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Cube Jump Cheats, Tips & Hints: 5 Ways to Drive Up Your High Score

Cube Jump is another super-simple arcade game by Ketchapp, and your goal here is to help your cube travel through space. This is a platform game where you have to avoid falling or missing the platforms, and you can also collect little cubes and unlock new characters, as the description also states. The game is available for Android and iOS operating systems, and if you want something deceptively simple but tough to master, Cube Jump might be the game for you. And we’ve got several Cube Jump cheats, tips and hints that can help you to drive up your score.

1. All Platforms Have Different Point Values

Every platform you encounter in Cube Jump has a different point equivalent. Wide platforms, as they’re easier to land on, are only worth one point, while medium ones will get you two points and smaller ones will earn you three points. Keeping that in mind, you want to time your jumps in such a way that you land on the small platforms more often.

2. Jump Onto Small Platforms To Perfect Your Timing

There are other advantages to leaping onto small platforms, and these include working out the kinks on your timing. As they’re very difficult to land on as opposed to the large, wide ones, you’ll find it difficult at first, but with a little practice you may find this process to be much easier, with leaping onto medium and large platforms also becoming second nature.

3. Dealing With Perspective Can Also Be Tough

Whether you’re playing in landscape mode or in portrait mode, you will need more than a little getting used to things when it comes to the perspective. Many players have gotten better results by turning the phone either left or right, thus making the perspective comparable to that on other titles.

4. Score Like Crazy By Jumping Quickly

In Cube Jump, you’ll be rewarded for acting quickly and moving very fast from one platform to another. Platforming quickly rewards you with a multiplier, and if you combine that multiplier with a focus on small and medium platforms, you’ll be on the fast track to beating your old high score and climbing up the Game Center and Google Play leaderboards. And speaking of that, ignore anything unrealistic-looking on those leaderboards, as chances are those scores were achieved through hacking.

5. Unlock New Characters, Here’s How

Once you reach the 100-cube mark, that’ll allow you to buy a new character. One good way to get to 100 cubes quicker is to watch ad videos that may appear on occasion. The occasion in question here is losing, so it could be wise to lose deliberately so you’ll have more ad videos to watch. Of course, you have to be online in order for you to do this, so that should be one good reason to play with your Wi-Fi or data on, aside from helping the developer earn money from the game.