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Tap Quest: Gate Keeper Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Become The Ultimate Hero

Tap Quest: Gate Keeper can be best described as a cross between a tapping game, a role-playing game, and a tower defense game. It is available for iOS devices only as of now, and you are tasked to “stop the resurrection of the colossal Dragon” by casting spells and killing monsters along the way. In the end, it’ll be just the Dragon standing in your way as you seek to become the ultimate hero of Tap Quest. You can play through eight action-packed chapters, collect and upgrade weapons and other forms of equipment, and collect up to 64 supernatural relics.

That’s pretty much our quick overview of the game, so let’s move on to why we’re actually here – to share with you some Tap Quest: Gate Keeper cheats, tips and tricks in this first of a two-part series.

1. Understand The Tapping Mechanic

It’s very easy to remember – tap to the left if you want to move left, tap to the right if you want to move right. You shouldn’t limit yourself to using your left and your right thumb, though – it’s alright to use multiple fingers if you’re dealing with a huge horde of enemies. That’ll help you take them out faster and more efficiently.

2. Don’t Limit Upgrades To Weapons

A common tendency for new players is to upgrade their weapons, and that alone. Spread out your upgrades so that your fairy and your tower are also leveled up so they can attack by themselves and with greater power. These latter two can hit enemies that you wouldn’t normally be able to reach, and would be most useful when you’re a considerable distance from the gate and trying to defend it from enemies.

3. Act Quickly When You See Coins And Power-Ups

It’s not exactly a unique aspect, but when it comes to coins, you’ll have to snap them up ASAP before they disappear for good. Likewise, power-ups also disappear in a few seconds’ time, so if you need a power-up, go rush for it before it’s gone. Remember, however, that you only have a few slots for your power-ups; make use of all of them, especially when you’re playing Levels 8-10.

4. Use The Time Lapse Cheat

There is something relatively unique about Tap Quest, and that’s how you use up lives – regardless whether you go far in a level or whether you beat the level boss or not, that’s good for one life. We personally do not agree with such a mechanic, but if you want to work around this, you can switch the time on your phone by about 1-2 hours. Return to your game and you’ll get all your lives back.

5. Complete Quests To Get Free Gems

Gems are the premium currency in Tap Quest, and you can earn them for free by completing every quest that you’re assigned to. And once you have enough gems, you can use them to buy a rare chest with loads of powerful and rare weapons and equipment.