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PewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist Cheats, Tips and Tricks to Get More Brocoins

If you’re a fan of Let’s Play gaming walkthroughs on YouTube, you’re probably familiar with YouTuber PewDiePie, one of the better-known comedy vloggers. His fans are referred to as the Bro Army, while his YouTube channel has a blue brofist as the official logo. And it’s because of his loyal following that PewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist has become a big hit on the Apple App Store, though it has yet to be launched for Android. This Outerminds title allows you to join PewDiePie and other YouTubers in a 2D platformer where you collect Brocoins, the game’s currency, to buy characters, attacks, and defenses. You can unlock PewDiePie’s fellow YouTube personalities, all of whom voice themselves, and “fight epic bosses to save your fans,” among other things. You can also take on your friends in the game’s survival arena mode.

So if you’re looking to get more Brocoins, unlock more YouTubers, or basically enjoy some success in this hot new game, we suggest you read these PewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist cheats, tips and tricks.

1. How To Get More Brocoins

Brocoins aren’t just the game’s currency – they’re also what keeps you alive, as you’ll use them to upgrade your health, buy power-ups, and as we’ve stated, unlock new characters. At the moment, there are no in-app purchases, which may not be a good thing for those used to paying to get ahead, but a great thing for those who prefer to get by without spending money on their favorite games. So how do you earn those coins?

You’ll earn them naturally as you see them in the different levels, as well as after killing enemies. Completing a level also gives you a coin bonus, and a bigger one at that. But if you really want a ton of Brocoins, we suggest completing a game with difficulty set to Hard for a double bonus, or Bro for a triple bonus. Quitting a level if the enemies get too tough is fine, as you keep any coins you had earned to the point where you quit.

2. Let Trailing Characters Shield You

The hearts you see on your energy meter are used to protect you from most enemies, but they don’t save you from everything. For example, extremely powerful enemy attacks, pits, and spikes will kill your character right away. However, if you have characters behind you, such as PewDiePie’s pugs, one of them will take the death for you, thus allowing you to continue. There are even trailing characters, such as the Brave Little Toaster of Markiplier, who need two hits before getting killed.

3. Don’t Be Fooled By The Garbage

On each level, you’ll find piles of ostensibly useless stuff, such as clothes, dirt, garbage, and more. But they do hide some power-ups which you can use, as well as additional hearts and coins. And hitting the blue flag that signals you’re at the middle point of a level will restore your health completely.

4. Level Up Other Characters

You don’t just get to use PewDiePie as your character, but other YouTubers as well, but when you buy them, they’ll join your team with the minimum amount of health. We suggest minimizing your YouTuber purchases because they’re just too expensive, and upgrading fully so they don’t join you carrying the short end of the stick.