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Second Galaxy Strategies and Tactics Guide: How to Level Up, Unlock Everything and Equip Your Ships

Not such a long time ago, in a galaxy you currently reside in, ZlongGames decided to create a sci-fi MMORPG by the name of Second Galaxy. Since they did so well with the hugely popular Laplace M, it’s no surprise that they developed another MMORPG with an outer space theme. Being such a game, you can already anticipate a hefty amount of content. You’re in luck because they certainly delivered with the content.

The maps you play in are spread throughout an entire galaxy! Unfortunately, the bad news happens to be that same very sizeable amount of content! A lot of questions will usually show up in a game with that much content. Now, let’s get started with our latest Second Galaxy guide, which deals with questions such as how to level up, equip your ships and unlock everything as fast as possible in the game.

1. Leveling And Gaining In General

In Second Galaxy, you’ll have to unlock everything via leveling and completing quests. Once you do unlock everything, you’ll have a lot to do! The main idea is to level up as quickly as possible, right? That would be wrong. Leveling is one thing and you should do as much as possible. It’s the quality towards your ships and your pilot that matters more. The truth is that you’ll level just fine via completing quests. But when you have great stuff setup, things get a lot easier. However, you might find yourself in a situation where you think you’re entirely out of quests. So you have to check your Warehouse and your OPS often.

second galaxy ops

The Operations (OPS) screen is going to dictate many of your Second Galaxy adventures. But it’s not the only source of quests. Check the “Others” tab of your Warehouse. What you’re looking for are Encrypted Caches. These contain the location of deep space relics as their description implies. The trick to the Encrypted Caches is that you’ll also gain Pilot EXP which can level your pilot which can unlock more quests and etc. The good news is that you’ll end up gaining various resources that can be used in other parts of the game. All this is just a part of Second Galaxy. The better news is that you can stack as many of these quests as you want in 1 shot. The bad news is that their repeated completions (before returning to the Home) will depend on your ship’s cargo space.

Now we’ll run you through each tab of OPS of Second Galaxy. The Main Plot tab is where you’ll find the quests you’ll need for unlocking other content of the game. You’ll pretty much gain the most Pilot EXP from doing these quests. The recommendation is to get as far as you can as quickly as you can. The Quests tab is where you’ll find a bunch of “goodies” to do depending on what you’ve already unlocked. Just make note of the EXP gain limit for the day. This includes Encounter, Scanner, Rep, Exploration, Wormhole, Mining, Bounty, and Pilot Business. The results, should you not get turned into space dust, are various and numerous. So yes, they’re very much worth doing!

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The Overview tab shows you the currently active quests. The Second Galaxy devs made it pretty easy for you to track what all you’d want to do with this tab! The Reputation tab is where you can earn Rep and Merit Points. They’ll go hand in hand when it comes time to buy Blueprints in the Merit Store. Yes, you really should take the time to build up both. Also, Rep will unlock more buying options for your Pilot Business. Lastly is the Sub Plot tab. These are a series of missions all rolled into one quest setup. The trick here is that you have to unlock each quest setup. To do this, you either have to be a certain level, locate a place in the galaxy, and/or complete a specific Main Plot. For example, in the Characters section, you’ll have to find Kashin. Use your map of solar systems to find it. There’s a search box in the upper middle of that screen. Depending on where you are when you unlock that Sub Plot you could have a lot of jumps to get there.

2. Nearly Constant Gains From Quests

The Quests tab was mentioned above. Now we’ll go through each part of the Quests tab. Encounters are a variety of missions you can gain each day (up to 5 sets daily). They’re pretty straightforward quests so the gains are good and fairly easy to obtain. The Scanner is pretty much an anything goes depending on which scanners you have on which ships. The gains from the Scanner tab can be picked up on all day. The best strategy for the Scanner tab is to have a scanner of some type equipped as much as possible just before you go out for a mission. Right after completing the mission, check the Cargo Space of your ship. If you have plenty of space, click the scanner icon to see if anything is available in the solar system you’re in. The idea is to make your trips more worthwhile before heading back to the Home.

second galaxy scanner quests

If you have a scanner equipped to your ship, you can simply click the Undock button and as soon as you’re out in space, you can click the scanner icon. If anything is in that solar system you’re in, you’ll find it. The higher the accuracy of the scanner results, the better your chances of not going to empty space (fewer wastes of time). If nothing is found in the solar system you’re currently in, use the galaxy map to go to another solar system and try there. The main point to the Scanner tab is to not be overly concerned about the Pilot EXP gains. It’s the potential loot involved that should keep you going! You’re going to need lots of the available loot from the scanner tab for various purposes in Second Galaxy.

The Rep of Second Galaxy comes in very handy. Doing those quests earns you Rep and Merit Points. You can use Merit Points to buy Blueprints in the Merit Store if you happen to be in the location of the Merit Store. Otherwise you’ll have jumps to do. Those Blueprints include items for rank 1 and above items (ships, weapons, ammo, and etc.). Make no mistake about it. You will need Blueprints.

The Exploration is the part where you have to twist and turn a map drawing to unlock it. Or you can spend credits to auto-complete it. Either way produces a location you can gain good loot from. Said loot also includes Contraband. Contraband can be some very expensive stuff depending on what you gained. It can also be very dangerous stuff depending on your internet connection. The good news is that you can stack a lot of Exploration missions in one shot. The bad news is that your ship can only hold just so much loot. So plan accordingly!

The Wormhole tab has been the tricky part of Second Galaxy for too many players. The game gives you basic info but that’s the problem. It was just basic info about the Wormholes. Basically, it’s a hunting setup with a variety of tasks (mostly attacking and collecting) and a wide variety of gains including Contraband. Of highest recommendation is to run away immediately if you’re ship is in real trouble. If you get turned to space dust, you lose your ship, the round, and everything you had in your Cargo Space.

second galaxy wormhole

When you’ve entered the Wormhole, you have a time limit as to how long you can stay in there. Look at the indicators to the lower left of your ship’s shield bar. See the red colored icon? That means being in the Wormhole will reduce your ship’s energy regen. Eventually your ship won’t be able to regen energy to do much of anything. There’s your first and foremost warning to take your loot and go home.

Once inside, click on the locations button as showing in the above screen shot. It’s the highlighted button in the upper left corner (2 away from the targets button). Click on a location (weird looking names) and your ship will point straight at it. Click the Warp button in the upper right corner of your screen (2 buttons above the Auto-Battle button). You’ll get to the location in a hurry! Once there, a mission will present itself. If nothing happens after 3 or so seconds, it means someone else already completed that mission (whatever it was). Move on to the next location. Once a mission is done, you’ll have some type of container or something to scan to gain your loot. Don’t waste time in a Wormhole. Get to other locations as soon as you can.

The recommendation for Wormholes is to bring your strongest spare ship. Yes, you either buy a spare ship for produce/craft it. In case you get blown to tiny pieces somehow, and in case you don’t have a Restoration Contract, then you can still have your typical ships to play with. If you go into Chaotic Space, the highest recommendation is to bring a team (friends and/or Corp members) with you. In the regular Wormhole spaces, you can still get turned into ash one way or another. It’s done on purpose in the open PvP areas of Chaotic Space!

You could end up completing a mission and someone else swipes your loot even in the regular spaces. The short version is that all kinds of things can happen. Your aim is to get in, loot as much as your ship can hold and get gone. You only have 2 chances to enter a Wormhole each day. Each time you go is a great time to hope you don’t get disconnected somehow. Keep in mind that Second Galaxy is still fairly new so an unexpected “surprise maintenance” could happen.

The Mining in Second Galaxy is done via your Recruits. The better the Recruit, the better your results will be. Once you see the Dispatch icon in the solar system map, you’ll notice you have up to 5 chances (max at a time) to find locations. These also include Bounty locations for your Recruits to go after. Aim for the locations with the highest numbers. How many Recruits you can send out at a time depends on how upgraded your Recruit Dispatch Efficiency is. How fast Recruits complete missions and extra gains are determined by the upgrades done in the Recruit tab of the Research section.

The Pilot Business determines how much buying capability you’ll have when visiting the Pan Gala Store/Market Place. You’ll find the same items in the Market Place as you do in the Corp Store. This is the part where you’re dealing with Contraband. Yes, that same stuff which can and will get you shot at while near any jump gate in secured solar systems.

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So if you’re going to do this, pray you don’t get disconnected from the game somehow. The results could end up as your ship parked next to the jump gate while you’re loaded with Contraband! When attempting to sell Contraband, the tactic to aim for is to load up your strongest spare ship with all the Contraband that has the fewest jumps involved. Load up with an extra Shield Recharger too! Adding in a Shield Extender won’t hurt your feelings while you’re at it! Then head out for the location of the buyers (if any at the time).

second galaxy pilot business

The trick with transporting Contraband in Second Galaxy is that you can use your Shield Rechargers. First, keep going through jump gates. Make note of how damaged your shield becomes while getting attacked by Customs Patrols. Some setups can get through only 1 or 2 jump gates before the shields are gone and the ship takes damage. But if you setup your ship properly, you can get through a lot more jump gates without worrying about it. When you’re at about half of your shield’s capacity, use your Shield Rechargers.

Just as you exit a jump gate and just before your ship warps, click each Shield Recharger you have. You should be able to regen a good amount of your shield before you get to the next jump gate with Customs Patrols. The good news is that you stand to gain a lot of Pan Gala and you won’t get a criminal record as long as you didn’t engage in combat. The bad news is that you might have lots of jump gates to sit through.

3. Ship Setups

While playing Second Galaxy, at any time you leave the space station you’re currently located in, you’d really want to have one serious ship setup. The default items you can buy and equip on a ship from the Mall are nice and all but they don’t make for great ships. Now you’ll need to setup in the Base.

second galaxy base

First up in your Second Galaxy Base would be the Research section. You won’t get far without doing the Research! Without Research, you won’t be able to equip higher ranked items onto your ship. You also won’t be able to take License missions. The Licenses are of high importance because they unlock slots for items to be equipped on your ships. They also allow you to gain and use higher class ships. They also provide CD Reductions for your weapons. You won’t be able to produce much if you didn’t do the Research for Production. The list goes on and on!

The Development section of your Base in Second Galaxy is where you’ll take “lesser” Blueprints or Implants and turn them into much higher ranked Blueprints or Implants. You could get clear into rank 5 items to play with! The bad news is that you’ll need the appropriate Research to produce these items in the Production section and/or use them. Basically, you can develop Blueprints and/or Implants all day long. The bad news is that you’ll need Blueprints and/or Implants to do it. The better news is that you can take higher ranked Blueprints and/or Implants and sell them in the Trading Post. That is, as long as you didn’t free up Warehouse space by selling these things in the Mall and the items in question are not bound to you. If you’re able to sell them in the Trading Post, you do stand a great chance of gaining lots of Gala.

When you’re in that Ship Hangar, do yourself a favor and do not skimp too much on equipping your ships. You never know when you’ll need a Frigate or a Capital ship! The idea in Second Galaxy is to make things as easy as possible for you. That starts in the Ship Hangar. Even though you only have just so many slots in the Ship Hangar to deploy ships from, you can own many ships (note the mention of spare ships above).

second galaxy hangar

Of particular importance in the Ship Hangar is to check the system of your selected ships. They’re showing in the upper middle section of the above screen shot. The Tactical Component, the Superdevice, and the Recharger are your main focus points. In knowing how each of these works on each ship you own, you can better pilot your ships when the time comes. Better piloting amounts to better survival rate while you’re out in space. Next on the list of setting up your ships is to check your ship’s details.

When checking the above screen shot, click the switch button in the Details section on the right. That’ll show you info about your ship’s capabilities. This can help you decide which Implants to go for and which parts to equip for better performance. Do remember that while in combat situations in Second Galaxy, it will be a matter of the “quick n destructive” and the space trash! You will end up on one side of that sooner or later. In knowing how your ships work, you’ll end up on the space trash side of things a lot later! In checking the bottom right area of the above screen shot, you’ll see the weapons and other items you can equip to your ships. Your ships can only handle just so much and what all you can equip depends on how much Research you completed.

A good mix of devices to include on your ships is Energy and Shield Rechargers. That should be your standard. In getting your ship’s Licenses up to at least level 3, you can add another device. A good option to go with is a scanner of your choice. The other idea is to include any device(s) that may be needed for your missions. This holds especially true for License missions. For the components (on the left of the equipped items) you can mostly stick with the defaults as given in the Config button. If you happen to have a better idea at the time, go with it depending on what you have. There’s always the chance you’ll really need a different component for a particular mission or idea. Take the example of transporting Contraband. You might want to consider swapping your Shield Recharge Augmentors with a Shield Extender. The idea being, you already have Shield Rechargers.

When it comes to your weapons, don’t skimp as much as possible. Aim to equip the highest ranked weapons and ammo you have. The best way to win a battle is to be able to end your targets/opponents as quickly as possible. So yes, if you have higher ranked ammo, by all means, use it. The good news is that your ships will be packing serious firepower. The bad news is that reloading those weapons that use higher ranked ammo requires more Blueprints to be able to produce them. But if you can keep it up, battles shouldn’t last you very long at all. If by chance you can’t keep up with higher ranked ammo, you can always switch to standard ammo.