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Call of Duty: Mobile Weapons Guide: A Complete List of the Best Weapons

Call of Duty: Mobile is a fantastic FPS game developed and published by Activision together with Tencent. The game features all the most loved maps from the Modern Warfare series of Call of Duty, and it also features multiple game modes, from the classic Team Deathmatch to modes that require a more tactical approach like Search & Destroy.

This Call of Duty: Mobile guide’s aim is to let you know which weapons are the best in various situations, and which attachment to put on them to maximize their potential. If you are just starting out playing the game, make sure to check out our beginner’s guide, as well as our advanced guide for some useful tips, tricks and strategies.


ak-47 call of duty mobile

The de facto golden standard weapon of every shooting game ever is back, and unsurprisingly is among the best weapons on Call of Duty: Mobile as well. The AK-47 is the perfect balance between accuracy, range, power, and rate of fire, which is why it is among the best weapons in every game. It is powerful, reliable, and versatile, what’s there not to love? Oh, and you also unlock it relatively quickly, since all you need to get the AK-47 is reaching level 23, which shouldn’t take you more than a couple hours.

Our suggested attachments for the AK-47 are:

Extended Mag: this attachment allows you to fire more shots before having to reload, increasing your overall ability to win longer fights, or fights where you have to shoot multiple enemies.

Laser Sight: The AK-47 is accurate, but not terribly so, so everything that will increase your weapon’s accuracy is a welcome addition to it.

FMJ: Since the AK-47 is such a powerful weapon that deals massive damage, increasing its bullets’ material penetration is great, as it allows you to shoot through certain walls much more efficiently, quickly dispatching enemies looking for cover.

Optics: When it comes to optic the choice is subjective, so use the one you feel comfortable with the most. Personally I’m in love with the Holographic Sight


m16 call of duty mobile

Another absolute classic comes back in Call of Duty: Mobile, it’s a great choice if you are looking for an all-rounder that will give you great performance in most situations. All of its stats are well balanced and high-enough to make this weapon a threat in just about every scenario. In order to unlock the M16 you need to reach level 46.

All of the attachments for the M16 are good (although I wouldn’t recommend running the Suppressor), the weapon is so versatile and you can benefit from any attachment you run. My personal favorite setup is Foregrip + Quickdraw + Fast Mag, as I like to run in and wreak havoc as much as I can, but you can go for a different approach and prefer medium-range fighting with the combination of Extended Mag + FMJ + Laser Sight.


msmc call of duty mobile

The MSMC is a SMG (Submachine Gun) that sports an impressive rate of fire, in fact it has the highest among all weapons in the game. Thanks to this, it is the best close-range weapon in the game, allowing you to eliminate anyone who is in front of you very quickly even if you aren’t aiming that well. While this is clearly a strength of the weapon, it also turns into its biggest weakness: it’s very hard to hit shots when your enemies aren’t very close to you. To get the ability to equip the MSMC in your loadout you will need to reach level 33.
Attachments-wise, here is what works best on the MSMC:

Fast-Mag: Since this weapons fires super quickly, you are going to find yourself reloading a lot, so making you reload it faster is a logical choice. This attachment is going to save your life and make you much deadlier.

FMJ: When it comes to short-range fighting your opponents are going to try to use whatever is around them as cover. Avoid them surviving for too long with this excellent attachment.

Quickdraw: Low-range fighting is all about killing the enemy faster than they can kill you, and what best way to increase your killing speed than increasing your aim speed? That’s exactly what Quickdraw does. Excellent attachment for the MSMC

Optics: Again, it’s personal preference, but the Red Dot sight is simple and allows for quick aiming without obstructing your view too much, so I’m going to recommend it.

DL Q33

dl q33 call of duty mobile

The DL Q33 is a powerful sniper rifle, and it works exactly like every other sniper gun: amazing at medium to long range, awful at short range. There’s not much else to say really. It kills enemies in one shot, the issue is that aiming from short range is very hard, almost impossible, so a close-range fight vs someone with an automatic weapon such as the M4, the AK 47 or the MSMC is going to end up with a loss in most cases. The DL Q33 is one of the starter weapons, so you get it right at the start of the game, so you get a great weapon just for downloading the game.

The must-have attachments for the DL Q33 are:

Suppressor: Respectable choice for a Sniper, it allows you to stand in the same sniping place for a little longer than usual, since enemies won’t be seeing you on the minimap when you shoot. Also the fact that it slightly lowers your weapon’s range hardly ever matters, considered how long this thing can shoot anyway.

FMJ: FMJ is good on most weapons, and it is a no-brainer choice on a sniper rifle too. Sometimes you take a little longer to aim your shots and you end up shooting at that road sign instead of at the soldier right behind it. FMJ alleviates this problem, and there are no real downsides to running it.

Stock: Moving faster while aiming is a nice addition to the weapon, it is nothing game-breaking, but the other 2 perks are inconsequential on a sniper rifle, so…


s36 call of duty mobile

S36 is an LMG (Light Machine Gun), and it is crazy how powerful this weapon is. For starters, it has a huge magazine, which means you will be able to fight off multiple people quickly without finding yourself having to reload in the middle of a firefight. Another great perk of this weapon is the almost non-existent recoil, so even prolonged shooting won’t mess with your aim that much.

The problem? It’s a quite heavy weapon, which means you will move slowly with this equipped, but realistically this weapon is so powerful it won’t be a problem at all. Another issue with the S36 is that you have to reach level 120 to unlock it, which will take you an awful lot of time.

The attachments we recommend are:

Foregrip: This weapon has low recoil, but its accuracy leaves a lot to be desired. Foregrip makes this a little less unbearable in medium-range fights.

Fast Mag: This weapon’s magazine is already enormous, so there’s little point to extending it, what you want instead is to reload faster, since despite the high number of rounds you can shoot, you will still have to reload quite a lot considering how quickly this weapon fires.

Laser Sight: Same concept as the Foregrip, this weapon desperately needs all the accuracy it can get.

Optics: I like the Red Dot Sight on weapons that are designed for shorter-range fights, as it gives you added accuracy without obstructing your sight, which is very important when you are fighting in close quarters.


by15 call of duty mobile

We couldn’t just not put a shotgun in this list. Shotguns are great weapons in fast-paced combat, and if you are like me and run in to create as much chaos as possible, shotguns are your best friends. Shotguns are quite hard to use considering the range and the rate of fire, they are very punishing, but if you manage to get close enough and sneak behind enemy lines, you can destroy entire teams effortlessly.

There are no optics for shotguns in this game, but you don’t really need them. What you do need though is a Long Barrel to increase the weapon’s range, and the combination of Fast Mag and Extended Mag. This is mostly because the other perks aren’t very good unfortunately. As long as you are running the Long Barrel on your BY15 you are good to go.

Type 25

type 25 call of duty mobile

Type 25 has everything you will ever want from an assault rifle: it shoots very fast which makes it great in short range combat, it has low recoil, and you can fight long range with it too, although it requires some finesse to do so. If all of this wasn’t enough, you run very fast with it equipped. This weapon is great because you can use it in every situation and it’s going to do great no matter what. It takes a while to unlock it as you will have to reach level 104, which is a bit of a bummer, but trust me, the grind is going to be worth it.

The attachments I suggest running on this beauty are the following:

Extended Mag: It’s always nice to be able to shoot more projectiles than the enemy you are fighting, and this weapon makes no exception to this rule.

Quickdraw: While it is serviceable at long range, the S36 really shine in short- to medium-range combat, and that’s also where Quickdraw truly excels. Faster aiming means higher damage output.

Stock: Same logic as the Quickdraw: you excel at short and medium-range fighting, so maximizing your potential there will improve your chances of killing people.

Optics: Red Dot Sight is my favorite, but all 3 of them are good enough.


ak117 call of duty mobile

Another amazing weapon that is interchangeable with Type 25: the AK117 also sports very low recoil and allows you to run quickly. Plus it’s great in short- and long-range fights alike. As you can see it’s very similar to the Type 25 when you consider its characteristics. The only difference is how they handle the long- and short-range fights: The Type 25 is slightly better when it comes to short-range fights, whereas the AK117 shines more in long-range fights. You will have to reach level 60 to unlock the AK117.

The attachments you should look into are:

Extended Mag: longer range fighting than the Type 25 means you will most likely have to shoot more rounds before killing someone, in these cases it’s better to have more rounds in your magazine.

Foregrip: medium- to long-range fighting is easier to handle when your weapon’s accuracy is higher, so run the foregrip.

FMJ: It makes it easier to push through the map when you can at least damage enemies hiding behind cover, and it is especially useful when trying to enter buildings.

Optics: Tactical Scope is hands down the best attachment for the AK117, as it provides great aiming-power at any range.

This concludes our guide to the best weapons available in Call of Duty: Mobile. There are plenty other weapons in the game, and you should try them all to see which one works best for you. The fact that you need to reach specific levels before unlocking the various weapons gives you ample time to experiment with each one of them, and see which one you like the most. Different weapons work best with different playstyles, and the attachments further separate the various weapons apart from each other. Let us know which weapons are your favorite ones in the comment, until then, happy warring!