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Tap Quest: Gate Keeper – How to Earn More Coins and Gems

You probably know a lot about Tap Quest: Gate Keeper by now, given that we shared a couple articles about this mobile title in recent days that were dealing mainly with general tips and tricks as well as how to use the power-ups in the game. But in case you don’t, this title is available on the iOS platform, and it’s a different kind of RPG where tapping and tower defense mechanics are liberally blended into the mix. You will be tasked to stop the Dragon from being resurrected, and to keep enemies away from your gate. The game has eight worlds to play in, 64 supernatural relics to acquire and collect, and graphics that will remind old-time gamers of an earlier, much simple era in gaming.

This Tap Quest: Gate Keeper strategy guide will teach you about the different ways in which you can earn more free gems and coins, so keep on reading if you want to earn more in-game currency, may it be the main currency (gold coins) or the premium stuff (gems).

A Reminder About How You Can Earn Coins

We had previously talked about some ways to get more coins, and the first way is to earn them on levels. The drawback here is that you have to physically get the coins and be quick at it. If you aren’t able to catch those coins, they’ll be gone forever. You can also get coins from treasure chests that can be found on the different levels.

Grinding And The Catch Therein

We also told you last time that you can grind, or replay previously completed levels. But there are a couple caveats to grinding. First is the fact that you won’t be earning too many coins compared to how you fared in the first time you played the level. Second is the possibility of being jumped by an enemy, which means an instant loss early on in the game. And it won’t matter if you’re able to kill the boss with one hit – the speed required in grinded levels is the same as what’s needed on later levels of the game.

Complete Quests To Earn Gems

Head to the Quests menu and you’ll see a list of tasks to do so you can meet the achievements. Take on those quests, as that’s the easiest way of getting free gems in Tap Quest.

Other Ways To Get Free Coins And Gems

The game has some advertisement videos which you can watch at any time; watch them and you’ll get a lot of free gems and/or coins. As for free gems, you can get them by sharing progress after each level.