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Ulala: Idle Adventure Toys Guide: Everything You Need to Know About the Toy System

Ulala: Idle Adventure is an idle game created by XD Global for Android and iOS devices. In this game, you are a caveman adventurer who must travel across the continents and defeat various monsters in order to gather food, equipment, and more. Of course, such a dangerous journey shouldn’t be attempted on your own, so you get three teammates to travel with. The stronger you and your teammates become, the farther you will be able to travel.

Strength in this game, however, comes from different sources. You have your RPG staples such as equipment and skill upgrades. You also get stat point allocations every time you level up. The game also lets you capture and bring along pets in order to boost your combat ability further.

A unique feature of Ulala: Idle Adventure, though, is the Toy Box which allows you to equip different toys for different effects. On the face of it, toys seem like just some extra equipment that you get to purchase and slap onto your character. If you think that, you could be using toys wrong. There are some complex mechanics behind the Toy system, but fear not, as our Ulala: Idle Adventure toys guide will teach you everything you need to know about the toy system.

1. Rush To Level 51

ulala idle adventure level 51

As with many things in Ulala: Idle Adventure, the Toy Box is locked behind a level requirement. You will notice the padlock icon on it when you try to view the Toy Box in your Character screen. To unlock the toys, you will need to reach level 51. It’s a pretty steep requirement considering levels start to slow down after you hit 25. There are a few things that can help you push forward, though. Make sure you don’t neglect your gear enhancements. Clatter Cards are also unlocked when you hit level 42, and these should give you a considerable boost in combat power if used correctly. You can check out our Clatter Cards guide to make sure you get the most out of them.

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2. Buy Everything First

When you finally unlock the Toy Box, the Toy Store will also become available in the Shopping Street. Tap on the Shopping Street island then go to the Toy Store tab. You will see a Marmot, Marmot Bell, Marmot Yellow Flower, T. Rex, T. Rex Belt, and T. Rex Hard Hat. Since you will only have one toy slot available at level 51, you might think you only need to buy one set, then just wait for the item rotation to see if anything better comes on sale. That would be a big mistake because the items on sale will never refresh.

ulala idle adventure toy store

You need to buy both sets of toys first. Once you do, the grandpa will acknowledge your good taste and give you access to the real Toy Store. This is where you will see an assortment of toys with varying rarities. This is also the time that you will be able to refresh the items for sale. If you just buy one item from the initial store, the items will stay there no matter how long you wait. You would end up missing out on the chance to find Legendary toys on sale.

3. What Are the Numbers For?

ulala idle adventure numbers

When you buy items from the Toy Store, you will notice that they have a number on the upper left corner. The number indicates the slot they fit into when assembling the toy. Tap on the Configuration button right after purchasing an item to start assembling. You will see a greyed-out image of the toy with slots numbered 1 to 5 at the top of the window. Just double tap on the items you want to equip from the available list in order to equip them. The 6th slot is the toy itself. It isn’t numbered but you won’t be able to equip any of the accessories on the first five slots without the actual toy.

Keep in mind that items will only fit into the slot that match their number, and you can only equip one piece in each slot. Even if you buy five of a number 2 piece, you won’t be able to add them all to the same toy. Always check if you already have a specific piece before purchasing it from the store.

4. Don’t Buy Refresh Chances

The game gives you one free refresh of items for sale per day. If you didn’t like the items you got, you can refresh the list again for 12 Rainbow Stones. The problem with spending Rainbow Stones is that you are not guaranteed a good set even if you pay to Refresh. If the next set is just as terrible as the first one, then the stones you spent would have been wasted.

Rainbow Stones are very hard to come by in Ulala: Idle Adventure, and the best toys in the game can be really expensive. You are better off waiting until the next day to get your free refresh than spending any amount of stones. Even if you end up getting a bunch of Legendary items on your next refresh, you will most likely not have enough Rainbow Stones to purchase it early in the game, anyway.

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5. Sell What You Don’t Need

Extra toy pieces can be sold in order to recover some Rainbow Stones. Unlike Clatter Coins, you do not get a full refund if you decide to sell an extra toy. You will get less Rainbow Stones than what you spent to purchase them. This is why you should think twice before buying an item from the Toy Store. Regardless, if you end up replacing a piece with a better one, you can always sell it in order to earn back some of the stones you spent buying it. To sell a piece just head over to any toy’s Configuration screen. Tap on the Sell button, then select all of the pieces you want to sell. Hit the Confirm button to sell all the selected items.

6. Don’t Forget To Equip Your Toy

Toys are equipped through the Skills page. You get one toy slot beside each skill. When you first unlock the Toy Box, you will only have the slot beside the first skill unlocked. A common mistake beginners make is that they neglect to equip a toy on the AFK tab. Keep in mind that you have two tabs for your skills. Make sure you equip a toy on both tabs, or you will be missing out on the benefits of the toy for the passive battles.

how to equip the toy in ulala idle adventure

If you want to equip a different toy, just head back to the Skills screen, then tap on the toy you want to replace. Tap on the Swap button on the small window that comes up. You can then choose a different toy to equip on that slot.

7. You Can Only Equip One Of Each Monster

Once you reach level 55, you will be able to equip a second toy slot. You probably already bought at least one extra toy from the store in preparation for this. Make sure the second toy you buy is not the same species as the first toy. The game only allows you to equip one of each monster species. That means even if you purchase two Marmots, you won’t be able to use them both. Even variations of the same species are not allowed. For example, you cannot equip both the T. Rex and the Black Rock T. Rex at the same time. Keep this in mind before spending your hard-earned Rainbow Stones on buying extra toys.

8. How To Unlock Better Items

how to unlock better items in ulala idle adventure

Unlike in the Black Market, you can actually partially influence what becomes available in the Toy Store. You can unlock better items, so they will have a chance of appearing in the store. To do this, you just need to keep improving your rank compared to other players. Head on over to Hero Hill to see where you are in terms of progress. Performing well compared to other players will earn you different amounts of Reputation. When you reach certain Reputation levels, you will be able to open chests.

Tap on the Hero Hill Reward icon on the top right of the Hero Hill screen to view the reward chests. This is also where you can view the rewards from future chests. You will notice that these are all Legendary pieces. Tap on each one to view its effects. Once you unlock any of these pieces, they will be part of the regular rotation of items in the Toy Store. It will only be a matter of waiting for them to go on sale.

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9. How To Earn More Rainbow Stones

Now that you have quite a few Legendary pieces unlocked, you will need a lot of Rainbow Stones to be able to afford them. There are three primary ways for you to earn Rainbow Stones. The first and most consistent one is the Arena. You get to earn a few Rainbow Stones every time you win in the Arena, but you are only allowed five victories per day. You won’t earn a lot, but at least you have the chance to earn daily.

The second way to earn Rainbow Stones is through the same chest that allows you to unlock Legendary toys. If you reach the required Reputation ranks, you will be able to unlock these chests and earn large amounts of stone. The problem is, you would have to wait a while, and it becomes more difficult to unlock chests after some time.

The third option for earning Rainbow Stones is through Clan Wars. The reward for participating in Clan Wars is always Rainbow Stones. Even if you lose, you will still receive Rainbow Stones, so make sure you join a Clan that qualifies for the weekly war. If you are not too familiar with the Clan system yet, you can check out our Clan guide to learn more.

10. Prioritize Sets Over Rarity

While window shopping at the Toy Store, you will notice that the items have different rarities, similar to how equipment are categorized. Naturally, Epic and Legendary pieces give out better stats. That does not mean you should ignore any blue items you see on the store. When you see a red bell on an item for sale, that means it is part of a toy that you already have. You can then tap on it to view its stats. If you already have an item for the same slot, tapping on the item will show you a comparison of their stats, helping you decide if it is worth buying or not. If there is no comparison, that means you don’t have a piece in the same slot and buying that item will allow you to come one step closer to completing a set.

ulala idle adventure sets

When you look at toy descriptions, you will notice that there are greyed-out effects. The first one will become available when you collect three pieces of the set. The second becomes available once you complete the six-piece set. These are great effects that will help you out a lot, so it is better for you complete a set filled with blue pieces than hold out for Legendary or Epic pieces. Always buy a piece if it allows you to activate a set bonus even if the rarity is low.

11. Choosing The Right Slot For Each Toy

Now that you know about the power of set bonuses, it is time to talk about equipping toys strategically. This is more of a late or end game consideration since it will take you a while to complete your sets. Before you complete a set, the slot you equip your toy in will not matter. You will gain the benefits regardless of the slot. Once a six-piece set bonus is available, it is time to think about where to equip that toy because it will only affect the skill it is put in.

The most basic example is the T. Rex toy’s six-piece bonus which adds two skill levels to whatever skill it is equipped on. If you equip it on a level 20 skill, the six-piece bonus becomes useless. If you equip it on a random skill that isn’t level 20 yet, you get a little boost in effectivity. The best slot to equip it on, however, is any skill that is at level 3, 8, 13, or 18. That’s because levels 5, 10, 15, and 20 are milestones for skills, and you get a bigger boost at those levels compared to others.

Toys can help push you to the top if you use them correctly. Just remember everything you learned from our Ulala: Idle Adventure toys guide above in order to maximize the benefits from your toys!