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Ulterior Game Guide & Walkthrough for Levels 41-51

Puzzle games seem to be making a comeback. As we said before, it’s not like puzzle games go to the point of unpopularity, but these days, certain types of puzzlers seem to be rising once again in popularity – no, not Match 3 games, but those where you guess pictures, words, and in this example, do certain things on your phone to solve riddles. Yes, we’re revisiting the game Ulterior once again, as we move on to this iOS title’s 41st to 51st levels. As a reminder of what you can expect in the game, Ulterior places you in a “black room,” and asks you to solve different types of puzzles, including those that ask you for a password, and those that ask you to tap, swipe, pinch, or do various actions on your phone.

Having given you the basics of the game in brief, let’s now take you to what we’ve come here to do in this third in a series of cheat sheets for the game. In this Ulterior walkthrough, we shall be guiding you through levels 41 to 51, so check this out if you’re stuck, and try your best to refer to this only when unable to cook up a solution!

Level 41 (Coffee Time)

This level requires you to go on a “coffee break” of sorts, which means minimizing Ulterior for only a few seconds, then re-opening it. Make sure you reach 100 percent completion in the progress bar in order to clear this level.

Level 42 (Fix It)

There’s one error in the compass, and that’s the E (for East) actually being a W. Rub it off by swiping on it and erasing it, then repeat the process for the correct W (West) and S (South), until you’ve only got the N (North) remaining on the compass.

Level 43 (1 Billion)

This is one of the simpler levels here, but you might need to be a little patient. Place all five fingers on one hand on your screen, and wait until the level counts (quickly) from zero to 1,000,000,000, or one billion.

Level 44 (All 1)

Similar to what we told you several levels ago, this is a level where you have to turn the orange zeros into yellow ones.

Level 45 (Password)

You may have noticed a trend; those Password levels can be very, very tricky. But once again, we’re here to help you solve the mystery of the password and figure things out. Tapping and holding on the screen will stop the numbers from changing; keep this in mind, and look at the hint “IT STARTS FROM HERE.” The number that follows the words “HERE IT IS” will be your password.

Level 46 (The Coin)

Drag a present from the middle of the screen using one finger; do this one finger at a time, with four fingers on the presents, and one on the coin.

Level 47 (Do It)

See the hint “AS FAST AS YOU CAN”? The game means it literally, as you really need to work quickly in this one, tapping the circles, and maybe even tapping the same circle twice or thrice. At some point, you’ll need to tap with four fingers. In order to easily complete this level, we suggest placing your device on a flat surface, like a table.

Level 48 (6952483)

Take a screenshot of the numbers as they appear on the balls on the screen, just as the level is starting out. Use that screenshot to tap them in the correct order of 6952483.

Level 49 (Birthday)

Tap on the wick of the candle a couple of times. It will eventually light, then once it does, blow into the mic of your phone to literally blow out the candle.

Level 50 (Password)

Yes, we’ve got more tricky stuff here. Take note of the hint “PLAY ON WORDS”, but try not to think about it as the solution to this level is quite a mystery to most. But the common answer seems to be, in order, the first number in the second row, followed by the second, third, and fourth numbers in the third row.

Level 51 (Balloon)

Again, blow into the mic on the bottom of your iPhone, and inflate the balloon that says “THANK YOU.”