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Tap Quest: Gate Keeper Tips, Tricks & Hints You Need to Know

We’ve already shared with you our first set of Tap Quest: Gate Keeper tips and tricks, but before we move on to the second part, let’s refresh your memory a bit about this game, or talk you through the overview if you just joined us now. This game is said to be very, very difficult, and a hybrid of tapping, RPG, and tower defense elements. Your objective is to stave off enemies trying to reach your gate and open it up, thus awakening the Dragon, though you won’t be alone here – you can upgrade your equipment and go for power-ups to help you in protecting your gate. So with that said, here’s our second set of Tap Quest: Gate Keeper tips, and you can check it out below.

1. You Can Grind At Any Time

Once you’ve completed a level, you have the option to replay it any time you wish, and have an easier time doing so as you’ll likely be at a higher level than you were when you first played the level. This will allow you to earn more coins, but don’t mistake this grinding process for a walk in the park. Sure, it will be much easier, but you have to be on the lookout for enemies trying to overwhelm you with their speed, thus making you lose the level.

2. Collect All The Relics

Tap Quest: Gate Keeper has a total of 64 collectible relics, and collecting them will actually be the main reason you want to grind a previously completed level. Relics offer a permanent bonus for your hero, fairy, and tower, don’t cost any money, and can be kept forever to that end. They also drop randomly, with certain levels featuring specific relic drops, so it’s important to go grab them the moment you see them. In addition, you can also get five-star levels faster with the help of relics – the more relics you pick up, the more stars you can earn.

3. Upgrade Your Power-Ups

We briefly touched on power-ups in the first part of our Tap Quest: Gate Keeper tips and tricks, and adding to what we told you last time (you have to pick them up ASAP), you also have to level them up like you would your weapons and other pieces of equipment. These upgrades are typically more affordable, and while you won’t see big boosts, it’ll all pay off once you’re at the third or fourth world. That’s when you would usually be able to perform mass upgrades on some of them.

4. Use Your Power-Ups Smartly

And while we’re still talking about power-ups, we should also remind you to use them at the right time. Critical Hit works best against bosses, the Leaf Shield can help you stall for time if you place it right over your gate, and the Lightning and Fire power-ups are ideal for “crowd control,” meaning taking out a huge wave of enemies.

5. Open Those Silver Chests

You may usually end up with useless and/or mediocre items when you open the silver chest, but on occasion you might find something rare and powerful. Keep opening silver chests and you just might get lucky.