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Walk Master Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Become the Most Elegant Acrobat Ever

Walking on stilts is not an easy feat, but Walk Master is a new mobile game that could teach you the art of being a graceful acrobat. Created by Two Men and a Dog, a small design studio from Finland, this game will take your breath away with its extravagant characteristics. In fact, if you download Walk Master to your iOS or Android-powered device, you are sure to experience lots of enjoyable moments.

At the same time, Walk Master is a game that requires a fair amount of skill. As we said, walking on stilts was never easy, and the same goes for this mobile game. Thus, our Walk Master tips, cheats and strategies could be of use. By applying some of these strategies, you will be able to trot and wander through the meadows with ease.

1. Learn The Basics Of Walking On Stilts

In case you are not familiar with the term, stilts are long pieces of wood that circus acrobats and clowns sometimes use for walking. By climbing on the stilts, acrobats can reach impressive heights. However, it takes a lot of skill and precision to stay upright and not fall down when walking around on these ‘’legs”.

walk master tips

When it comes to the gameplay of Walk Master, it is crucial that you grasp the basics of efficient walking as soon as possible. The tutorial will show you that you can move forward or backward by swiping the screen. But this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to wandering through the forests in Walk Master. In other words, you will have to learn how to stay balanced on the stilts. This skill will allow you to take a breather and stand still while the obstacles around you are moving. So, measure the distance of each step and always try to be in a balanced position.

2. Know How To Jump When On Stilts

So, once you’ve mastered the complex art of walking on stilts, it is time for something a bit more advanced. Yes, you will need to jump with those long pieces of wood. Even though this may sound overwhelming, you will see that your avatars can go through the air in an effortless and elegant manner. On top of that, jumping is required to go over certain obstacles on your odyssey through the forest.

By tapping the screen above the avatar, you will make him hop and fly upwards. The longer you press the screen, the higher the jump will be. However, players often have more trouble with landing than jumping in the first place. Thus, make sure to spread the stilts as you go down. As a result, those oversized legs will keep you in a balanced position, not allowing you to tip over and fall. In a way, good timing is vital for mastering the art of jumping in Walk Master.

3. Observe And Analyze The Movement Patterns Of Other Objects

Speaking of timing, you will also need to time your moves when avoiding obstacles along the path through the woodlands. To clarify, Walk Master is a game that features all sorts of wildlife, from nasty piranhas to buzzing hornets. Also, a wide array of moving items will be scattered around the forest. For example, you will often come across fallen logs, windmills, or even submarines. All those objects will affect your progress through the game, and that is why it is important that you learn how to use them.

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To be honest, you will have to avoid the vast majority of those items. For instance, the hornets will often go up and down, preventing you to proceed on your way. So, you will have to wait that the insect goes up, freeing the space for you to scuttle underneath. Or, the game will feature miniature volcanoes as well, and you have to time your moves to avoid being hit by the scorching hot lava.

4. Use The Available Objects For Transportation

As we said, players can use various items to their advantage. In fact, you will not be able to clear certain levels without learning how to use the objects. Once again, it is imperative that you observe the movements and identify the patterns. By doing so, you should be able to recognize the right moment for taking action.

In most cases, you will have to use those items for transportation. To clarify, the game will often ‘force’ you to cross rivers, ponds, and streams. In those moments, jumping will not be of much use. Instead, you will have to wait for the floating logs to arrive near the shore. When that happens, step onto the log and let it take you across the water. Likewise, players can use submarines or windmills to go over chasms and large gaps. Also, it is important to stay calm and balanced when standing on those objects. So, spread the stilts and stay solid no matter what.

5. Reach The Checkpoints At All Costs

When playing Walk Master, the goal of every stage will be to get from point A to point B without falling or touching any of the animals. Needless to say, the missions will become more demanding as you go through the game. In fact, you will probably have to re-play a certain level a couple of times before you manage to move on to the next.

walk master checkpoint

As if walking on unstable stilts was not difficult enough, the game will throw all sorts of challenges your way. Even so, there is a convenient little feature that can help with playing Walk Master. To clarify, we are talking about Checkpoints. Besides rewarding you with coins, these control points will allow you to avoid playing the entire stage all over again. Meaning, when you make a mistake or fall, you will continue playing from the last checkpoint, not all the way from the start. Not only that this method saves time, but it will also save you from a lot of headaches and frustration.

6. Unlock The Challenges To Make The Game More Exciting

Walk Master is a level-based arcade game, which lets you take a walk on the wild side. Yet, the main ‘Campaign’ mode may become somewhat repetitive and boring after a while. Even though the game features a wide portfolio of animals and moving objects, the patterns will tend to repeat if you go through enough levels.

walk master challenges

For that reason, we recommend unlocking the Challenges, which can spice things up. In other words, the Classic or Daily Challenges can provide you with a lot more excitement than the standard playing mode. To be honest, the tasks in the Challenges will test you to the core. So, you will have to invest a lot of effort into trying to clear those levels. Of course, you will be rewarded for your troubles. As a result, players who overcome certain Challenges will unlock unique characters. Not to mention the gold coins that will pour into the treasury once you complete a Challenge.

7. Watch Ads To Earn More Coins

Speaking of gold coins, they are the only currency in the game. Thus, it is important that you collect as many coins as possible when playing Walk Master. Yet, this is sometimes easier said than done. As we said, walking on stilts and trying to dodge all sorts of flying objects is not a walk in the park. Admittedly, you will be walking through a park but not in a casual and relaxed way.

Either way, gold coins are a vital asset and there are several ways that can help you acquire more gold. First of all, try reaching the Checkpoints. Also, you will receive a reward after completing a level. But, the best way of boosting your wealth is by watching an ad. For instance, you can add 50 coins to your reward for completing a stage by watching an ad. Also, you can collect 30 coins by visiting the Shop on a regular basis.

8. Customize The Characters

When playing Walk Master, you will have the option of using all sorts of characters. To be precise, 26 extravagant avatars are at your disposal, including the funny-looking goat, Frank the Hotdog, the scarecrow, and so on. By changing the character, players can also boost the entertainment levels of the game.

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On top of that, a wide array of other customizations is possible as well. For example, you can change the Accessories or the Hats. In other words, the avatar could be wearing a fedora or a sun hat. Also, the classic stilts could be changed for something more eye-catching. So, your avatar could be walking on two pencils. Clearly, Walk Master allows you to let your imagination running wild. For that reason, this game can be played for hours on end. Also, players can click on the option in the bottom left corner to unlock random characters every once in a while.

With the final tip on our 8-point list, we conclude our Walk Master cheats, tips and strategies. However, if you know any other tricks that could help us fellow players, don’t hesitate to leave us a comment!