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SPL-T Cheats, Tips & Strategy Guide for Solving More Puzzles

We’ve got another Apple exclusive for you (at least for the meantime), but unlike the sophisticated titles that are either temporarily or permanently exclusive to the iPhone and iPad, Simogo AB’s SPL-T is a casual puzzle game. And there’s really not much to glean from the game’s App Store description – the developer meekly admits that “it doesn’t look like much,” but brags afterwards that it is indeed a “very good” puzzle game. So what’s the deal with SPL-T? Well, the main mechanic has you creating number blocks by splitting the screen in both ways – vertically and horizontally. You score thanks to the number blocks, but those numbers can also do a number on your game, no pun intended, if they become too abundant.

Early reviews claim that this is quite a complicated game to play, but is it really? Is there a way to make the gaming experience easier? Fortunately there is, as we’ve got a couple of useful SPL-T cheats, tips and tricks below.

1. Stay In Place With Help Of The Guy On Top

That guy on top of the SPL-T screen is, in a nutshell, the most important factor in determining your success in the game. You might not spot this stick-figure man immediately, but if you look at the top of your screen, you’ll see him there. And you should always, ALWAYS pay attention to what he has to tell you.

Going into specifics, he shows you what kind of line you should be making on the next turn; spreading his arms hints at a horizontal line, while raising them in the air teases a vertical line. As one wrong move could end your game, be sure you always pay attention to the stick-figure man’s cues.

2. Go For Big Numbers In The Early Goings

Making four identical blocks immediately transforms them into number blocks. And that’s why the game is called SPL-T; the front number is based on the number of splits you’ve made before creating the block. And with each split, that number goes down. Keeping this in mind, you can try making larger number blocks when starting out a game, which should allow you to get off to a fast enough start.

3. Create Number Blocks On Top Of Blocks That Are Almost Cleared

One key mechanic in this game is that the countdown is halved when number blocks fall down. Create new number blocks on top of older ones that are about to disappear, but create them in such a way that they replace the old number blocks once they are finally gone. If you don’t do this, they won’t fall, and you’ll be dealing with a white space that you couldn’t make use of.

4. Try This Tip For Some Assistance With Countdowns

If you need help with those countdowns, you can try this out – create smaller boxes from a larger one. It’s as simple as that, though you’ll also have to remember to alternate horizontal and vertical splits in such a way that you don’t create unplanned number blocks.