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Elsword Evolution Tips, Cheats & Guide to Complete More Levels

Looking for a new anime-inspired RPG to play on your Android or iOS device? You may have heard of Elsword Evolution, which is based on the mega-hit anime RPG Elsword; following its mobile release, the game was quite heavily-promoted in those ad videos, so you’re sure to have seen it a couple of times in recent weeks. That said, the game gives you the opportunity to complete hundreds of 3D levels, all of which are packed with enemies. You can upgrade your heroes’ powers and launch a variety of power moves with “incredible combat special effects.” Keep on upgrading your way through the game as you use might and magic to destroy more enemies, and win more accessories and other items by completing the quests.

The choices of heroes in the game are limited – you only get to choose one out of three. There are hundreds of levels, and a steeper learning curve than what you may think. With that said, here’s our list of Elsword: Evolution tips, tricks and cheats that can help you complete more levels with success in this game.

1. Collect Your Rewards

On the top right of your screen, you’ll see a button that allows you to pull up you rewards. There are five different reward categories to choose from, and if you see a red dot, you can go click on it and collect your rewards immediately. This screen also allows you to see what else has to be done in order to complete certain quests or achievements; complete as many of them as possible, as these could give you a chance to earn more diamonds, which are the game’s premium currency.

Additionally, the ice machine allows you one free spin per day, and that’s another great source for in-game rewards in Elsword: Evolution.

2. Go For Three Stars In All Levels

You can get anywhere from one to three stars by completing each of the game’s levels. Make sure you check each level’s conditions on the left side of the screen, and play each level with the intent of fulfilling these conditions in mind. And if you’re able to get enough stars over several levels in a chapter, you’ll have a chance to open bonus chests.

As a bonus tip, speed is essential if you want to complete each level with three stars, and while the temptation to drink HP potions and heal up may always be there, the best way to ensure you get three stars is to complete levels as quickly as possible, with the least possible damage.

3. Fashion Item Gives You Stats Boosts

For some reason, though not surprisingly given the nature of anime-based games, fashion items can give you stat boosts, much like your gear can. You can win fashion pieces from the ice machine we mentioned above, and if you want to make your heroes more powerful, you should definitely save those diamonds and take advantage of your free ice machine draws, may they be at the regular or discounted machine. The regular ice machine costs more diamonds than the “discounted” version, but the upside is that you will, of course, get a better chance of winning better clothing items.

4. Refine Duplicates Of Your Equipment

Got some duplicates of equipment you already have? Not a problem! You can go ahead and refine those pieces of duplicate gear. Simply equip one of the pieces, then use the dupes to power up your base gear. So how does it work? A random attribute will be chosen from the piece of equipment that’s being broken down, and that attribute will then be transferred onto the gear you’ve got equipped. Keep your eye out on the stat with blue highlight, as that’s the “best” one possible.

As it’s not uncommon for players to stumble upon duplicates of existing gear, you’ll have to make the most out of the situation and refine gear whenever and wherever possible. Also, as a bonus add-on to this tip, be on the lookout for the red arrow next to gear; that means its stats are lower, which makes the gear good for refining purposes. Any other extra gear can be sold for gold, because refining could often be quite an expensive process.

5. Get Those Skills Powered Up And Combined

Your skills will make up a good part of the damage you inflict on the enemy. Active skills allow you to unleash your heroes’ true power, and they can really take their toll on the bad guys. So what should you do with those skills? Of course, the answer here would be to upgrade them. Leveling up earns you one skill point each, which you can then allocate to any one of your skills to make them more powerful. Additionally, you should consider that there are some skills that can work well if combined with each other; for example, one skill can serve as the setup for a second skill that could do the most damage against an enemy.

And this wraps up our Elsword Evolution tips, tricks and hints. If you happen to know more tricks for the game, don’t hesitate to share them with us by commenting below!