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Tap Quest: Gate Keeper Tips & Tricks – 4 Ways to Collect All Relics

We’ve featured Nanoo’s Tap Quest: Gate Keeper several times before, and it’s little wonder why. Such a rich iOS game deserves several strategy guides covering different areas. This is a tapping RPG where you have to “stop the resurrection of the colossal Dragon,” cast spells, kill monsters, and defend your base from attacking enemies. You can also collect relics across eight chapters, and for this game, there’s a total of 64 you can collect. And that’s actually what we’ll be talking about in this Tap Quest: Gate Keeper strategy guide – how can you collect all those relics?
First of all, we should remind you about what relics do. They can give bonuses to the base stats of a) your hero, b) your fairy, and c) your tower. When talking about hero stat boosts, these are for damage, critical chance, or critical damage stats. Fairies get similar boosts, and can also get an improved frequency of attack. Lastly, the tower’s possible boosts are the same as the fairy’s.

1. Open The Chests

Chest drops are a common occurrence whenever you play a level, and these can happen if you kill an enemy, or at perfectly random times. Regardless when you see those chests dropping, open them and you might get lucky and find a relic inside. Usually, you’ll be earning more coins, but regardless what’s inside that chest (especially if it’s a relic), go get it right away because it’ll be gone forever if you don’t.

2. Replay Previous Levels

Go to the main upgrade screen and hit the red “X” button to return to the main menu. After going there, you can return to a world that you’ve completed and replay previous levels; we recommend beginning at level 1. That’s another way you can easily add up to your relic count and go for all 64 of them.

3. Keep In Mind That Relics Appear At Random

If you’re trying to score a specific relic, that isn’t possible in Tap Quest. Relics appear randomly, and there’s no set pattern to predict which relic you will be receiving once you open a chest.

4. Slow Down The Fight To Get More Chest Drops

It’s fun to end a fight the fast and furious way, but when in battle, you want to take it nice and easy. The slower you complete the battle, the more chances you’ll get of a chest drop.

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