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Terraria Tips, Tricks & Hints for Killing Monsters and Getting Unlimited Money

We had previously given you some Terraria tips and tricks for building a home, but since those aren’t enough to help you out in the grand scheme of things, we’re back with another set of strategies you can employ. But first, let’s give you a bit of info about this 505 Games title. Terraria is a role-playing game that combines RPG elements with those of Minecraft. There are literally dozens of different enemies to face, and more than 1,250 possible recipes when crafting an item. There are also over 15 bosses to deal with in the game, plus more than 15 pets to loyally stick by your side. Sounds interesting so far? You bet it is, and we hope we can sustain your interest for this new batch of Terraria tips and tricks.

1. Why Should You Use A Boomerang In Battle?

At first, it doesn’t make much sense – why use a boomerang when the opponent has much stronger weapons to fight with? It is a flail weapon, and as such, it can take out more than one enemy when you throw it. Think about it as more than one headshot from one shot, with the potential of a little more damage when the boomerang (or related flail weapon) comes back to you.

2. Keep Zombies At Bay With Your Blocks

We understand it if you find the zombies attacking your home to be very, very irritating. But we were able to come upon a simple trick that could allow you to kill them without you having to touch them. Place an additional block near your door – this will allow you to be one step ahead of the zombies. Actually, that’s all you need to do in order to slash most of a zombie horde, as the zombies won’t try to go in anyway….at least for the meantime.

3. When Should You Trap Monsters In A Hole?

This is a situational tip, but we’re going to share it to you anyway. If you’re dealing with an invasion of goblins during a blood moon, you’ll want to trap those monsters by creating a hole that’s deeper than your maximum jump measurement, and exactly two blocks wide. A roof may be needed if you want to further keep monster mobs at bay.

4. How To Get Unlimited Money

The fine folks at IGN have come up with a way that could allow you to earn unlimited cash in Terraria. First, you need to open two copies of the game, and login as the character whose items you want replicated. Login as that character while situated in a different world. For the first character, you’ll want to place any kind of items in the chest before saving and exiting. For the second character, save and exit from his/her present world, and log into the world with the item in the chest in order to grab it. Note that we explained how you can replicate items, but this also works with money, theoretically allowing you to earn an infinite amount through this game.