Shaky, Lazier, Punctually, Arithmetic, Error
Camel Level 5 – Calm, Soothsay, Fabulous, Modern, Owl, Devise, Decorating, Nine
Camel Level 6 – Bump, Healthy, Shake, Noticed, Officially, Danger, Counsel, Our
Camel Level 7 – Yearningly, Vet, Sweeping, Receipt, Doing, Plan, Adaptable, Cot
Camel Level 8 – Fade, Dinosaur, Door, They, Excite, Attractive, Caring, Bending
Camel Level 9 – Blew, Bone, Miserably, Authority, Girl, Heady, Punishment, Roof
Camel Level 10 – Malicious, Sort, Baby, Laborer, Breed, Blot, Melodic, Uncovered
Camel Level 11 – Weave, Cause, Sporting, Statuesque, Ova;L, Magical, Jobless, Gum
Camel Level 12 – Hair, Oatmeal, Subtract, Gun, Brightly, Educated, Two, Joyously
Camel Level 13 – Smoggy, Malicious, Lend, River, Withhold, Came, Thankful, Quilt
Camel Level 14 – Tyre, Tipping, Absorbed, Helicopter, Gate, Deciding, Said, Song
Camel Level 15 – Noticed, Boundless, Murky, Unusual, Rack, Machine, Handy, Motor
Camel Level 16 – Taken, Crate, Guitar, Suit, Quarter, Thoughtful, Cold, Terrific
Camel Level 17 – Mow, Filthy, Smart, Shape, Youthfully, Few, Next, Realize, Divide
Camel Level 18 – Meet, Hid, Gaping, Zippy, Attention, Hysterical, Untie, Apparel
Camel Level 19 – Odd, Supreme, Fantastic, Righteous, Collect, Key, Crying, Meaty
Camel Level 20 – Regularly, Sixty, Boring, Further, Toy, Swimming, City, Missing

Word Jungle Giraffe Answers

Below you can find all the answers for Word Jungle Giraffe Levels.

Giraffe Level 1 – Harmony, Weakly, Soak, Perfectly, Adjoining, Hang, Sixteen, Mud
Giraffe Level 2 – Seed, Building, Curved, Lovingly, Eye, Lighting, Occur, Pub, Hard
Giraffe Level 3 – Did, Deepest, Unbecoming, Who, Trick, Thrust, Suggestion, Brave
Giraffe Level 4 – Cave, Sulky, Abstracted, Would, Never, Television, Milky, Empty
Giraffe Level 5 – Welcome, Splendid, Locket, Three, Punching, Attach, Lucky, Sell
Giraffe Level 6 – Skirt, Awkwardly, Held, Sofa, Orange, Mark, Swimming, Beat, Cruel
Giraffe Level 7 – Critique, Innocently, Ashamed, Trade, Longing, Proud, Pay, Road
Giraffe Level 8 – Hunting, Warm, Route, Moldy, Power, Playground, Bowl, Quizzical
Giraffe Level 9 – Wolf, Accessible, Arrogantly, Lowly, Snowy, Dock, Rubber, Jumpy
Giraffe Level 10 – Awesome, Foot, Scary, Gear, Translate, Backing, Solve, Bead, Cent
Giraffe Level 11 – Mockingly, Faucet, Sliding, Tan, Oval, Digestion, Forgive, Draw
Giraffe Level 12 – Lamp, Manager, Boldly, Placed, Edited, Hurry, Supposed, Optimal
Giraffe Level 13 – Wanted, Made, Servant, Actor, Popped, Strongest, Reflect, Based
Giraffe Level 14 – Adding, Thrust, Sweater, Funnier, Range, Squeamish, Shake, Wood
Giraffe Level 15 – Stir, Loosely, Distribute, October, Trade, Lady, Helping, Adopt
Giraffe Level 16 – Knew, Majestic, Scorch, Running, Ruddy, Tumble, Destroy, Dearly
Giraffe Level 17 – Garden, Meeting, Unequal, Relax, Wilder, Kissingly, Begin, Cost
Giraffe Level 18 – Tan, Bulb, Serious, Crow, Fluttering, Rail, Expecting, Goldfish
Giraffe Level 19 – Bolt, Officially, Gold, Beard, Camp, Useful, Pinched, Strongest
Giraffe Level 20 – Habitual, Hardest, Muddle, Stocking, Feet, Lay, Warming, Joking

Word Jungle Elephant Answers

Below you can find all the answers for Word Jungle Elephant Levels.

Elephant Level 1 – Conceive, Grape, Experiment, Room, Plug, Boorish, Fit, Resonant
Elephant Level 2 – Screw, Match, Gusty, Wearily, Officially, Pickle, Ball, Waggish
Elephant Level 3 – Through, Testing, First, Guitar, Whisper, Loved, Calm, Acoustic
Elephant Level 4 – Shark, Drain, Club, Lacking, Eighth, Satisfying, Orange, Torpid
Elephant Level 5 – Children, Humdrum, Asia, Swinging, Cart, Prison, Milk, Wretched
Elephant Level 6 – Discovery, Chose, Mile, Rail, Opinion, Boat, Recklessly, Arming
Elephant Level 7 – Hanky, Harm, Giving, Prefer, World, Somebody, Kicking, Conclude
Elephant Level 8 – Facilitate, Institute, Row, Undress, Haircut, Modern, Snap, Sad
Elephant Level 9 – Boat, Material, Towering, Complain, Cup, Kiddingly, Yes, Warmed
Elephant Level 10 – Unbecoming, Smelly, Germany, Inside, Camped, Worry, Pulled, End
Elephant Level 11 – Lettuce, Distinct, Joshingly, Sheep, Married, Egg, Modify, Loaf
Elephant Level 12 – Glamorous, Receipt, Promise, Jovially, South, Has, Zestily, Nor
Elephant Level 13 – Formed, Pig, Yieldingly, Crib, Quite, Unsuitable, Flat, Passing
Elephant Level 14 – Victorious, Tax, Gum, Knee, Whispering, Tall, Recording, Fenced
Elephant Level 15 – Hand, Sticker, Delay, Backing, Somehow, Curious, Harder, Needle
Elephant Level 16 – Caught, Mole, Rapidly, Dirtiest, Vex, Push, Stick, Banging, Marry
Elephant Level 17 – Nine, Youthfully, Tooth, Highly, Sad, Guiltless, Wandering, Pig
Elephant Level 18 – Rhetorical, Festive, Amuse, Tumble, Bear, July, Moved, Tangible
Elephant Level 19 – Tree, Rider, Supply, Pinched, Gratefully, Two, Mixed, Apologize
Elephant Level 20 – Circle, Borrow, Negotiate, Using, Doubled, Bump, Thanking, Weep