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Ulterior Game Guide & Walkthrough for Levels 1-20

Ulterior is another one of those puzzle games where you’ll have to solve a number of puzzles creatively, doing different things on your phone to this end. This iOS game, which comes to us from Pine Entertainment, has more than 50 puzzles where you’ll be playing in a black room, with precious few clues to work with and help you in solving them. Pine adds that this game is “all about creative thinking” and “great for parties,” and we can’t help but agree with this assessment, same with its assertion that the game is not for those who get easily frustrated.

Then again, we can’t blame you if some of the levels did get you frustrated. Even the first few ones come with some brain teasers that can throw off even the most experienced puzzle gamers. So read on, as we now give you an Ulterior answer key, covering the first 20 levels of the game.

Level 1 (Message)

Tap on the left side of the screen, and tap toward the middle. Once you see a yellow line show up, drag it completely to the right, and you’re all done.

Level 2 (Button)

Tap the middle of the screen, then tap on the OK button once it shows up.

Level 3 (Home)

The key here is to bait the chicken into going to the house on the bottom portion of your screen; simply tap close to the chicken to lead him to the house. Tapping drops food, which means the chicken can follow that trail till he enters the house.

Level 4 (Stop Him)

When the game says “Stop Him,” it simply means “stop the Internet.” So do just that – turn off your WI-Fi or cellular data, or switch your phone to Airplane Mode.

Level 5 (Password)

This one’s easier than what you may think. Look carefully and you’ll find one of the numbers being switched has a slightly different color. Use that as a cue, as these are the numbers to enter, regardless of their order.

Level 6 (Five)

Five corresponds to fingers, so place all five fingers in a hand on your screen.

Level 7 (Fix It)

Assuming you hadn’t turned your Internet back on, now’s the time to do it. But if you already turned Wi-Fi or data back on, all you need to do is to wait for the level to complete automatically.

Level 8 (Target)

Draw a circle around the button, much like you’d draw a bulls-eye.

Level 9 (Button)

Like the second level, this is another Button level, though you’ll need to do much more in here. First, tap toward the bottom to pull up the OK button; it may show up in different places at different times. Once you tap the button, it will either go up or down; so if it’s currently on the bottom, you’ll want to tap on top of it, then tap on the button. And if it’s on top, tap first at the bottom, then hit “OK” once it’s already at the bottom.

Level 10 (Password)

For the second Password level, swipe from left to right in the middle of the word PASSWORD and the lines. That’s going to show you the numbers you have to enter, and if you couldn’t see them clearly, you can always change your brightness settings.

Level 11 (Tik Tok)

Tap on your display ten times, with one second separating each of your taps, much like the “tick tock” (or “tik tok”) sound made by a clock each second.

Level 12 (Touch It)

Literally, that’s what you have to do – touch the “it” words in the sentence. After that, tap on the cube.

Level 13 (Find N)

Tap on the letter N and rotate it until it resembles the number 2.

Level 14 (Alphabet)

First, look for the word “Bet” in the board full of letters, then tap on the Alpha symbol located to the left of the word. Bonus tip – the Alpha symbol in this game looks like a Q with an extra line pointing upwards on the top right.

Level 15 (Eleven)

In here, you’ll be using both hands to tap on your device’s display, leaving some space for an additional finger. This can get interesting, as the goal is to register 11 touches; maybe you can have someone tap to make it 11 fingers on the screen, or maybe you can use another body part to register that 11th touch?

Level 16 (12354)

Look at the numbers that appear at the start of the level, and simply remember their order so you can tap them out and finish the level.

Level 17 (Open)

In order to open the doors in the game, you should turn your device to the side. Tap and hold onto the first set doors, and turn your device to the opposite side and repeat the process for the other doors.

Level 18 (100 C)

That means 100 Celsius, and this is another one of those levels that’s easier than people give it credit for. Swipe your finger quickly on your phone or tablet’s screen, working diagonally from the top left to bottom right. That will cause the temperature to rise slowly, so you’ll want to repeat this process WITHOUT lifting your finger off the screen, so that the temperature keeps going up. If you accidentally lift your finger, you go back to square one.

Level 19 (Stop It)

All you have to do here is to tilt your device to one side and wait it out as the level completes by itself.

Level 20

Now this level is, without a shadow of a doubt a tricky one to complete. You’ll want to take six consecutive screenshots on your device, double-tap the home button rapidly, go to your gallery, and look for the screenshots where the numbers in the orange password have only one match with the group of numbers below it. Go back and tap the numbers in the precise order as indicated, and you’ll have completed this level.

UPDATE: Click here to read our Ulterior walkthrough for levels 21-40.


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