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WordCross Answers & Solutions for All Levels

#191 thats sharp: wit mind hatchet corner cheese
#192 root: vegetables carrot turnip rutabaga beet onion jicama
#193 frozen in time: mannequin statue photo painting history memories past
#194 summer activities: rafting snorkeling waterskiing scuba golf fishing
#195 it has a face: clock coin watch dictionary facetious

WordCross Answers Crocodile Pack Levels

#196 served on bread: butter marmalade jelly tuna mayonnaise crust preserves
#197 film genres: horror documentary drama comedy suspense foreign independent
#198 dough: bread capital greenback bucks loot wad
#199 can be gold: bar nugget anniversary medal sunrise tooth necklace
#200 that’s a virtue: patience honesty charity discipline persistence intelligence understanding respect

#201 old testament: noah commandments moses eden exodus ark flood
#202 with string: puppet mandolin racket chair violins
#203 valentines day: admirer sweetheart romantic bouquet kiss
#204 shoes loafers: ballet wingtips moccasins galoshes slippers
#205 ______: yard back lumber church grave stock ship vine switch

WordCross Answers Hippo Pack Levels

#206 what’s that noise: siren horn whistle thunder applause bell alarm
#207 things that fall: snowflakes empires angels meteor
#208 over your head: roof umbrella brim favor haircut halo ceiling
#209 bottled up: message pills ketchup beer feelings wine
#210 parts of speech: conjunction verb preposition adjective adverb interjection pronoun

#211 hats: nightcap cowboy top fedora bonnet turban beanie derby
#212 the last minute: chance stand laugh hurrah supper straw
#213 it covers you: skin blanket coat insurance
#214 fast: rapid accelerated fleeting hurried swift dashing hasty racing
#215 American national parks: Denali Zion Yellowstone Yosemite everglades sequoia arches Acadia

WordCross Answers Girafe Pack Levels

#216 country names: Australia Guatemala Israel Netherlands Venezuela Jamaica Italy Mexico Russia
#217 game night: monopoly yahtzee poker clue checkers scrabble pinochle blackjack
#218 nfl teams: panthers broncos Seahawks patriots jets Vikings raiders dolphins Steelers
#219 that will take you there: path shortcut highway trail route thoroughfare
#220 nice: hair beehive afro cornrows bouffant dreadlocks bob Mohawk mullet perm

#221 in the brass band: saxophone trumpet cornet tuba flugelhorn trombone euphonium
#222 domesticated: critters collie tabby hamster parrot gerbil goldfish ferret
#223 sports cars: Lamborghini Porsche Bugatti corvette Camaro viper Maserati challenger mustang
#224 how scientific: evolution laboratory experiment beaker Darwin chemist microscope research genetics
#225 Chinese new year: lantern fireworks dragon luck red tradition zodiac snake

WordCross Answers Rhino Pack Levels

#226 shape up heart quadrilateral scalene isosceles cylinder heptagon rhombus cone pyramid
#227 at the gym muscles treadmill sweat weights elliptical athletes mirrors instructors
#228 feathered friends robin crow parakeet toucan kiwi oriole
#229 on tv commercials sitcom survivor hosts products soaps news
#230 in the fridge condiments crisper eggs meat veggies leftovers juice
#231 into the fire accelerant wood coal kindling match flint smoke cauldron
#232 it dries paint towel glue dehydrator fruit