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Terraria Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide to Succeed in the Game

Terraria is an iOS and Android game from 505 Games that sends you to a variety of unique worlds, which include “floating islands in the sky” and the “deepest level of the Underworld.” You can craft more than 1,250 different items through special recipes, fight over 150 types of enemies, have more than 15 pets fight alongside you, and prepare yourself for more than 15 bosses while traveling through over a dozen environments. In terms of gaming genre, this is a role-playing game for the most part, and we’ve seen all types of gamers find themselves overwhelmed by the challenges Terraria has posed to them. So without further ado, we’ll be helping you out here with this set of Terraria tips, cheats and tricks that could help you in your home building experience.

1. Prioritize Wood Gathering Early On

In the early parts of the game, specifically once your character is on solid ground for the first time, you’ll want to use your axe to chop some wood. Specifically, you want to chop at the base of the tree, which would avoid the wastefulness of leaving stumps behind. But why focus on wood? Simply put, you’ll need it to build your first home, as well as a workbench. The latter item is very important, as it allows you to craft more durable items; do not underestimate the importance of having a workbench in this game.

2. How To Build Your Own Home

There are several ways in which you can build a home in Terraria, but there are some specific things you need in order to do this. A background wall would be one thing, and you can get cracking on this by crafting wooden wall blocks. You also need a ceiling and two walls to keep you safe from monsters. Of course, your home also needs to have a door so you can go in and out. As for the positioning of your home, we suggest placing it near the place where you originally spawned; there are risks here, though, and these include the chance of your guide aimlessly walking around and opening doors, not knowing that he may be letting monsters step into your home.

3. Build A Furnace For Your Home

Your home will need a lot of things once it’s created, including a furnace. You can make this once you have enough stones; use your pickaxe to gather stones found on the ground surface. And if you’re wondering what a furnace does in this game, it is mainly used to create copper and iron, two important materials you need when crafting higher-end items.

4. The Importance Of Iron

Iron is a very important material to have, as it allows you to create more powerful editions of the equipment you crafted in copper. And while iron and stone look similar at first glance, there are some differences; iron is a bit darker and has sparkles on it that are visible in sunlight. Iron can also be used to build an anvil, which can then be used to craft a new pickaxe and broadsword.

5. Kill Slime Monsters And You’ll Be Able To Create Torches

Once you’ve built your home, you will also need to ensure that it’s well lighted in the evening. The best source would be slime monsters, as the gel these monsters release can be used together with wood to create torches.