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Ulterior Game Guide & Walkthrough for Levels 21-40

We shared with you answers and solutions to Ulterior’s first 20 levels a few days ago. Before we give you the answers to the next set of 20 levels, let’s give you a little backgrounder about this game, in case you missed it. This is an exciting new iOS game from Pine Entertainment where the objective is to use your creative thinking to solve all 50-plus puzzles. The game puts you in a “black room,” giving you precious few clues to work with, and it’ll be up to you to use that creative thinking to figure out what the puzzles are all about. It’s a great game for parties, but it’s not a game for those who hate riddles and challenges, and those who are easily frustrated.

But once again, you may be getting frustrated with some of the levels. Some of them may simply be driving you up the wall with their complexity, and you may be wondering if there’s a cheat sheet somewhere that can help you out with them. So with that said, here’s our Ulterior walkthrough for levels 21 to 40, though we recommend only checking the answers out if you’ve really tried everything and are all out of ideas.

Level 21

Place your device on your desk, table, or any other flat surface. That will allow you to create the square, so just wait until the meter fills up and you’re good.

Level 22

Tap on the center of your iPhone or iPad’s screen so you can pull up the OK button. Tap it once again so that you can see how the button divides, and place your fingers on the parts of the screen that correspond to the four parts. Specifically, you want your fingers in the top left, top right, bottom left, and bottom right.

Level 23

This one’s quite simple. Swipe on top of the boat from left to right until the boat is gone from your screen.

Level 24

Drag the shapes so that they match, and repeat this process until you’ve only got the odd shape remaining at the bottom. That shape does have a match, though; you can fit it over the triangle, and once you do that, you’re good for this level.

Level 25

The information for the city in this level changes each time you play it, but the common denominator is that you have to check Google for “What’s the time in _____ city” in order to get the password. For example, if you get a city like New York (Eastern time), you just have to Google “Time in New York” and enter the numbers for the time. Take note that the game uses military time, and that you should enter the time without any colon separating hours from minutes. So if it’s 10:00 p.m. in New York, you’ll want to enter 2200, and not 1000, 10:00, or 10:00 p.m.

Level 26

Swipe your finger across the screen to write, following the lines on the middle of the screen until you form an H-shape.

Level 27

Here’s another quick and simple one. Tap on the letter “O” so you can reveal the key. Nothing fancy to do here; just do as instructed and that’s it.

Level 28

Place one finger on the plug you see on the screen, place another finger on the other plug, and wait it out until the meter hits 100.

Level 29

How do you turn the zeros in this level into the number 1? Just tap on the middle zero first, move on to the bottom left, then the top left, then the top right, then the bottom right.

Level 30

You’ll notice a group of numbers by the bottom of the screen, located inide squares that have one, two, three, or four orange dots inside. That’s the password you’ll need for this level, with the number with one orange dot being the first number, the one with two orange dots being the second, until your reach the fourth.

Level 31

Tap on your screen until the OK button appears; this has an arrow pointing in a direction. Follow the direction of that arrow, and tap on the side it is pointing to.

Level 32

Place two of your fingers on the screen and have them simulate two feet descending a flight of stairs. Tap on the screen in that way until you reach 100; you’re free to lift your fingers off the screen and start from the beginning once you’re at the end of the stairs; you won’t lose any progress that way.

Level 33

Take a look at all the letters on the screen, and work your way until you find the letter that doesn’t belong – the letter M.

Level 34

This level has thrown more than a few players off, but if you follow these steps, you may be able to get it. Swipe your screen up in order to reveal option D, which is (Mount) Everest. Even if the mountain was not yet discovered yet at that time, it still remained the highest in the world, making this a trick question of sorts.

Level 35

Here’s another level that many have described as tricky. Tap quickly on your screen with two to three fingers, or swipe your finger over the top left corner of your screen. Doing that will reveal that the pixels created by your tapping would result in a blacked-out area. Be patient, as that area will reveal a number, which is the first number in your password. Keep doing this as you work your way to the right, and you’ll get the other numbers, with the password always being different each time you play this level.

Level 36

Tap on the top left or top right corner to reveal a dot. Follow the directions and tilt your device accordingly so you can form a square with the lines you create. That means you should tilt your device vertically, then to the left, then going down, then to the right if you’re asked to start at the top right corner.

Level 37

This level requires a pinching action, much like you’d do if you were zooming in to see small text or to make a photo bigger. Create a square, and move around until you see a coin that has a dollar sign in it. Use another finger to tap the coin.

Level 38

Tap on top of your screen until you see the chicken, and feed it until you’re able to guide it back home.

Level 39

Tap the letter “R” in the word “Here.” That’s all there is to it, though we’re not sure why this is the solution to the level.

Level 40

It seems that the levels in multiples of 20 are trickier in comparison to the others, but we guess that’s how Ulterior’s makers had planned it. Having said that, the first thing you’ll notice in this level that there are two vertical-ish lines of yellow dots. Use a mix of tapping and swiping motions to the left and to the right, until those two lines are in the extreme left or the extreme right of your screen. You’ll be able to make out a group of numbers that would form the password (yes, those password levels are often tricky, aren’t they?), though the catch here is that they’re mirror images.

Now, that we’ve established that, you can try to figure out the numbers from right to left, or if that’s too hard for you to do, you can place your phone in front of a mirror. It’s all up to you, though we’d suggest the latter if you want to do this error-free. However, there’s an easier way to do this, and it’s by entering the number 9261 for the password. According to our experience, that’s the password regardless how often you replay the level, so why not give it a try?

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