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Sky Rusher (Voodoo) Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Improve Your High Score

Sky Rusher is another fantastic arcade game from French game developer, Voodoo. You’ll notice how Voodoo has once again, taken a nice, simplistic, and clean approach to their game design, similar to that of Fire Rides, Rolly Vortex, or Stack Jump. Immersed in a 3D environment players take control of their ship, that we definitely pretend is the millennium falcon, and manoeuvre through and around obstacles blocking their path to the end of the level. Voodoo knows how to make games that you can pick-up and start playing right away, no complex tutorials or mechanics, everything is intuitive in design.

As with every game, players have a goal, and in Sky Rusher it’s to reach the end of each level without blasting into a million pieces. For the more talented flyers amongst us, there’s also an opportunity to grab some extra gems whilst making your way through the map, although they are typically located in the harder to reach spots.

Sky Rusher is an incredibly easy to play game, the player controls the ship direction by dragging a finger around the screen. This game has no unnecessary mechanics or complex player systems, instead just a simple don’t crash to win objective.

Our exclusive Sky Rusher guide below will give you the best start possible and lining your pockets with gems, sooner rather than later!

1. Gems – Your In-Game Currency

As with all games, Sky Rusher has an in-game currency. Players can get gems through successfully completing levels where 20 gems are the standard reward, or my effectively navigating through the level’s obstacles to get those hard to reach gems worth 1 a piece. The sole purpose of gems is to allow players to indulge in a new ship.

You may find yourself struggling to save up gems at the rate which you’d like, just remember that completing a level provides more gems than you’ll find flying through it. If a gem looks too risky to go for then just give it a miss, in the long-run, this can save you a lot of time.

2. Get The Ship That’s Right For You

With 10 different variations of ship at prices ranging from 200 – 1500 gems, it’s important to save up and get the best design for your play style. Whilst new ships don’t offer speed increases or bonus gems etc. they do benefit from their design. A narrower but taller ship will be better for slipping past tall column obstacles whereas a wider thinner ship will let you slip underneath of above floating obstacles.

Learning how to tackle each obstacle will assist in gem collection as you’ll start to figure out what types kill you most often, the simple tip is to simply avoid these and don’t go for that singular gem.

When it comes down to it, our favourite ship is the ship that desperately reminds us of our childhood favourite, the millennium falcon. With its low profile and wider design, you can typically ignore the height of the gap you’re trying to pass through and just focus on making sure you’re not too wide.

3. Increase Your Manoeuvrability

Your Sky Rusher ship is directed by your finger dragging motion, to move quickly simply slide your finger in the desired direction of travel. When levels start getting faster and gaps getting tighter fast, jerky movements lead to certain death.

To make small and smooth changes in the direction simply pivot your finger around its current contact point with the screen, you’ll find it much easier to navigate those trickier obstacles.

4. Learning How Level Progress

Throughout playing the game you’ll notice that levels begin to get longer, and they begin to offer a greater variety in both number and type of obstacles encountered. Typically you’ll encounter obstacles that; float in the centre of the space causing redirection typically above or below the obstacle, protrude inwards from the outer walls creating a tight gap to fly through, and columns in a variety of formations that stretch from one end of the tunnel to the other whilst also rotating.

Once you’ve nailed how to tackle each obstacle it’s simply a case of noticing each one from a distance and recognising the most frequent pattern of obstacles that follow, this will allow you to position your ship correctly.

The best course of action is to spend as much time in the centre of the flying zone as possible, this method provides the shortest required travel distance between your current location and the safest pathway around/through the obstacle. Always find the path of least resistance.

5. Ship Ricochets

Voodoo has added in a really cool feature which can also be a saving grace more often than not! Your ship can ricochet off walls that come into contact with your sides, this means that as long as you don’t fly left to right at outrageous speeds your only real dangers are vertical or head-on collisions. So don’t concern yourself with perfectly lining up with a gap, just make sure you fit in vertically and you’ll be able to squeeze your way through.

6. Second Life

In those unfortunate times where you’re meters away from successfully completing that level you’ve been stuck on for hours but somehow suddenly end up splattered all over the walls, Voodoo has included a ‘Save Me’ option. This does require a trade-off as you have to watch a 30-second ad, but it also prevents you from having to replay the entire level. This feature is really only worth using when you’re in the final 15-20% of a level otherwise you’ll spend more time watching ads than piloting your ship.

Hopefully, our Sky Rusher cheats, tips and tricks will provide useful in navigating the deathly tunnels and you won’t end up blasting into walls…too often. Sticking to the original ship and moving in small increments will keep you in good stead and get you on your way to unlocking those more costly ships. Good luck and happy piloting!