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BombDodger Cheats, Tips & Strategy Guide to Become the Ultimate Pilot

Missiles and bombs flying at high speeds towards you! Can you avoid them all? BombDodger is an arcade airplane action game that tests your reflexes as well as flying skills to the max. The app is developed by Naoki Komoto and is available for download and play for free for iOS devices from the Apple iTunes App Store and from the Google Play Store for devices operating on Android. Due to the intense popularity of the arcade genre there are some other similar games available on the market like Missiles from the developer Macaque. However, BombDodger offers a unique 3D perspective from behind the plane which is very hard to find in any of the titles currently available for download at present.

The game packs amazing graphics and a very intense gameplay into an extremely reasonable package size of only 74 MB so you never have to worry about enough device storage space while you play. The developer has also made sure to give you many challenges and achievements which will help to keep you motivated as you progress in the game. The learning curve of BombDodger is optimized for players of all ages and genders but the difficulty rises exponentially as you move past a score of 200. After this point you will find yourself surrounded by bombs and missiles on all sides and it is very hard to cope with such situations without a little external guidance. This is where our BombDodger guide comes in packed with tips and tricks on how to get on the fastest path to becoming a legendary pilot!

1. Dodging Bombs Like A Pro

The main objective of BombDodger is to use your piloting skills to outrun and dodge all the bombs and missiles after you. This may sound easy but even as you start playing the game, you soon realize that it’s much easier said than done. This is because unlike other games in the same category, you have to work much harder in BombDodger to lose the bombs and missiles. In most arcade flying games, missiles will stop chasing you as soon as you move out of their path. However, while playing BombDodger, the only way to get rid of these pesky chasers is to make them smash into each other.

When you progress past a score of 200 you will realize that the bombs have a mind of their own because even if you try a very good loop to make them crash into each other, they still manage to dodge your tactics. Do not despair however because there is always a trick to surpass the artificial intelligence in any game and it is the same case with BombDodger. A very handy trick to learn here is to know when to keep your aircraft in a constant loop and when to release the loop formation. This is because the loop formation is very useful for dodging close encounters with bombs that are chasing you from the tail end. However they do not provide any safety against high speed missiles that might be approaching towards you from the front. In such cases you have to predict the movement of the missiles and after some practice you will be able to detect patterns in the missile movements with much ease.

The best trick to handle the more intense missile encounters is to wait until the very last moment before you initiate the dodging maneuvers. Your heart might be beating really fast and you badly want to tap the left or right buttons in order to swerve your aircraft out of harm’s way but you have to show extreme patience and let the missiles come as close to you as possible. This trick works like a charm because the missiles have a much slower turn rate as compared to your aircraft and therefore when you wait until the last possible moment before turning, they will not be able to follow this fast movement. You can then keep turning your aircraft to form a loop and the missiles will eventually crash into each other while trying to follow your movements. Always remember that this trick only works if you wait till the very end and do not give in to the scary part. Otherwise one or two missiles from the group will be able to break free and smash into you from the side while you are executing the loop.

You can also use the double loop or 8 formations for some of the more difficult and intense missile encounters as you progress through the game. This is a trick which the game does not tell you about in any of the starting tutorials because it is so effective at dodging Bombs! The 8 loop is not the easiest maneuver for your aircraft and you will require a fair bit of practice before you can completely master it. The best way to start making the 8 loop is to wait for the large black missile to arrive on the screen. This missile is much faster than the others and follows you for a very long time. The advantage of having it following you on screen is its ability to smash into other smaller missiles quite often therefore eliminating some of the heat from your tail. As soon as you see this large missile appear on the screen, tap to the left for half a loop and then tap to the right to create a zigzag motion. Repeat the same steps in an opposite direction to create the 8 loop and maintain it until the black missile has destroyed almost all of the smaller missiles.

Another proven way to dodge bombs and missiles effectively is the half or C loop method. This trick is especially useful during the earlier stage when you are at a score below 300 but becomes very hard to maintain when you go to a higher score than that. Regardless you can use the half loop to get out of many tricky situations. One of the best times to use the C loop is when you are surrounded by missiles and bombs. This means that there are bombs coming towards you from both your sides, the front and from the tail end. Using the C loop in such a situation will cause the two side bombs to crash into each other as well as the front and rear bombs to smash into one another. As you can judge from the amount of work and concentration required, this is no small feat at the higher stage when bombs approach you at very high speeds. Therefore you are the best judge of the situation you will be in and you can apply any of these loop formations to the best of your ability to dodge all kinds of bombs!

2. Know The Bomb Types

BombDodger is a very easy game to master if you start to get familiar with the different kinds of bombs and missiles that will keep chasing you throughout the game. A sound knowledge about the different bomb types is very useful because once you progress beyond a score of 300, you will encounter larger red colored missiles as well as dangerous looking black bombs. These will give you quite a shock unless you know about them beforehand since they cannot be dodged using the conventional methods. Like any other arcade title, BombDodger also operates upon repeating patterns. Once you are able to detect and get familiar with these patterns it will be quite easy for you to overcome the artificial intelligence. The types of bombs in BombDodger are mainly divided into two categories depending upon their size and further division can be done according to their special features.

The Pesky Red Missiles

These are the missiles that will annoy you the most. They are also the type that is easiest to counter but create huge problems because of their sheer number in the game. The most important trick to avoid being a victim to the pesky red missiles is to keep your aircraft moving at all times. This is because even if you don’t see any missiles coming in from the front or sides, they have a habit of suddenly picking up speed and smashing into you. Just a little side to side movement is enough to prevent this sudden acceleration from happening as the missiles have a slower turn rate. You can rest assured that you will be able to out fly these pesky red missiles once you follow this strategy.

The Black Missiles Of Doom

Once you start advancing to higher scores in BombDodger, these are the missiles that will really give you a challenge and hard time in the game. You will first encounter them when you progress past a score of 80 and the first thing you will notice is there immense speed in air. These big black missiles are easily able to catch up with you therefore the first tip to avoid them is to never fly in a straight line. You will need to use the repeat loops or the eight loops which were mentioned before to dodge these monstrous missiles. Another feature of these missiles that you must keep in mind while playing is that they do not follow the same pattern as the normal red missiles are following. This means that they can come at you from a different direction and rather than act surprised about it you should take measures to prevent this from happening at all. A very good way to ensure that the black missiles stay in line with the normal types is to make 2 repeat loops followed by a half or C loop. This strategy almost always works in keeping the same pattern for both types of missiles and makes your job of flying the aircraft much easier.

3. Earning Coins And Upgrading Planes

Golden coins are the main currency in BombDodger and you can collect these on the screen while you are trying to dodge the bombs. The normal colored coins will give you 1 coin each while the ones with a glowing white border around them give you a bounty of 5 coins when you collect them. A high number of coins not only makes you look good on the world leaderboard, it is also necessary for buying new planes for your aircraft collection.

Your aircraft collection is a very important determining factor in how far you can progress in BombDodger. This is because each aircraft type available to you has a specific set of features and dynamics and it depends upon your game play style which will suit you the best. At the start of the game, you are given a basic bomber plane to dodge the bombs and it does its job well till you reach a certain point in the game. When lots of missiles start coming at you at rapid speeds, the bomber plane does not remain as the best choice. At this point you should spend 200 coins and purchase the fighter plane for your collection.

The fighter plane gives you increased mobility and a much shorter length of the aircraft which makes it much easier to keep bombs on your tail longer without them crashing into you. This type of plane is also able to execute the 8 loop and repeat loop maneuvers faster which makes it a good choice for dodging the big black bombs. If you are a player who likes taking risks and racing to the top however, you should purchase the Boeing passenger plane for 200 coins. This plane gives you a pure rush of adrenaline as it is able to turn very fast but is very large in size at the same time. Therefore you will always have to zip line from in between groups of large and small missiles. So choose what suits you best and have fun becoming the ultimate pilot in BombDodger!