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Slashy Sushi (Ketchapp) Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Become a Sushi Master

Slashy Sushi is quick-fire, mind-testing arcade game brought to us by Ketchapp. Becoming a master of the sushi arts was never going to be easy and Slashy Sushi really puts players to the test as they compete to correctly slice, grate, toast, and slide their way to victory! Players are rewarded for their efforts with precious gold coins that can be used to mix up their inventory of sushi slicing hands or a variety of sushi they get to cut to pieces. You need to correctly prep each sushi stage and within the time limit, otherwise a single mistake and it’s game over!

Slashy Sushi has a fun and vibrant design, matching gameplay music and aesthetics perfectly! The background environment even reacts to player input, notice your chopsticks bouncing around as you chop through your sushi rolls. It’s this type of easy-to-play game that makes Ketchapp developed titles so widely loved among players, it’s great to play for 2 minutes or 20.

Our compilation of Slashy Sushi cheats, tips and tricks will get you chopping away in no time, dishing your way up to the top of the leaderboard!

1. Getting That Gold

Players can earn in-game currency, old-fashioned gold coins, through gameplay, watching ads, and gift boxes. Ads and gift boxes take turns appearing after every defeat. Gift boxes are always worth opening, as they only require a tap for the reward whereas ads are really only worth it when you’re desperate for some spending money in the shop. Gold coins are great for buying new slashing arms or a new variety of sushi to serve up but neither of these adds to game mechanics so don’t get caught chasing these, you’re better off focusing on gameplay.

Gold does appear sporadically on screen, there’s no way to tell if tapping it adds to your total, or when it disappears is lost forever. Tap these early on when you have plenty of time left on the clock but when it comes to higher rounds there’ll only distract you from beating your high score!

2. Keep An Eye On That Background

Slashy Sushi is a race against the clock, don’t let the little timer at the bottom left of the screen distract you. The round timer is actually depicted by the background gradually changing shades so keep an eye out as running out of time is the worst way to lose.

3. How To Beat The Rounds

Sushi Rolls are the first and most common element you’ll come across during your sushi adventure. Appearing in varying sizes, slice lines display how many times you’ll need to tap before moving onto the next round. When you first start out playing it’s best to count the lines until you’ve got a few rounds under your belt and know how the game typically progresses. Once you feel you’ve got a feel for it rather than count lines, simply compare the length of the sushi roll against the length of the board. It’ll soon become clear how many times you have to tap per roll and you’ll start saving a tonne of time! Just be careful not to over-tap as you’ll not only break your board, but you’ll have to start from round 1.

Toasters are your next port of call. These are a tap and hold obstacle where you’ll need to match the progress bar where the red meets the grey. The length of bar changes with each toaster but the speed it progresses is consistent throughout. The light above the progress bar will turn green when you’re in the sweet spot so just make sure not to release too early or late.

See an aubergine or potato? Time to get tapping! You need to peel these like your life depends on it. The trick to getting through these like they’re nothing is to get the old reliable double tap on the go, so it’s best to hold your device in your alternate playing hand.

A lonely piece of Nigiri will pop up from time-to-time, to deal with these it’s a simple swipe left or right, the only real danger here is if you accidentally tap (which happens more often than we would care to admit).

When coming face to face with a grater you’ll be playing the swiping game, this is one of the easier obstacles you’ll come across just make sure to swipe vertically as opposed to horizontally like the Nigiri and is a repeated swiping motion.

Fish and meat mayhem, these can cause a real problem as you progress through the rounds. You need to tap and stop the arrows when it hits the sweet spot marker. The problem with these is they have a set speed so when you hit those later levels you have no choice but to hit it first go so make sure you’re always paying attention!

4. Awareness

Slashy Sushi is a game where you constantly have to be aware of the obstacle type, how many times you need to tap or slide it, and all whilst keeping an eye on the clock. Don’t be afraid to let the time run down to almost empty, as long as you complete the round you’ll move onto the next one with a fresh timer.

Hopefully, this Slashy Sushi guide will fare you well as you slice your way to sushi stardom. Now go out there and serve some sushi! Good luck and happy tapping!