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Brawl Stars Beginner’s Guide: 7 Tips, Cheats & Tricks You Need to Know

Supercell really has a knack for creating hits when it comes to mobile games. Brawl Stars is the Finnish game developer’s latest release for iOS devices. After the phenomenal success of previous titles such as Clash of Clans and Clash Royale, the world quivers with anticipation for what this new game has to offer. Not one to disappoint, Brawl Stars gives a unique 3v3 top-down shooter experience. This cooperative element adds spice to the gameplay as you are forced to rely on teammates in order to win. Things can get pretty chaotic with unpredictable game modes. If you’re just starting out, you better check out our Brawl Stars ultimate beginner’s strategy guide before you enter the fray!

1. Know The Different Game Modes

Brawl Stars has four different game modes for you to play. However, as mentioned before, these game modes are unpredictable because they will not all be available to you whenever you want. The modes available are randomly selected, and it will be up to you to decide whether you want to play them or wait for the list to expire. Regardless, you would need to be good at each of these game modes. Otherwise, your experience of the game will be very limited. Below are the different game modes as well as some tips on how you can win in each of them.

Smash & Grab

This game mode requires a lot of team play. The goal is for your team to collect 10 crystals and hold on to all of them for 16 full seconds. If a player is killed, all his crystals will be dropped, and can be picked up by anyone.

Use obstacles to hide as they are usually invulnerable to enemy fire. When you are running low on health, duck behind the nearest obstacle and try to regenerate.

Cooperate with your team members in order to take out tanks. Avoid engaging tanks on your own as it may cost you your life. Working together will make quick work of even the beefiest brawlers.

Make sure the player with most crystals on your team is well-protected, even if it means sacrificing your own life. On the flip side, hunt down the opponent with the most crystals as their death will make the most impact.

Prioritize taking out any enemy player who is using Poco as he is the only brawler who has the ability to heal teammates. It will be a lot more difficult to win if your opponents are healing up in between brawls.

Once your team has 10 crystals, tuck your tail between your legs and run! Avoid engaging enemies at all costs at this point because all you need to do is survive for 16 seconds.


The goal is still to grab crystals but this time around, only one team will be doing the grabbing. The other side will need to fend off the attacking team in order to win. The game ends after 25 minutes if the defense is successful. It ends sooner if the attackers succeed in their heist.

The safe is protected by an impenetrable wall. The good news for attackers is that it’s not impervious to TNT. Blow up TNT crates in order to damage the safe despite the wall. If you’re on the defending team, well, you better protect those TNT boxes, too.

The maps for this game mode is more open, with less obstacles to hide behind. Take advantage of this by using long ranged brawlers such as Ricochet, Colt, and Brock. Just keep in mind that it will be easier for other ranged brawlers to shoot you as well.


In this game mode, you are on your own. There are 10 players on the map and the goal is to be the last one standing. Shoot anything that moves and pray you survive!

Play defensively and try to stay hidden for as long as possible. Remember, you will not respawn if you die in this game mode. Let the fight come to you.

Open crates and barrels as they contain items that will help you win the game. Crates, in particular, contain potions that improve your stats. These potions will also drop if you kill off the player who has them. Pick them up for some serious boost in brawling power.

Hide in the grass and let the other enemies fight amongst themselves. You can just pick off the weakened survivors afterwards. Staying in the tall grass will hide you from other players if you don’t move. Of course, if they enter the grass, they’ll know you’re there so start shooting if they approach.


The goal of this game is to collect more stars than the opposing team. You get stars by killing off enemy players. Of course, staying alive is also just as important as killing someone.

Just as in Smash and Grab mode, Poco is a nuisance in Bounty since he will be healing up his teammates. Take him out quickly before he reinvigorates his team’s defense.

Tanky brawlers like Bull and El Primo are great in this game mode because it’s harder to take them out. Use them if you can. If they are on the opposing team, however, make sure you call for back up before taking them on.

2. Unlock More Brawl Slots

Even if you don’t have any control over which game mode will be available, you can increase the chances of seeing your favorite on the list by unlocking more brawl slots. You can do this by unlocking more brawlers. Having three brawlers will unlock the second slot, five brawlers will unlock the third slot, and eight brawlers will unlock the fourth slot.

3. Getting New Brawlers

When you start out, you will only have Shelly as your brawler. You will need to open boxes to unlock additional brawlers. These cost 100 coins or 10 gems to open. Keep in mind that you won’t always get a new brawler when you open a box. Don’t worry, though. The other possible prizes from boxes are just as useful. You can get Elixirs which can be used to upgrade existing brawlers. You will also get Chips if the box contains a brawler that you already have. Chips can be used to unlock rarer brawlers!

4. Spend Elixirs Wisely

As mentioned above, you will need to use Elixirs if you want to strengthen your brawler. These Elixirs, however, are hard to come by. You will need to spend them wisely or your progress will be a lot more difficult. Analyze the brawlers that you currently have and see which of their attributes should be prioritized. Not every brawler is the same so you need to be able to judge which to upgrade first in terms of Health, Attack, and Super. Upgrading a brawler to max will cost you a whopping 45 Elixirs, so prioritize upgrading your favorites first.

5. Change Control Modes

Brawl Stars offers two control modes for making your brawlers move in game. Try out each mode and see which one feels more natural to you. The joystick mode will put a virtual joystick button on the screen for you to drag in the direction you want your brawler to move. The Tap to Move mode, as the name suggests, will have you tap on the location you want your brawler to go to. Most players favor the joystick mode as it has a more intuitive feel, but the decision is still up to you.

6. Collect More Coins

If you are a free player, coins will be your primary source of new brawlers. This will be a difficult task as the game is not so generous when it comes to currency. Playing games, winning, and becoming a star player rewards you with coins but the amount is heavily reliant on the outcome of each game. You can also buy coin boosts in order to earn more coins but the payoff is also unpredictable. As a beginner, your best bet at getting a good amount of coin is by upgrading and ranking up your brawlers.

If you decide to shell out a bit of cash in Brawl Stars, it would be wise to invest in the coin boost and coin doubler at the start. This will help you gain more coins whenever you play. Buying these two is the equivalent of spending 50 gems to buy 1000 coins, which is a good deal if you know how hard it is to earn coins in the game.

7. Join A Band

Brawl Stars offers a social option wherein you can join a band in order to connect with other players. This feature allows you to chat with fellow members of your Band. It is one way to meet up with players that you would want to regularly play with. However, there are currently no other benefits of joining a Band. Use this feature to exchange gameplay ideas or schedule brawls together with your friends.

Now that you have been fully prepared, you are ready to duke it out with some of the best players from all over the world! Just remember all the things listed on our Brawl Stars strategy guide and you’ll surely win! For some more advanced tips and tricks, check out our Brawl Stars ultimate guide! In case you know other tips or tricks, or just want to share your thoughts about the game, then feel free to drop us a line!