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Farm Story 2: Sweet Retreat Cheats & Strategy Guide – 4 Tips for Running the Ultimate Farm

Farm Story 2 is a game by Storm8 Studios that you can now download for your Android or iOS device. This is a 3D farming game where you can do the usual things you can do in this type of games – that means raising animals, harvesting crops, and “discovering exciting surprises.” You can also cook your own meals in the kitchen with your Deep Fryer, or head to the Chocolatier to make desserts.

As for Sweet Retreat, this is a new take on Farm Story 2, but it was launched to commemorate a special event. The mechanics are largely the same, though you’ll get some psychedelic imagery and candy references to go with the special event. So regardless of whether you’ve played the game or not, we believe these Farm Story 2: Sweet Retreat cheats, tips and tricks will help you go a long, long way.

1. Use The Time Lapse Cheat If You Can’t Wait

Practically everything in Farm Story 2 requires you to wait at least a little while. You’ll have to wait some time before you can harvest your crops, some time before your mill can feed livestock and other animals, etc. But you can get by without waiting, simply by moving the time on your iPhone or iPad to the amount of time it takes for the longest task to be finished. Returning to the game won’t forfeit your winnings. Take note, however, that if you aren’t able to collect every collectable first, the uncollected items will return to the same waiting period at the time you changed time back to normal.

2. Help Your Fellow Farmers To Improve Your Social Level

Head to your friends’ farms, or those of other people in general, and be as helpful as possible. Doing that will increase your social level, and attract more people to your farm as you’ll be higher up in the player rankings. You can also add more people to your farm to serve as your neighbors, as that’s another positive effect of having a good social level in the game. Tap any building with a heart above it so you can start farming.

3. Tap Floating Stars And Win More Coins

Once you’ve got visitors from other parts of town, stars will signify that these buildings had been helped out. Tap on the stars and get more coins for yourself. As a bonus tip, we suggest that each minute you’re in the game is a minute well-spent; give people jobs so that others can tap on them to assist them, and so on, and so forth. Think of it as paying it forward. This is another great way to earn more coins.

4. Get More Supplies By Completing Shipments Quicker

Don’t take your time when completing shipments – if you do that, you’ll gain access to more supplies, and that should be great when buying new expansions, and also buying new farm equipment. To prepare for this, clear out bushes, rocks, and trees so there’s enough room for those new expansions to debut in.