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Mr. Crab 2 Tips, Tricks & Cheats: How to Rescue More Crabs

Addressing the proverbial elephant in the room, Mr. Crab 2 has nothing to do with the Spongebob series and the character Mr. Krabs – for one, that character has a “K” at the start of his name. This brand new iOS game from Illusion Labs is totally different – it’s called Mr. Crab 2, and it puts you in control of the irresistible, friendly, and cool superhero called Mr. Crab. He’s got some new friends joining him in this new adventure, and the goal of the game is to save all the lost baby crabs. There’s a lot of jumping and physics-related challenges here that would require exquisite timing and quick actions, and the presence of various enemies will also make it harder for you to achieve your goal. Though, as is always the case, achieving those goals is not at all impossible.

This is a fun game that’s not as casual or simple as other arcade titles, but it’s still simple enough for most players to learn. Even then, we believe all gamers should have a chance at a head start, should they want to finish the game or go far as soon as possible. So with that said, here are some pretty cool Mr. Crab 2 tips and tricks that can help you overcome more obstacles and save more crabs.

1. Look Very Carefully To Find The Hidden Crabs

The levels in Mr. Crab 2 are designed like vertical structures, meaning a lot like towers or tall buildings. Normally, you’ll find the exit on top of the level, or near it. And while you will, by instinct, want to move up, you will also want to explore quite a bit. The game’s makers have conveniently hidden a lot of the baby crabs in those tight spaces that are otherwise easy to miss. Save those big jumps for later in the level and try to look as thoroughly in the tower while being alert for those baby crabs. Don’t make the mistake of going too high too fast, because you just might miss a couple stealthy little crabs in the process.

2. Grab As Many Stars As Possible For New Levels

One of the key mechanics of this game is grabbing stars as you see them, and collecting as many of them as possible. This is important, because the free Mr. Crab 2 is actually a “lite” version of the full game; most of the levels on the free version are conveniently hidden, and you’ll only be able to go so far before you’ll be asked to pay in order to continue. But even if you’re playing this free game that’s effectively Mr. Crab 2 Lite, you can use the stars you earn to get new levels. Simply draw at the vending machine by paying 500 stars per draw, and you’ll be unlocking new levels without having to pay real cash.

3. How To Get More Stars

If you’re trying to get more stars so you can unlock more of this game, you might want to try the medium Wilderness levels, or harder ones. Bigger stars give you two stars instead of the standard 1-is-to-1 ratio, so play those medium levels so you can get two stars for the price of one.

4. Rescue Crabs To Unlock More Heroes

Aside from serving as the main goal of the game, rescuing baby crabs also has a few other perks you might be interested in. Primarily, you can unlock new characters if you collect enough crabs. Take note that each level has a given number of baby crabs you have to find, and allows you to check how many more you have to find, and how many remain in the crab silhouettes. So feel free to go back and comb the level once again if you’re almost at the end of it and have a couple more baby crabs you haven’t saved yet.

5. Get Help From The Mechanisms

The game’s levels will often come with mechanisms, or features, that allow you to move around faster. These include gates, swings, bounce pads, and a lot more that can help you get around faster. Hop on one of those mechanisms if you see one, and let them take you around. And if you’re worried about those mechanisms leading you to a trap, they won’t; oftentimes, they’ll take you to a baby crab.

6. Look At The Eyes Of Your Crab

One thing that many don’t notice at first, but eventually do, is how the crab keeps moving in a single direction until it hits a wall, then turns around and goes the opposite way once it does. While it’s doing that, the crab’s eyes are going to move, and always will be pointing to the direction they’re about to be going. So if you’re moving around the level thanks to one of the mechanisms we told you about earlier, but don’t know where your crab is going next, look at their eyes.

These would be our collection of tips and tricks for Mr. Crab 2. If you enjoy playing this exciting Illusion Labs title or know some more hints for the game, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.