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WordCross Answers & Solutions for All Levels

AppRope’s mobile title called WordCross is a new kind of crossword puzzle game for Android and iOS devices, but like the average mobile crossword game, this isn’t exactly the New York Times crossword for your Galaxy S phone or iPhone either. This is a more casual take on the crossword, with the usual selling point of “boosting your brain” by unscrambling the letters and using them to build a themed crossword. Just drag the letters to form the words, and you’re good to go, at least as far as the specific word is concerned. You can use in-game hints and get more of them through the daily challenges, and even compete against your friends to see who’s scored the highest.

When it comes to the hints part of the game, we would also like you to hang on to those hints for as long as possible. Because if you’re finding yourself stuck anywhere within the first 300 levels of the game, your best course of action, we’d say, should be to refer to our list of WordCross answers and solutions. We have indeed completed the first 300 crosswords in this game, so refer to our answers any time you’re stuck, though try your best as well not to refer to our guide too much!

WordCross Answers Duck Pack Levels

#1 insects: words wasp spider ladybug
#2 months: December February August
#3 birds: flamingo eagle ostrich
#4 instruments: guitar violin piano
#5 at the circus: clowns net elephant

WordCross Answers Rabbit Pack Levels

#6 school supplies: backpack pencil ruler
#7 shapes: oval square rectangle
#8 all in the family: brother grandpa uncle
#9 footwear: socks sandals boots
#10 autumn sights: leaves pumpkins scarecrows

WordCross Answers Chicken Pack Levels

#11 dogs: poodle labrador dalmatian wolf
#12 cooking tools: ladle microwave tablespoon spatula
#13 around the house: sofa refrigerator bed television
#14 under the sea: whale coral shipwreck submarine
#15 on the computer: screen twitter email facebook icons

WordCross Answers Goat Pack Levels

#16 legal terms: defendant trial jury objection
#17 math class: equation geometry addition algebra
#18 feelings and emotions: depressed excited happy afraid
#19 camping: canteen fire mountain stars
#20 mammals: human bear gorilla squirrel

WordCross Answers Gull Pack Levels

#21 summertime hot vacation beach sunburn
#22 on the breakfast table coffee bacon omelet toast
#23 at the airport baggage lines security arrivals
#24 on the road motorcycle trailer diesel tractor
#25 election day campaign ballot voting speeches

WordCross Answers Monkey Pack Levels

#26 flowers: daffodil rose magnolia daisy pansy
#27 metals: nickel steel copper gold silver
#28 in the military: general sergeant tank platoon artillery
#29 measurements: gallon meter second mile milligram
#30 happy : cheerful merry delighted glad jocular