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Tap Quest: Gate Keeper Strategy Guide & Hints – 5 Stunning Tips You Never Heard Before

By now you may think you’ve learned everything there is to learn about Tap Quest: Gate Keeper. You’ve thought wrong if that’s the case, because we’ve got another Tap Quest: Gate Keeper strategy guide, this time with more general tips and tricks. As a reminder, this game involves a tapping mechanic, and is best described as a cross between tapping games, RPGs, and tower defense games. Your objective is to protect your base from monsters and prepare for the showdown against the evil Dragon.

You probably know Tap Quest’s basics by now, so we’ll leave it at that and move on quickly to our next series of tips and tricks.

1. Slow Down The Battle If You Want More Chest Drops

This point is also covered in our Tap Quest strategy guide for relic acquisition, but it’s such a neat trick we’re also sharing it here. When in battle, it’s best to fight as slowly as possible – kill enemies one at a time, maybe two at a time at most, and take a defensive stance, letting the enemy come to you instead of you coming to them.

2. You Can Find Gems Inside Chests

When opening chests, they will typically come with coins inside, and once in a while, you can find some relics as well. But you can also earn free gems by opening the chests, though this is also a rare occurrence. Take note, however, that some relics will cause gems to appear more frequently.

3. How To Deal With Boss Fights

Boss fights can be tricky, and we would recommend that you make use of your power-ups when the bosses are nearby, focusing on their minions before you focus on the boss itself. If you keep on taking out the underlings and prevent them from getting to the gate, this will help you avoid dealing with an angry Dragon. Critical hit power-ups, on the other hand, should be used primarily when you’re facing up against the boss.

4. Be Wary Of The Mini-Bosses

In the fifth world, you’ll start encountering the large pumpkins and other mini-bosses. These bosses don’t really move around too frequently, but their underlings, meaning the smaller pumpkins in the above example, will cause you the most trouble. It’s best to take a safe approach and focus on protecting the gate. Do not move too far away from the gate, and don’t pay much mind if coins disappear for good. The term “mini-boss” may not strike much fear into some players, but they should definitely be watched out for.

5. Permanent Upgrades Are Worth It

In between rounds, you’ll find the option to do a permanent upgrade, right at the bottom of the upgrade screen. These are very premium upgrades, and will cost you a whole lot of gems. In other words, you’ll need to have done a lot of grinding or made some gem purchases with real-world money, but it’ll be all worth it, as these upgrades will offer permanent effects that are good for all rounds.

If you’ve missed on our previous articles on Tap Quest: Gate Keeper, we recommend you to check them. In the past we shared some general tips and tricks on the game, an article on how to use power-ups, as well as a guide on how to earn more free coins and gems.