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Smash Legends Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Knock Off Your Enemies

Once upon a time, in a place called Synop City, brave legends from all around the world gather to fight in a grand tournament that rewards the victor with glory and prestige.

Participating in the tourney are a few familiar faces: a boy who never grew old, a girl with a bright red hood, a mysterious and fearsome pirate captain, a maiden who wears a pair of glass slippers, a young girl with her robot rabbit companion, and a duckling quite unremarkable in appearance to name a few. They, alongside other competitors, fight their hardest to become number one in the tourney called Smash Legends.

LINE Games, creators of titles such as Guardian Chronicle and Exos Heroes, graces the App Store and Google Play with their own entry into the brawler genre — Smash Legends.

smash legends strategies

Similar to games like Brawl Stars and Overdox, Smash Legends takes players from their seats and pits them against other players in fast-paced and breathtaking combat. With an easy control scheme and a somewhat steep learning curve, Smash Legends is sure to keep its players wanting more every fight. Whether it’s to better themselves, treasure, or new legends, Smash Legends rewards its players the more they fight and the better they get at it.

Eventually, you may find yourself struggling to win a match, but let these words echo true: “failure is the best teacher.” This means that learning from your mistakes is the first step to winning fights. If you want to know more, then read our comprehensive Smash Legends beginner’s guide below and hopefully, your win rate will slightly increase.

1. Know Each Characters’ Capabilities

smash legends master cat practice

Master Cat is training to be the most furry-ious, most cat-astrophic, purrfect weapon… We will see ourselves out.

As said by an old Saturday morning cartoon (pretty sure some of you know what this is): “knowing is half the battle.” Practicing as different heroes during the time you run out of keys or if you simply want to use them in matches may give you an edge ahead of everyone else. The reason behind this is you will want to know which character is capable of what.

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Think of it as a field trip where you get to study the different ways certain animals behave; lions eat meat, tigers have razor-sharp claws, rhinos have tough hides akin to armor, alligators like to turn their meals into mulch, etc. It should feel just like that if you’re in control of a different character every time. If you don’t own them, simply trying them out should tell you enough or even reading their skill descriptions.

As of this writing, here’s a brief overview of each of the current Legends in the game:


peter smash legends

Role: Fighter

Strengths: Wide arc attacks, strong secondary skill

Weaknesses: Lack of mobility or escape, short combo

Notes: Peter is everyone’s starter. His play style is quite plain but truly mastering his skills may take some time. His attacks are suited for groups of enemies and his aerial skill can be used to close gaps between him and a target.

Being on the receiving end of his ultimate skill can be a death sentence for anyone (or everyone!) if they’re close enough to the edge of a map. Unfortunately, getting him cornered or having him stunlocked by a combo can dispatch him and keep him out of the match for a few seconds.


red smash legends

Role: Assassin

Strengths: Long combo, high secondary skill damage, stealth, fast attack speed

Weaknesses: Low HP, can be easily beaten if caught at the wrong moment

Notes: Red is, as of this writing, a part of the current meta due to her fast attack speed and long combo string. This makes her quickly rack up damage on any target she encounters and may finish them off with her infamous Wolf Slash skill.

Additionally, her stealth ultimate makes her a highly unpredictable opponent in battle that allows her to take advantage of careless players. Her strengths can be evened out by her glaring weakness, though. If she ever gets caught mid-combo by an enemy attack or if she misses a Wolf Slash while coming out of stealth, she will have little room to retaliate.


cindy smash legends

Role: Vanguard

Strengths: Highly mobile, exceptionally useful secondary skill, wide AoE ultimate skill

Weaknesses: Small attack radius

Notes: Cindy can assist her friends by, quite literally, jumping into the thick of battle. When push comes to shove, her secondary skill, Knee Kick, can be used midair to escape a fight or even use it to attack another opponent.

Her basic combo, however, can be thwarted by those with greater reach or longer combo durations like Red, Peter, Hook, or the Witch Queen. To make up for this, her ultimate can be used to catch enemy players unawares as its attack radius could be hard to escape if aimed properly.


kaiser smash legends

Role: Vanguard

Strengths: High HP pool, secondary skill lifts opponent, practical ultimate skill

Weaknesses: Lack of mobility, narrow basic attack radius, slow ultimate skill charge, big target

Notes: Kaiser is the quintessential tank of the game. He’s large and in charge and he’s got the strength to prove it. His basic attack deals additional damage on the third punch and his secondary skill allows for nasty combo potential if executed midair.

His ultimate skill allows him to deal even more damage than before, scoring extra hits with each of his attacks. However, his hulking size comes at a price — his movement speed. If tackled by anyone who can speedily take out their foes or initiate an attack from out of the blue, like Cindy, Kaiser will struggle.


alice smash legends

Role: Support

Strengths: Practical basic combo, can plant mines, ultimate skill can force multiple enemies together, can stun

Weaknesses: Very short combo duration, easy to punish due to slow movement speed

Notes: Alice is an excellent addition to any team. Using her skills to plant mines around the map and stun enemies can open a myriad of opportunities for her allies or herself. Her basic attack is exceptionally practical; while its duration is short and her attack radius is rather small, she can knock an enemy into the air with her first hammerblow and knock them back with the second. If situated at the edge of a map, she can score easy ring outs.

Her ultimate skill is extremely useful in a team fight since she can draw enemies close together while at the same time stunning them. But she can be punished by those who manage to dodge her attacks. Slipping up on her job as a support could cost the whole match.


hook smash legends

Role: Marksman

Strengths: Ranged attacks, rapid fire damage, long combo

Weaknesses: Narrow attack radius, low HP pool, easily attacked from behind

Notes: Hook, the fearless captain of the sky, is a terrifying foe. Her presence means ranged combat; something that most Legends lack.

Her secondary and ultimate skills allow her to further increase her damage output. Sadly, this is the best she can be since getting Hook flanked by the enemy could be her end due to her very narrow attack radius. Her aerial attacks also keep her still, so anyone standing under or behind her may punish her as soon as she falls.


master cat smash legends

Role: Fighter

Strengths: Very fast attack speed, powerful ultimate skill, can open a fight from the air

Weaknesses: Easily flanked, stands still during ultimate skill animation

Notes: Master Cat, despite his cuddly and fluffy appearance, makes for a deadly encounter if fought head on.

His ultimate skill charges rather quickly as every three of his basic slashes grant him the opportunity to execute it. His secondary skill, Feline Arts: Air, allows him to lift his target into the air, isolating him with his prey and opening them for his ultimate skill. If this doesn’t ring out Master Cat’s target, it should cripple their HP by a lot. His one true weakness is that he stands completely still whilst performing his ultimate skill. Should anyone be behind him while he does this, he could be easily taken out of the game.


ducky and swan smash legends

Role: Specialist

Strengths: Powerful ultimate skill that can be easily charged

Weaknesses: Can be bullied if not in Swan form, terrible attack range, poor damage output if not in Swan form

Notes: Ducky by herself is nothing home to write about and can be  pushed over by almost anybody in her ordinary form.

Her ultimate skill, when charged three times, will allow her to turn into the hero of justice, Swan. As Swan, she can wipe out enemy teams single-handedly by getting in close with the charge of her lance. She can also do this while midair. In addition, Swan cannot be knocked back so avoiding her until she reverts back to being Ducky is advisable in a fight.


witch queen smash legends

Role: Support

Strengths: Powerful AoE attacks, long range and large attack radius, can disable an entire enemy team

Weaknesses: Low HP

Notes: The Witch Queen is an almighty character. The terrifying magicks she wields is an eye-opener in a fight since she can control the situation with the flick of her wrist. Her secondary skill, Evil Spirit in the Mirror, can be one of the most annoying things her victims could experience since it slows down their movement speed drastically.

Just to be heinous, her ultimate skill turns anyone stuck in her spell radius into frogs, rendering them absolutely useless for five seconds. With all this power, she automatically becomes a prime target for her enemies and her low health pool doesn’t help that at all. Getting stunlocked by all enemies at once could spell doom for her.


ravi smash legends

Role: Fighter

Strengths: Large ultimate skill radius, lots of combo potential

Weaknesses: Short basic attack range, very slow ultimate skill charge

Notes: Ravi is an intimidating force at first. His ability to effortlessly combo the enemy into oblivion as well as pull anyone close to him for a whooping allows him to single-out high profile targets on the enemy team like the Witch Queen.

His ultimate skill, too, has a massive attack radius, dealing a great deal of damage to anyone caught inside. However, he can be out-ranged by anyone else and fighting the likes of Peter or Hook could be quite risky for him.

 After trying out these Legends yourself, it’s time to pick yourself a main character to master.

2. Improve Your Heroes Selectively

peter attributes smash legends

The giant sword that Peter carries is fueled by the enemy’s happy thoughts. The more they think happy thoughts, the more they will fly!

Each player has their own playstyle and with that, they have their own characters to fully appreciate. As you climb the ranks of the Medal Road, you’ll want to have this one character to master. Having a character to dedicate your time to will make them rise above the other characters you barely use.

While your progress with one Legend will reduce the chances of getting their shards, each match you play will help you attune yourself to the character’s every action. You will begin to understand or even “feel” the way they behave as you use them in a fight and you will know how to avoid the previous mistakes you made with them.

If there is a character you haven’t unlocked but want, you won’t have any choice but to work and practice with who you have first. Look at it this way: this first character you’re learning is a stepping stone to mastering the game’s mechanics. When you finally unlock the Legend you’ve always wanted, you’re prepared to go all out with what you’ve learned. If one Legend frustrates you, perhaps the Legend isn’t for you. There isn’t anything wrong with finding out who you’re comfortable using.

hook and peters smash legends

Arr! We be pirates!

Adding to reason behind this is that Smash Legends’ matchmaking system is completely random. You can’t quite tell which Legends your teammates will be using and there is a chance that you will be grouped with clones of your Legend. Your chance at a decent team composition is slim and in the end of it, it’s all up to you on how you can contribute to your team’s efforts.

Lastly, if you have the amount of gems needed to unlock a Legend’s road, you might as well spend on the one you wish to master. Using your gems there could take you far considering you will be winning their shards along the way. This, in turn, will lead to quicker upgrades.

3. Do Not Spam Your Attacks

peter slash smash legends


While this looks like an easy way to annoy your opponents and score easy points, just remember that your foes could also be studying the way you move your character. In short, they’re learning just like you.

If they notice that you, in particular, are quite spam-happy and you perform the same move over and over again, they will find a surefire way to counter you and it may backfire tenfold. Take for example that you like edge guarding (keeping an enemy away from the edge of the map by striking them whenever they get back on the map or before they could reach it); the enemy may figure out this tactic and pull it off on you when you least expect it. This’ll automatically turn you into a liability to your team, especially if you keep doing it.

4. Time Your Ultimate Skill Wisely

whirlwirl of neverland smash legends

JUGGERNAAAAUUUT! Oops, sorry! Wrong game!

There’s nothing better than a well-timed ultimate skill. The moment the enemy lets their guard down and you happen to send them flying off the edge of the screen, then you’ve certainly done right. If there’s an awkward silence between you and your opponent after you’ve performed your ultimate, you’re dead. Learn how your ultimate works before you trigger it for maximum effectiveness.

Let’s take Peter’s Whirlwind of Neverland ultimate for example. If executed properly, he can cause massive damage to anyone caught in its radius. He might also be able to drag his opponents in the direction he’s spinning, granting at least a ring out. Doing this wrong can leave him open and could be his end once the opponent has him in a combo. Study your Legend’s ultimate in practice or a fight and you should be able to understand better when to perform it.

5. Fight Unpredictably

flying offscreen smash legends

They’ll never reach me up here — wait, what do you mean I lost?!

This is easier said than done. Your best bet in a fight is to try and lure your opponent into a false sense of security or complacency. You may try this by first getting their attention. If you then choose to run around the map while your friends give them chase, you might have given your team the opening they needed.

In a one-on-one fight, however, using the terrain to your advantage may help you dodge certain attacks. Hopping up on blocks or ledges could be to your advantage since your next jump will be much higher. The only time your opponent will be able to reach you is if they, too, jumped from the same block or ledge as you.

Here’s another example of uncertainty: if the enemy Red has decided to cloak herself, you should try to confuse her by jumping around or not running in a straight line. Running in a straight line is the absolute opposite of being unpredictable since it makes you to easy to hit.

Attacking your opponent from every angle is also a good strategy. If you choose to hit them from the side, go for the back next. Then after that, the front. Change it up every so often, especially when you go on the offensive. Jump around, run in different directions, execute midair skills if possible and you’ll definitely have the enemy on their toes.

6. Wait For Openings

attacking candy smash legends

Doing this makes you stand out a lot so be careful!

In every fight, there will be a lull. You can use this lull to strike while the enemy is open or recovering. Be careful to only fight them if you aren’t low on health since pulling off such a maneuver could make or break the match.

If you are low on health, try to buy your friends some time by running around the map (in a zig-zag pattern or anything that isn’t a straight line). Not only will it keep you in the fight longer, but it may attract the enemy toward you. This will affect their decision making and they may turn to your allies when attacked. This is your opening.

Conversely, in a one-on-one match, wait for your opponent to make a move first. The best time to attack is right after they’ve finished a combo. Just keep your wits about you right after that since their retaliation can be painful.

7. Stay Away From Allies In A Team Fight

team fight smash legends

You go that way, I’ll go home.

When it’s time to engage the enemy, your first thoughts could be that overwhelming the enemy team with your numbers will mean a lot of damage, right? That won’t always be the case.

As much as possible, it’s wiser to keep yourself away from your teammates to avoid a party wipe, especially if the enemy team has the likes of Peter, the Witch Queen, or Ravi. If you spread out, the enemy players will have their priorities divided and it may make for more openings for you.

8. Utilize Pickups

pickup smash legends

Take anything and everything that isn’t nailed down!

In any map, there are bound to be some pickups. Ignoring them is a bad idea since many of these may work to your advantage. Fighting smart and keeping yourself on your toes with items you pick up may change the way the fight’s going.

Sure, drinking that health potion heals a tiny bit of your Legend’s health, but it may actually protect them from an extra hit that you won’t see coming. Bombs can also disrupt a fight and even catch the enemy off guard. Picking these up and chucking them at the enemy at the right time is sure to put your team at better odds of winning.

9. Do Battle Pass Missions For Loot

smash pass smash legends

How could you say no to free stuff?

If it isn’t fighting that will make you do better, nothing beats earning free stuff from the Battle Pass missions. While it is certain that there are better rewards if you unlock the premium pass (send the developers some love, if you really like this game!), you can still gain a bunch of useful freebies just by doing these special tasks.

These tasks can range from winning matches, winning matches with a certain hero, defeating opponents, racking up as much damage as possible with a specific hero, and many more. The prizes at stake are various items that are beneficial to your Legends’ growth. You might even learn a thing or two about these unfamiliar Legends to boot!

10. Never Give Up

mvp smash legends

Yeah, baby!

The most important piece of advice we can give you here is to never give up. The game can be rough and there will be times you can get discouraged from playing it, but you will have to keep trying. Learn from the experience of one battle to the next and apply what you’ve learned until you climb to the top.

If you’re just starting out, stay in the game and maybe someday you will surprise yourself with how far you’ve actually gotten. Smash Legends is all about strategy, teamwork, and quick thinking. The more you play through the game, the more these develop within you naturally.

Got a tip for Smash Legends that we missed? Head on over to the comment section below and tell us what you think!