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WordCross Answers & Solutions for All Levels

#111 something fishy: flounder walleye trout sturgeon halibut minnow
#112 roadways: interstate turnpike roundabout street overpass
#113 the land down under kangaroo: sydney outback aussies billabong didgeridoo
#114 landforms: basin peninsula island plateau archipelago
#115 world religions: hinduism islam christianity mormonism baptist scientology

WordCross Answers Dog Pack Levels

#116 on the internet: ebay amazon google celebrities rumors headlines
#117 eating utensils: chopsticks spoon knife skewer tongs hands
#118 passport: hotel relaxation luggage reservations
#119 new years: eve countdown kissing noisemaker drinks resolutions time
#120 types of cars: hatchback limousine ferrari sedan convertible dragster

#121 house residence: crib pad dwelling homestead abode
#122 nurse: waiting emergency scrubs monitors surgery
#123 in the loop: closet moment zone ballpark
#124 the forest: campers trails woodpecker fern solitude
#125 in the toolbox: ratchet hammer hacksaw pliers screwdriver

WordCross Answers Antelope Pack Levels

#126 famous artists: Renoir Dali Picasso Michelangelo Pollack Monet Warhol
#127 European cities: Stockholm Paris berlin Dublin London Madrid Amsterdam
#128 hidden obscure: shrouded unknown disguised secluded mysterious withheld
#129 that’s fowl: chicken duck peacock pheasant goose quail
#130 red all over: cardinal radish blood anger tomato poinsettia ruby

#131 comet: Saturn eclipse pulsar sunspot vacuum lunar
#132 its all Greek to me: souvlaki aphrodite omega athens crete parthenon aristotle l
#133 American authors: hemingway fitzgerald morrison twain lee plath salinger
#134 rocks and minerals: quartz granite limestone salt obsidian turquoise sapphire
#135 boxed in crossword: gift jewelry cereal mail chocolate

WordCross Answers Pig Pack Levels

#136 on a boat: deckhand sail rudder porthole dinghy rigging stern
#137 fried food: chips calamari schnitzel fries fritter
#138 shell-tered: snail yolk abalone oyster turtle crab urchin
#139 i eat there: delicatessen bistro cafeteria restaurant pub diner bakery
#140 geography: hemisphere continent longitude meridian equator coordinates atlas

#141 swimming: goggles backstroke flippers snorkel diving freestyle paddle
#142 musical theory: tempo notation harmony legato sharp aria syncopation
#143 in the dark: bat mushrooms vampire starlight alley
#144 u.s. constitution: amendments judicial ratification convention hancock framers preamble
#145 in a pickle: nutshell hurry panic fury

WordCross Answers Cow Pack Levels

#146 plugged in headphones: stereo toaster fan dryer heater range
#147 art: sculpture impressionism paintbrush architecture canvas composition watercolor
#148 anxious: apprehensive nervous distressed fearful uneasy jumpy uptight
#149 u.s. states: Delaware Oklahoma Tennessee Michigan Maryland California Missouri
#150 April fools: day prank mischievous silly trickery mislead lighthearted