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CandyAnimal Guide: 5 Sweet Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

CandyAnimal is a new health and entertainment game that has arrived on iOS and is developed by the Bank of Innovation in Japan. The developers have gone the extra mile because not only is the game available on iOS, but it can also be linked to your Apple iWatch.

This is because CandyAnimal is all about striking a balance between casual games and physical activity, with the iWatch acting as a perfect bridge between the two. The main way to progress throughout the game is by walking, which generates coins. Coins can be spent on sugar cubes, which will attract candy animals for you to crush. Crushing candy animals will give you points, which can be used to purchase additional stages, which contain more candy animals for you to crush, and so on.

Finally, there are multiple grades of sugar cube that can be purchased, each with its own characteristics. The more expensive the sugar cube, the more animals it will attract. So choosing which sugar cube to deploy and when to deploy it will have an effect on how many animals you will be able to crush.

So without further ado, here are some delectable tips for you to get the most out of CandyAnimal!

1. An iWatch Helps, But Is Not Essential

One of the main reasons this game was designed was to promote fitness and to get people moving. It was intended that the addictive casual nature of the game will be enough to motivate people to walk more so that they can maximise the amount of coins earned. So one way to be good at this game is to walk a lot.

The game uses the accelerometer on the iPhone and on the iWatch to track the amount of steps taken in real-time, which are displayed under the sub-menu labelled “Charts” in the main game screen. If you have the game on your iWatch then you will be able to make more coins each day than you would using only an iPhone. This is because you wear a watch all the time, so all the small trips you take throughout the day where you don’t carry your phone with you e.g. to the bathroom or fridge, will be recorded and turned into coins.

However, an iWatch is not essential to increasing your coin output because there are other ways to do so.

2. Work Out With Your iPhone For Maximum Coin Output

Another sweet tip for you to increase your coins is to bring your iPhone with you when you work out. Since coins are gained by taking more steps, bringing along your iPhone will seriously boost your earnings.

Even a half-hour jog will yield a lot of coins for you to spend on more sugar cubes. The key thing to remember when working out is that the game will track the amount of steps that you have taken, not the speed you are travelling at. So the longer the run is, the more coins you will receive.

But multiple shorter runs that are spaced out over a week will still give as many, if not more, coins than one long run per week. So think carefully about how often you want to work out in order to get as many coins as you can.

So plug in, and hit the ground running!

3. Little Steps Make All The Difference

Here’s another little trick you can use so that the daily coins will keep piling up. Although these small steps may not seem like much, at the end of the day they will add up and contribute significantly to your coin total for the day.

The key to this strategy is to make sure you inject as many little movements into your day as possible. Not only will these be good for your health, they will help you earn more coins. So always be on the lookout for opportunities to take more steps. Try to take the stairs up and down instead of the elevator. If you are close enough then walk to work or school, and on your lunch break walk to a restaurant instead of ordering takeout to the office.

Another way to do this is to take periodic breaks when you are working. After an hour or two of sitting on a chair, stand up, stretch and have a short walk around. Try to get some fresh air if you can as well, it will only take 5 minutes. Repeat these habits throughout your day and smile as the coins keep coming in. Repeat this again throughout the week and you will be earning even more.

Take a walk and earn some coins!

4. Timing Is Everything

If you want to get the most out of CandyAnimal you will need to use a bit of clever planning so that you time placing your sugar cubes and crushing candy animals efficiently. It goes without saying that the majority of time spent playing casual games is not actually spent playing the game itself, but waiting for something to happen. CandyAnimal is no different, but planning goes a long way to make sure that you aren’t spending excessive amounts of time doing nothing.

The first thing to do is to examine your schedule and figure out which times of the day you will be most busy for and then make sure to activate sugar cubes before those activities begin, so that once you are done you will be able to crush a lot of candy animals.

The duration of sugar cubes in CandyAnimal ranges from 15 seconds to about 8 hours. Sugar cubes that last for 15 minutes are good for taking the bus or driving home whereas sugar cubes that last for an hour will be better for activating before a meal. There are two other sugar cubes, one that lasts for 4 hours and one that lasts for 8 hours. The 4 hour cube is best activated before you arrive at work, so that you can harvest at lunch break. Whereas the 8 hour sugar cube is best when deployed before you go to bed.

Using this strategy, you will be able to deploy sugar cubes all throughout the day which means you will be able to earn a lot of points and level up quickly to advance to new stages. If you also chose to follow tip number 3 then you will have enough coins to buy sugar cubes all throughout the day. But one thing to keep in mind is that if you leave the candy animals for too long then they will melt. And after melting they are only worth half as many points, so it is best that you check in every 2 to 3 hours.

5. Know Your Sugar Cubes

Another winning strategy is to choose carefully which sugar cube you are going to deploy in order to attract the most animals. Let’s look at all the different types of sugar cubes to see how they stack up and when you should use each one.

Organic Sugar Cubes

These sugar cubes actually cost nothing to use and they last for about 1 hour. These should not comprise the bulk of your sugar cubes unless you have run out of coins. However, they are good to use if you won’t be busy for that long.

Sugar Cubes

These are your regular run of the mill sugar cubes and will last for about 15 minutes. These are best used in short bursts throughout the day. But, keep in mind that these cost 500 coins so you shouldn’t spam them. Ideally these should be used twice a day.

Marbled Sugar Cubes

These sugar cubes will last for 4 hours. These are best used before you get to work and before your lunch break ends, which will cost you 1000 coins. But you will receive a larger return than if you used regular sugar cubes because you are paying for more time with the same amount of coins.

Berry Sugar Cubes

These sugar cubes are the longest in the game and will last for a full 8 hours. These are only really useful before you go to sleep. These also cost 500 coins, and are technically the best value for money, but the long duration can be discouraging as the candy animals will melt while you sleep. It is best to only deploy these once per day.

Decorated Sugar Cubes

You will be given one of these at the beginning of the game and it will attract a lot of candy animals for you to crush. But there are two major downsides to using this sugar cube. The first is that it is the most expensive of all of them, by far, at a whopping 5000 coins. The second is that it is only active for 15 seconds. This means that actually other sugar cubes will be able to attract more candy animals than decorated sugar cubes, but they will do so in a longer time. Therefore it is only recommended that you use these if you are on a very advanced stage, so that each animal gives a lot of points; or if you have a lot of coins to spare, otherwise avoid using this sugar cube.

That’s all the tips and tricks you need to be a CandyAnimal master!