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Smash Legends Coupon Codes (November 2021 Codes)

Smash Legends, LINE Games’ contender to titles like Brawl Stars and Overdox, opens a whole new page on the brawler genre. While similar to these titles, Smash Legends situates itself in a fantasy setting where each character is inspired by a popular fairy tale.

For instance, you may go swashbuckling as a boy named Peter who remains youthful in appearance, move stealthily through the woods as the hooded Red, or even dazzle your foes with wonder and a nasty headache as Alice and her robot rabbit sidekick Bunny-Bunny. There are more characters to choose from (and certainly more to come) but with players pouring in and joining in the fun, the developers at LINE Games need to show them that their stories are certainly going somewhere.

Enter coupon codes! Special codes that reward players when used. It’s a recent trend with most mobile games that developers release such codes to their playerbase. If you want to peek around at the twists and turns of your very own fairy tale here at Smash Legends, read on and we will show you how to use these codes!

What Are Coupon Codes?

Coupon codes are a string of alphanumeric characters that, when entered somewhere in the game, grant a player bonus loot. The rewards may range from event-exclusive items to premium currency, from bonus in-game currency to upgrade materials, and many more. Developers often give these codes out to show their appreciation for their playerbase as well as gain their loyalty.

How To Use The Smash Legends Coupon Codes

Simply follow our 10-step guide below!

Step 1: Find the Options Button

smash legends coupon codes step 1

On the upper right-hand corner of the screen, you should see a box that has three bars in it. Tap that.

Step 2: Look for the Settings Option

smash legends coupon codes step 2

The Settings Option should be the very first item on the list bearing the icon of a gear. Tap it.

Step 3: Go to the Account Settings

smash legends coupon codes step 3

On the left, you should see General, Controls, Account, and Others. Choose Account.

Step 4: Copy Your User ID

smash legends coupon codes step 4

Here, you should see your user ID. Tap the Copy button to copy it onto your device’s clipboard.

Step 5: Look for the Others Option

smash legends coupon codes step 5

Now, tap on the Others Option which should be at the bottom of the list on the left.

Step 6: Tap the Coupon Button

smash legends coupon codes step 6

Here, you should see a number of dialogue buttons: Language, Paid Currency, Change Nickname, Coupon, Support, Credits, Facebook, YouTube, Discord, and Official Site. Tap on Coupon. It should be in the middle of the window.

Step 7: Fill Out the Fields

smash legends coupon codes step 7

Paste your User ID in the first dialogue box and your coupon code of choice in the second.

Step 8: Close the Windows

smash legends coupon codes step 8

If you are successful, it should say so. After this, tap the X buttons to close the windows until you are out of the Settings Option.

Step 9: Navigate to Your Mailbox

smash legends coupon codes step 9

Your Mailbox should be highlighted now with a number depending on how many codes you successfully redeemed. Tap it.

Step 10: Scroll to the Bottom

smash legends coupon codes step 10

Lastly, scroll to the very bottom of your mailbox. You should find your coupon rewards there. Open them and hit the Receive button. Voilà!

Smash Legends Coupon Code List

Below is our list of coupon codes for Smash Legends. The following section of this article will tell you how you can use them.

(NOTE: These codes are case-sensitive.)

Dominion ACTIVE
supporter EXPIRED

Where Can I Find More Smash Legends Codes?

You can’t exactly get more codes, but what you can do is wait for the developers to release more. If you’re eager for the new codes, follow their social media sites like their Facebook and YouTube or even join their official Discord server here.

Do you know more codes for Smash Legends? If so, let us know in the comments below!