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Stair Free Tips, Cheats & Guide: 5 Tricks to Get a High Score

While super-casual endless titles are usually made available for users of both major platforms, Alec Thomson’s Stair Free is a rather unusual case, as it’s only available for iOS devices. Still, that doesn’t make it any less of an addictive game with a twist; instead of playing the climber and going up flights of stairs, you are controlling the platforms/stairs, and it’s your job to slide the blocks under the climber’s feet while she flips up higher. There are different kinds of blocks to work with, and Thomson describes these blocks as regular, dangerous, bouncy, and static blocks. Sounds interesting so far?

Indeed, we believe Stair Free can be very addictive despite its drawbacks and limitations. And if you want to keep that climber going for longer than you previously did, we suggest you check out these Stair Free tips and tricks after the jump.

1. Pull Out The Blocks Before The Climber Lands

Once you start a game of Stair Free, the female climber will start out by jumping and moving. Your goal is to make sure she lands on her feet, so start pulling out those blocks to allow her to make a safe landing before it’s too late. This game most definitely rewards speed, but you don’t always have to take the fastest route. One option you have is to slide the block out while she’s at the highest point of her jump, or you can also go a bit slower by sliding out the block that’s located right above the one she was previously standing on.

2. About The Dangerous Blocks

Thomson doesn’t mention it directly when he talks about Stair Free for the App Store description, but some of those “dangerous” blocks have spikes on them! Slide the spiked blocks back in the moment you see them, as they’ll kill your climber if she lands on them. There are other blocks that can be filed under the “dangerous” category; some of them slide vertically and not horizontally, while others are twice as tall as your average block. These could inadvertently kill the climber, so be very careful when handling them.

3. More Ways To Escape The Spikes

Here’s another simple thing you can do to avoid the spiked blocks. In the event that the girl about to jump into a spiked block located inside the wall, simply slide the block where she’s standing on so she can move back. Make sure to slide it back quite a bit so she doesn’t crash into the wall. If the girl is in the air, use a block to push her back, or slide another block to allow her to land without getting killed by the spiked block.

4. How To Escape Vertical Blocks

If the girl is under a vertical block, you also have to slide her back before she bumps her head. Once you slide her back, the block where she leaped off will be gone, thus preventing you from reusing the same platform. You can also tap on her to circumvent the waiting time in between jumps.

5. Sit Through The Ads

Many have complained about how ad-driven Stair Free is, but it’s actually something you have to go through if you don’t like waiting for your lives to refresh. Once you lose all your four lives, you can watch an ad video to get an additional five lives – easy as that.