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Skill Wave Cheats: 5 Killer Tips & Tricks for Mastering the Game

Skill Wave is a game where you can play in dynamic landscapes while avoiding sharp obstacles. It’s a one-touch game with minimalist art, a variety of power-ups, and, of course, a chance to shoot for the highest score possible as you compete with friends, family, and the rest of the world on the Game Center leaderboards.

It’s easy to play but hard to master – perhaps that should be a genre in its own. But since we did mention this, we’ve brought you a few Skill Wave cheats, tips and hints that could help you master the game faster.

1. Value The Feeling Out Process

At first, you shouldn’t be gunning for high scores right off the bat. Instead, you should be feeling things out and trying to get familiar with the controls and the sensitivity. This is very important as this will be your main ticket to a higher score; tapping allows the ball to move slightly to the right side, while tapping and holding would result in the ball steadily drifting to the right.

2. Tap Lightly

We told you above about the controls and how important it is to master them. However, we should also tell you that you won’t often have to hold your finger down to drift right. Your ball will constantly be bobbing and weaving, so you’ll mostly be fine if you tap lightly on the screen of your device. That should give you the momentum you need – but not too much of it – to avoid obstacles.

3. Keep Your Ball In The Center

With the exception of times where you have to move in order to stay alive, your ball should always be centered in as much as possible. As the wave can change shape or direction, staying in the middle will allow you to foresee these shifts, regardless if you see them happening on the right or on the left.

4. Pay Attention To Spikes And Obstacles

Actually, we should just say “obstacles,” as one can argue that spikes are a kind of obstacle anyway. Semantics aside, it’s the spikes and other obstacles that could put a quick end to your game if the ball comes in contact with them. A black space without spikes is safe, as you can slide along their surface and get yourself out of trouble, especially if one side has tons of spikes in it and you’re in a particularly tight spot.

5. Collect Power-Ups

Power-ups prove that this is a casual game that isn’t really that casual and no-frills, but most importantly, they’ll help you survive longer and score higher. For example, laser cannons destroy obstacles when you use them, while the pulsating power-up serves as a shield that can also destroy anything that you come in contact with. There’s even a power-up whose only purpose is to score more points, so go get ‘em if you see’em.