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Radiation Island Tips, Tricks & Guide to Unlock Towers and Gather More Resources

So you’ve learned some of the most basic tips about Radiation Island in our first guide, but we’re not done yet – in fact, we’ve got another Radiation Island strategy guide that could be of great help to you. What is this game about anyway? It was developed by Atypical Games and it is currently available for iOS devices only, and in here, you play someone who’s ended up in an alternate reality so different from the earth where we live in. You’ll get to face wild animals, zombies, and other challenges as you strive to make it back to your world and survive the island. So with that said, let’s share with you some more tips and tricks, this time catering to more advanced players. Let’s get to those Radiation Island tips and tricks, which mainly deal with unlocking towers and gathering resources.

1. How To Unlock Tesla Towers

One of the things you need to do in this game is to unlock Tesla Towers in various sections of the titular Radiation Island. The Tesla Tower near the central part of the island, for starters, can be unlocked with the code number 161803. And when unlocking the towers near the left part of the island, you’ll be using codes 214808, 534211, 628620, 706798, 803482, and 89962. Last, but not least, you’ve got the Tesla Towers near the right part of the island, which can then be unlocked with the codes 097494, 419716, 459230, 510582, 781640, and 939937. Sounds pretty easy, right?

2. More Tesla Towers To Unlock, And Even More Codes

The codes we told you about aren’t the only ones you’ll need to take down if you want to unlock all the Tesla Towers in Radiation Island. There are more towers located in the bottom half of the island, and you’ll need the following codes – 846264, 950288, 979323, 265358, 314159, and 338327. We advise writing these codes down for easy reference, or simply checking back to this article.

3. A Quick And Easy Guide To Mining Activities

You’ll need to do a lot of mining for certain goods in Radiation Island, and there’s a neat way to do this while you can achieve a lot of things in the process. The first thing you’ll want to do is to make a Stone Axe, which you can use to chop wood. Once you’ve got wood, you can make a Stone Pickaxe. Iron ores can be converted into iron, which you can use for arrows or melee weapons. Take some titanium and craft a Titanium Pickaxe; your first should be used exclusively for mining titanium ores, and once you’ve got enough of that, you can then use it to mine sulfur, which can then be used to create bullets.

4. How To Get More Leather

You’ll need a lot of leather so you can craft defensive outfits and also increase your inventory space in your backpack. In order to do this, kill as many wolves as possible so you can have enough leather to satisfy all of your needs in the game.