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Radiation Island Cheats, Tips & Strategy Guide: 5 Hints You Need to Know

Atypical Games’ Radiation Island is described as a survival adventure game for the iOS platform, where you are part of the “Philadelphia Experiment,” which essentially has you trapped in an alternate world. Your goal is to discover this world and face the challenges that await you, trying desperately to survive and return to the comfort of the real world. Some of the challenges you may face include “dangerous” wild animals like bears, wolves, and mountain lions, as well as zombies who guard a variety of equipment, as well as clues that may help you figure out this strange new world. It’s going to be a daunting task, that’s for sure, but with our Radiation Island cheats and strategy guide, you can get off to a good start and know what to do to survive.

1. Know The Difference Between Game Modes

Radiation Island comes with two game modes – Adventure and Exploration. Adventure Mode will strip you of your currently equipped weapon once you’re dead, and that means you may have to un-equip your most powerful weapon when you know you’re about to kick the bucket. Exploration Mode is far easier, as it allows you to retain all your equipment even if you get killed.

2. Familiarize Yourself With Resources And Basic Items

Early on in the game, you’ll be informed of certain items that you need to have handy if you want to stay alive longer. This would make it important to gather resources as you make your way through the island – these resources include twigs, stones, leaves, flint, leather, different kinds of ore, and other basics. You can then use these resources to create your own crafted melee weapon, or to keep yourself alive and prevent you from going too hungry.

3. Craft The Fishing Rod First

This is a tie-in with the above mentioned tip, as it talks about a basic item you can craft, and how it could help you satisfy your hunger. This item is the fishing rod, which can be crafted from two pieces of string and three pieces of wood – make sure you search for these materials, as the fishing rod can help you catch fish and stave off potentially fatal hunger. The rod will serve you best in the early levels as you look for food in the first part of the eponymous Radiation Island.

4. Attack Your Foes With Ranged Weapons

Let’s admit it – fighting with melee weapons is fun. You get to hit your opponents up close and deal a lot of damage while watching it all happen. But you shouldn’t restrict yourself to the usual axes and clubs. In fact, you may be better off relying more on ranged weapons so you can take out enemies with much less risk of getting hurt yourself.

5. Don’t Exit The Beach Area Too Quickly

Some of you may be tempted to leave the beach area as early as possible. However, you should only leave that part of the game once you’ve achieved a few tasks. First, you need to make sure your backpack’s inventory is at Level 5, and that you’ve got enough food to get you through the next area, as well as a few weapons and clothing to protect you.