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Maim Street Tips, Tricks & Guide to Become the Best Crossing Guard

New iOS title Maim Street from So Choice Softworks claims to be the “Dark Souls of crossing guard simulators.” As John Stopman, you are the busiest civil servant in town, and your job is to help people cross the street as a crossing guard. Sounds easy, until you realize that there are “way too many” cars in the streets, and that some of the people you should help in crossing the street will eventually die. As such, you’ll have to save as many people as possible, as you learn (the hard way) that “you can’t be everything for everyone.” Fortunately, you’ll have some help, such as the bazooka you can unlock to fight back against the cars.

In all, this is a simple arcade-style game with a dark and bloody twist, and that’s what makes it a lot of fun. You can also unlock various costumes and items, as this game also has some sort of a collection element. So if you’re looking to save more people and unlock more collectibles, read on and check out our list of Maim Street tips and tricks.

1. Save More People, Here’s How

You may be, by nature, a good-hearted crossing guard who just wants to save people’s lives and help them cross the violent streets safely. But as So Choice says in the game description, you simply cannot save everyone in this game. It’s a proverbial jungle out there, and some people will have to die, but you should try to save as many people as possible, while trying not to overdo things. Focus on the side where more people are coming from, and you’ll end up saving more people, but also look at the top right corner of your screen, as that tells you the maximum number of people that can be killed before your run is over.

2. Gather The Power-Ups And Use The Traffic Cones

John Stopman wants to put a stop to those raging vehicles on the road. So how do you help him do that? Simple – just pick up all the power-ups you can find. For example, the exploding demons are a great way to throw those cars off and make it easier for you to help more people cross the street without getting killed. You can also make use of the traffic cones, which can be of the simple or special variety. If you use the cones at the right time, that will also help you in saving the lives of more pedestrians.

3. Watch A Video To Rent The Bazooka

Stopman’s most trusty weapon in the game is the bazooka, and you can buy it in the in-app store. But you can also rent it, simply by watching an ad video. The bazooka doesn’t just blow up cars and keep the streets safer, it also helps you earn higher scores and can help get you out of a tight situation. So if you can’t afford to buy a bazooka, rent it instead and you won’t regret it.

4. Long Car Lines Kill More People

It’s basic logic – the longer the line of cars waiting to move forward, the longer it’ll take for all of them to pass. That also means more pedestrians getting killed. It’s better to let the cars pass once the pedestrians crossed, so that way, you don’t form any long and unnecessary lines.

5. Check The Requirements Before Unlocking Stuff

To set your expectation, many of the items in this game, including Poses, Materials, and “Stuff,” can only be won in package form, but not unlocked individually. Still, there are a good few items which you can unlock individually by completing achievements and quests. Check the requirements for those quests and play with those requirements in mind so you can unlock more goodies in the game.

That’s it for now, as far as our Maim Street tips and tricks are concerned. Do you know other hints for the game that we haven’t mentioned in this guide? Let us know by commenting below!