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Call of Duty: Mobile Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Dominate Each Match

The long wait is finally over as Activision and Tencent Games’ port of the popular franchise has finally arrived on Android and iOS platforms. As one of the most eagerly awaited games on mobile platforms, Call of Duty: Mobile has earned more than 10 million downloads from the Google Play Store alone. As a title familiar to every avid gamer for the past decade or so, the Call of Duty franchise has generated more than enough fans and followers that would want to get their hands on each of its many incarnations. As the current #1 action game on the Apple App Store and both top trending and top 2 free game on the Google Play Store, Call of Duty: Mobile definitely made an explosive entrance and based on the highly positive user reviews within and outside both mobile stores, it promises to continue being dominant force in the mobile gaming arena.

Call of Duty: Mobile is not a simple port of any existing game or series in the huge franchise although it contains maps and familiar characters from the numerous PC and console titles. While Call of Duty: Mobile does not contain a solo campaign, it offers a wide variety of multiplayer games that fans of the series, and the genre in general, will definitely enjoy. There is Team Deathmatch, where you simply defeat players in the opposing team; Domination, which is basically capture the flag; Hardpoint, which is a more tactical gameplay where you must capture a shifting location; Frontline, where the sole objective is kill as many enemies for points; and a Free-for-all that speaks for itself. Call of Duty: Mobile’s graphics may not be at par with the latest Call of Duty games on PC and consoles but it definitely holds a quality rarely seen on mobile.

call of duty mobile victory

Without any in-game stamina of any sort to delimit the time you can spend on the game, Call of Duty: Mobile allows for as much progress based on how much time you can invest on it. As most matches provide you with experience points and credits that you will need to unlock features and purchase items, respectively, having loadouts more suitable to your preferences and play style will be dependent on how fast you can secure the weapons and armament types you need. There are numerous weapons and attachments to unlock and various maps to familiarize yourself with so even if you may not necessarily have superb shooting skills to begin with, honing it through practice while constantly developing your own strategies will be key to raising chances of victory.

While there seems to be a lot to take in to learn and understand everything in the game, Call of Duty: Mobile’s tutorial actually has a good way of guiding you through everything you need to learn. As it lets you dive into matches early in your game, you will have more understanding of the basic controls and mechanics as you will be pitted against easy A.I. enemies. Truthfully enough, the controls will take some time to get used to and beyond shooting and reloading, the bigger challenge lies within your capacity to be constantly mobile.

Though it is at least at par with the best control configurations on mobile devices, it cannot be expected to be as easy for players who may be used to playing with controllers, or a mouse and keyboard. Nonetheless, practice in any game such as this one will naturally lead to better performance. If you find yourself struggling with a particular aspect of the game, or simply want to improve your kill/death ratio in every match you partake in, then stay with us and check out our Call of Duty: Mobile beginner’s guide. Our effective tips, cheats and strategies will certainly help you dominate each match!

1. Customize Your Controls

Perhaps the highest potential of negative feedback from players about Call of Duty: Mobile lies in the absence of a controller support for the game. As playing an FPS game typically requires seeing the entire screen as much as possible, having virtual keys and your thumbs blocking certain portions of it can be a little distracting. Despite that, Call of Duty: Mobile offers an extensive assortment of customization options for you to tinker with to find the best suitable layout and setup you can have as you play the game. Before proceeding to partake in multiplayer matches, therefore, be sure to visit and make adjustments to the settings as you see fit.

call of duty mobile controls

At the main screen, tap on the gear icon at the top side of the screen to proceed directly to the settings page. Take note that on top of the selection between simple mode and advanced mode, you can choose to customize the control’s layout extensively by tapping on the “Custom Layout” button. You can also set different control and layout schemes for multiplayer mode and battle royale mode. Beyond the control schemes, be sure to check each available tab at the top of the page as there are numerous other options you can tinker with in accordance to your preferences that may make you perform better in succeeding matches.

2. Engage In Practice Matches

Once you have decided on the best control configurations you are most comfortable with, it is important to level up the twin requirements to dominating Call of Duty: Mobile, which is skill and strategy. Although playing in practice matches with the A.I. only nets you 10% of the experience points you could gain from all other game modes, the learning that comes with each run is more important for starters.

call of duty mobile practive match

Despite the existence of aim assist, it may still take a while for you to hit the desired target and you should pay attention to the sensitivity level of each swipe you do as you may have to modify it again after each match until you are fully satisfied with it. Even for veterans of numerous Call of Duty games on PC and consoles, getting accustomed to pressing virtual keys on the screen will still take time.

Keep in mind that the goals, as far as skills are concerned, is to be able to do what you actually intend to do without having to keep an eye on the virtual buttons. Being able to jump, shoot, and reload on a whim, are among the most basic requisites for you to be a dominant force in the game and there is no better place to acquire this skill than the practice sessions. Beyond that, working on improving mobility, so as not to be an easy target is also a necessary skill to learn.

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3. Familiarize Yourself With Each Map

The other half of the goal in running through as many practice sessions as you can in the game is to get to know each map as much as you can. While Call of Duty veterans may be familiar with some of the maps available in the game, it is important in every competitive FPS game to have a full mental layout of each battle arena in its every incarnation. Given, of course, that there are possible differences to the port of the fan-favorite maps on mobile, reacquainting yourself, or acquainting if you are a total beginner, to each of the maps in the game will lead to an advantage in each map.

call of duty mobile tips

Although you cannot choose a specific map when engaging in practice matches, be sure to spend some sessions focusing on getting to know each map’s full layout. Doing so leads to more than just being quick on your feet and knowing where to go from the start of each match. As you play with a coordinated team, you will need a high level of familiarity with each map to identify choke and hold points and such other strategic avenues you need to exploit to win matches. For starters, be sure to be on a lookout for several spaces where reloading and prepping some killstreaks will be more favorable. As it may be necessary to hold your position in some instances, know the locations where there are as few open sides to make it easier to guard such openings.

4. Mix And Match Various Loadouts

While there will be limited weapons and attachments available at the start of your game, earning experience points through matches and reaching new levels will soon provide you with numerous options to choose. Although it may happen that you feel comfortable already with a particular gun and loadout that you have been using for quite some time, be sure to give every new gun and attachment that comes your way as you may yet discover a loadout more suitable to your preferences and play style.

call of duty mobile best strategies

Once you have secured friends you can regularly play with, a more strategic approach to each match may require each of you to be set up differently. Keep in mind as well that some loadouts may be better for a particular game mode while you may find a slightly, or altogether, different one better for a specific type of match. In any case, experiment with various combinations and take note of each setup, especially the weapons you will have to invest on as you progress further. You can initially set up 2 different loadouts but as you reach higher levels, you will be able to have access to all 5 of them.

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5. Spend Your Weapon XP Cards Wisely

Although your weapon gains experience points as you use it in battle, you can use weapon XP cards to level your favorite ones up faster. As higher level weapons can have more attachments, maximizing your top pick by using it as often as you can and concentrating the use of weapon XP card on it will leave you with a more formidable weapon in your hands. As such, be sure to save all the weapon XP cards you have earned from level up and tier rank up rewards for weapons you will certainly be using for a long time.

how to spend weapon xp cards in call of duty mobile

You can view upcoming rewards for both level and tier by scrolling through them in their respective locations. Level up rewards can be previewed via your profile while tier rewards can be seen by clicking on the battlepass logo just below your profile. Depending on how often you play and how many matches you engage in whenever you are signed in, you can estimate up to some extent how long it will take you to earn a specific reward. As you may commonly see a weapon you would want to have as among the upcoming rewards you may soon get, you can better decide on whether to use a weapon XP card on a current favorite or save it for the upcoming one.

6. Communication And Coordination Are Keys To Victory

It may happen that you are fortunate enough to start playing with like-minded friends who love Call of Duty: Mobile as much as you do. In some cases, though, it may happen that you do not have friends who play the game, which means that you will have to find some-in-game friends to more or less have a consistent team to work with. Although there Is nothing wrong with playing with random players, strategizing and working together will be a more challenging feat than when you are with friends who each have a good idea of what everyone else can do.

call of duty mobile tactics

Regardless of the scenario, be sure to make use of the game’s means of communicating with your teammates. While an audio chat may be harder to have with total randoms, at least make use of quick messages to convey important messages to your teammates. Be sure to edit the quick messages in the setting menu and feel free to add in as many of the quick messages available that you can use in each match.

7. Play More Defensively When You’re Starting Out

More often than not, you will witness a lot of your teammates charge into the battlefield as soon as the match starts, especially if you are playing with random players. While the various objectives laid out in each game mode in Call of Duty: Mobile may seem like it screams of a more aggressive approach to earn victory, the more important requisite to reaching each goal relates to survival.

For one, if you are not that skillful yet as far as aiming and shooting is concerned, you can do more help by following your teammates and providing support. Although it may take some time to get used to, regularly and quickly peeking into the mini-map is essential to determine the enemies’ location. Enemies will not appear in the mini-map until after you have engaged them, but seeing one of the blue arrows, which is an ally, suddenly disappear automatically means that an enemy is within close perimeter.

call of duty mobile tricks

Another typical mistake beginners make is reloading out in the open. Doing so leaves you highly vulnerable most especially in the middle of a firefight. As such make it a habit early on to reload every once in a while and do so in the convenience of a cover. The same goes for select Pointstreak and killstreak abilities. As some of them require time to set up, be sure that you fully know what each one can do before you attempt to use them outside of a good cover.

If you have played enough to be very familiar with the layout of each map, then you should also have a good idea of potential camping spots for snipers. If you have engaged in a lot of matches with random players, you may notice that a lot of players, probably beginners, still fall prey to snipers camping on high places. On top of making it a habit to look both high and low all around the map ahead of you, identifying potential spots where snipers can camp will be a skill that requires a fairly good memory of the map. If you have a high enough level of familiarity with a particular map, therefore, you will know which spots will require you to look up, which ones will not, and most importantly, finding ways around each one to go behind the camping enemy.

As a last tip, keep in mind that there will always be winners and losers in every match and for the most part, you certainly cannot win them all. Do not feel disheartened if you lose matches especially if it is a close fight. Every bit of participation you chip in has its own merits and every match you engage in will lead to you becoming better at the game.

And that is all we have for our Call of Duty: Mobile beginner’s guide. We hope that the tips and strategies we shared will help pave the way for you to start climbing up the tiers and ranks. If you know additional tips or tricks that you would like to share with us, then feel free to drop us a line!