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Lord of Heroes Coupon Codes (May 2022 Codes)

Welcome to out Lord of Heroes coupon code list! Lord of Heroes is a gorgeous-looking game that plays much like a classic turn-based RPG, with combat reminiscent of but not exactly like Dragon Tamer. You have a team, and you give them orders through a list of skills, just like the old days. It comes with anime character designs that manage to walk that balance between fancy, classy and clean without being overbearing. On top of that, it has good enough writing to elevate itself above other games.

You, as the ruler of your kingdom, are a sassy, intelligent sort according the the game’s writing. And as such, you should act the intelligent sort, and know the value of logistics and keeping your Knights well-supplied with equipment and leveled up. After all, any smart ruler would want their troops to fight at their very best, and stay in tip-top shape after all. As your advisor Rouin will remind you though, there never seems to be enough funds. The best way to placate his fears is, of course, coupon codes!

What Are Coupon Codes?

lord of heroes gift codes

Coupon codes, called promo codes, gift codes, or just plain codes, are codes given by the developers to players. They often do this in celebration of big updates, reaching milestones in things such as their sales numbers, among other things. They normally do this to reward their players for following their announcements either in their socials, or even in their in-game news. If you use such a code, you get free stuff! Whether it be equipment, supplies, or currency, it depends on the code.

How To Redeem A Lord of Heroes Coupon Code

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use coupon codes in Lord of Heroes.

Step 1: Tap the Settings button on the upper left of the main screen. It’s the paper note with a cog on it.

lord of heroes coupon codes step 1

Step 2: Tap the Support tab, then the Enter Code button.

lord of heroes coupon codes step 2

Step 3: Type your code in. Tap the Use Coupon button.

lord of heroes coupon codes step 3

Step 4: Check your mail.

lord of heroes coupon codes step 4

Step 5: Tap Accept or Accept All (For some reason Chests think they’re too good for the Accept All button), and enjoy your free stuff!

lord of heroes coupon codes step 5

Now that you know how to use them, here’s a complete list of Lord of Heroes coupon codes!

Active Lord of Heroes Coupon Codes

lord of heroes promo codes

BDAY211030 – 300 Crystals (due date Nov. 5, 2021)

Sadly, unlike your Highness’ prosperous rule, gift codes are not forever. They often come with an expiry date. In particular with Lord of Heroes, codes from streamers last a much shorter time than those commemorating large updates and milestones.

Expired Lord of Heroes Coupon Codes

lord of heroes redeem codes

BDAY210602 – 300 Crystals

THANKSLORD – 200 Elixirs of Insight, 200,000 Gold, 100,000 Renown

LOHFORTUNE – 10 Alchemy Tickets

WELCOMELOH – 1 Random Artifact Chest

GOOGLEBEST – 1 Random Artifact Chest

LEVELUPUP – 50 Elixirs of Insight, 100,000 Gold

JPGOOGLE1 – 50,000 Renown, 100 Elixirs of Insight, 100,000 Gold

WEDLODIO11 – 50 Elixir of Insight


06LODIO02L – 4-6 Star Replica Chest

JOHANNAHOJ – 300 Crystals

GOLD55GOLD – 50,000 Gold

FRAMHERE – 500 Elixirs of Insight

HEREFRAUTO – 50,000 Renown

HEMHEMHEM3 – 50 Elixirs of Insight

5LORD000GG – 10 Alchemy Tickets

1000EASY – Random Artifact Chest

3000GOOD – 100,000 Renown

5000CRAZY – 10 Alchemy Tickets

7000WOW – 3,000 Crystals

10000GOAL – 300,000 Renown, 3 Mystic Soulstones, 1,000,000 Gold

LOH1BDAY – 100 Temporal Threads

QUESTCLEAR – 300 Elixirs of Insight

GOLDPLZ1000 – 50,000 Gold

ROSANNA145 – 50 Elixirs of Insight

04WALTER16 – Renown 50,000

HEM4000TUB – 50 Elixirs of Insight

5HEM000YES – 10 Alchemy Tickets

This is the end of our list of Lord of Heroes coupon codes. Hope you enjoy the codes. If you have anything to chat about, whether it be the game itself or new codes, don’t hesitate to talk in the comment section below!