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Ride Out Heroes Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Dominate Your Enemies

If by some miracle you haven’t heard of NetEase Games, they’re the folks behind a number of massively popular battle royale titles such as Rules of Survival and Knives Out to name a few. With such titles under their belts it makes sense that NetEase would try something different. Ride Out Heroes is the company’s first battle royale mobile game that features RPG elements. That’s right! Now there’s a 3D mobile battle royale game with hero classes. Each hero has its own unique skills and weapons. To add to the fun, you can even revive and craft during your battles. Then you can always mix in the Relic system for some serious fun.

As much fun as Ride Out Heroes is, there’s a downside. You still have to gain and pick your heroes (not a big problem!). You still have to gain all your equipment, relics, and skills during battles (can be painful!). You still have to craft your items each time you play at a certain location (can be lethal!). All this while constantly trying not to get your heroes’ head blown off (thanks ranged attackers!). Fear not good readers. In this Ride Out Heroes beginner’s guide we are going to share with you a bunch of tips, cheats and strategies on how to dominate your enemies!

1. The Main Screen And Your First Trick

In Ride Out Heroes, you really should take a few minutes to figure out your main screen. For the most part, it’s pretty straightforward stuff.

ride out heroes main screen

In the upper left corner of the above screen shot you have your Profile settings and the game settings. Also included are the Mailbox and the Rankings. Next going to the right is the Index. In there you’ll find all the Relics you’ve collected during your matches. You gain diamonds from newly collected Relics in there. Next is the Friends list. That’s definitely a pretty straightforward section. Do add as many friends as you can when you’re first starting out. That’s one of your missions in Ride Out Heroes. The Season Pass section is for various rewards gained for completing various missions while playing. For example, craft a certain number of items during a battle. The Storage section is where you find your various loots from each match/reward.

The Invite section is for getting your friends to play. You can invite your friends to play Ride Out Heroes with you via social media accounts that you might have. Below the Invite is the Benefit Event. You’ll gain various rewards depending on your accomplishments during battles. The Supplies, Shop, and First Top Up sections are for your spending ideas. Just remember to collect the daily free Hero Talent Chest! It’s in the “Recommended” section in the middle right area.

ride out heroes shop recommended section

The Carnival is a “Spin the Wheel” section for various rewards depending on how many tickets you’ve gained. The Road to Glory is a rewards section depending on how many Medals you’ve gained after battles. Do check The Road to Glory because you’ll gain heroes in there.

Going down the left of the above main screen shot is the Daily Missions and Passes sections of Ride Out Heroes. Mostly you’ll be collecting things after battles from here. For example, the 100 diamonds reward showing at the top of the list. To gain that, place in the top 10 before the battle is over. You didn’t have to be in first place to “win”! Notice the Chests in the same area? You can open them with the keys gained from various rewards from various sections. Below all that is the chat window. Going to the bottom right corner you have the match type and an immediate “Play” button. In the above main screen shot, it’s showing a Ranked squad battle. You can change that to what’s available before clicking the Play/Start Match button.

ride out heroes ranked mode

You can click the question mark (?) icon in each section to see the rules. The Elite Stage of Ride Out Heroes is a very tough battle. It’s just like the standard Ranked mode matches but you’ll gain more Medals. The Ranked mode is your standard battle royale setup. The recommendation is to play it often while solo. You can see the team count on the right. The Quick Match is very much as the name implies. It’s just like the standard Ranked mode but you’ll gain equipment faster and “The Circle” shrinks faster. Customize is the newly added (recently added) mode where you can set the rules of the match. However, you must gain Creation Privileges before you can make matches in there.

Did you happen to notice the missing part of the main screen which wasn’t discussed yet?! That would be the Hero section. That’s you’re first trick to Ride Out Heroes. Always enter the Hero section lastly. This means after you’ve collected all rewards (if any at the time). The idea is to have as much as possible before entering the Hero section to upgrade your heroes. Beyond that, you enter the Hero section to learn exactly how your heroes work. Yes, even the heroes you haven’t gained will still display most of their information. Study that section very well because you’ll need it.
For example, the Elite Stage will sometimes give you a random hero. Speaking of heroes, make sure you play all of them. The idea is to make sure you know how they all work. That and playing all the heroes is one of your beginning missions!

2. Hero Profiles And Hero Talents

Ride Out Heroes currently has 8 heroes for you to choose from. Each hero has its pros and cons. Each hero has its own set of skills. Not all heroes cooperate with the auto-fire system! So we’ll start with the Hero Profiles.

ride out heroes hero profile

On the left of the above Ride Out Heroes screen shot, you’ll see which heroes you own. You’ll also see which heroes are being offered for free limited time use. In this case it’s Ragnar which is offered for free limited time use. The free heroes change so keep an eye on it. On the lower right you can see the heroes’ costumes. They do give stats so that’s another thing to keep an eye on. In the upper right of the Hero Profiles are the hero skills and class exclusive weapons for each hero. This is the part you really have to pay attention to.

During your battles through Ride Out Heroes, you’ll only be given 2 hero skills to use and the Common Skill. You can change the skills depending on what you loot. Make sure you check out each of the hero skills so you’ll know what all you’re playing with during battles. While you’re at it, check out each of the class exclusive weapons. What you’re looking for is the ammo amount, damage (power), range, reload time, and rate of fire (higher number = faster firing) for each weapon. This is so you can prepare for coming battles.

When you check out White Earp’s weapons, you’ll notice that his Double-barreled Shotgun has a lot of range (150m) and damage. You’ll also notice that it has less ammo compared to his Volcano Twin pistols (8 to 12). All these things matter.

Whatever you do, don’t forget to set the default hero showing in the bottom left corner. In times where you have a loading lag or your device just plain loads slowly anyway, this will have your hero already set to use. If by chance you are loading slowly, don’t worry. Ride Out Heroes will automatically give you a Relic to start with.

Now check out the Hero Talents. These are a variety of skills and passives that boost your heroes. The Talents tab is on the right.

ride out heroes hero talents

Similar to the profile, you’ll need to check each Talent to see what they can do. Don’t worry too much about the unlocking of hero skills. You can still gain and use them during battles anyway. The energy is showing in the middle of the above screen shot (the blue colored bar). There’re two ways to gain the energy which you’ll need for upgrades here. The first is the typical playing the game. The other is via rewards. During the typical playing, you can only gain 240energy for upgrading in 1 day. This applies to whichever hero you use.

Unlike a traditional RPG setup, talents will be given randomly. The Ride Out Heroes devs decided that if you land on the same talent again, it’ll upgrade. This is compared to the traditional RPG setups where you select skills/passives. The short version would be to start praying to the RNGs (Random Number Gods) that you’ll gain the most useful talents first! The not so short version is there on the right side. Those are the Ultimate Talents. You’ll unlock those via leveling your heroes (levels 10 and 20). Each has their requirements of skill books and gold to upgrade them after unlocking them. It won’t be easy on your gold to upgrade the Ultimate Talents!

The fun part to this is that you can still upgrade your heroes that you haven’t gained yet. For example, the screen shot above also shows Ragnar as the free hero. If you upgrade him, and later gain him, the upgrades will remain. So don’t be afraid to use up your gold and points on all the heroes as you can.

3. Relics And Their Crazy Gains

The Relic system of Ride Out Heroes is a very interesting part of the game. It can definitely change things very quickly in your favor. This doesn’t apply to “only with the right combination of Relics”. That’s the fun part! Even a single Relic can be a serious game changer for you. It’s on you to memorize the effects of each Relic. That’s the hard part. The good news is that you always gain 1 Relic at the start of each battle. You’ll be given a choice out of 3. Your biggest aim is to get a Relic that boosts your heroes’ capabilities or a Relic to boost your equipment.

Unfortunately, there will be times where you won’t get either side of that for your starting Relic. In that case, aim for whichever one seems to be the most helpful at the time. Also note you can change heroes during the preparation stage. For the most part, aim to loot as many Relics as you can when you’re first starting out. You’ll gain diamonds for each new Relic you gain. Once you’ve unlocked them all you can start getting selective about it.

Some of the Ride Out Heroes Relics will trigger only once. Others will have a constant use. For example the Magic Windbell which activates inactive sanctuaries (1 time use). You can have up to 6 Relics at a time so try to aim for combinations that can work well with any hero. Take the example of the Ring of Ouroburos + the Paper Crane + the Matryyoshka Doll. The ring is the tricky part here. The trick is to note that it works on your heroes’ skills as well. Even with just that ring, you can have a full golden setup in no time flat! In combination with the doll and the crane, that golden setup can be made faster. Now add in the fact that these 3 Relics can apply to all heroes. Now take the example of the Armor-piercing Bullets Relic. Using that on Lilith would be a disaster!

4. Your Extremely Important First Moves

As most battle royale players know, you’re first moves are going to determine much of your battles. In Ride Out Heroes, the same things apply. Once you get to the ground, you’ll pretty much only have a sword and your mount to work with. So you better get to the ground as quickly as you can. The part about where you eject isn’t so important. The parts concerning how fast you get there and where you land is. While you’re still riding in the ship and before you eject, don’t bother trying to set a waypoint. You can set that later after you’ve looted things to use.

ride out heroes first moves

Once you’ve ejected, the fastest way to get to the ground is to eject over buildings. Yes, you’re aiming for the top of one of those buildings. The taller the building is; the better. You really are aiming to land there because it’s a faster method to get off your hover board and start looting. Also note that if you jump off of a tall object, you won’t get damaged. So there won’t be a worry about that! Also note that you can land inside of buildings! Yup, right through the window! That part takes some aiming but it can be done!

When you’ve ejected, the fastest way down is to press your d-pad forward and pan your view downward. You’ll be “dive bombing” at a speed of 210 if done correctly. Let the hover board pop out by itself. When it does, again, hold the d-pad forward and this time, pan your view left or right. This will make you spin around and all the way to the ground. If all this is done correctly, you’ll hit the top or side of a building and you can get going.

Your best bet in Ride Out Heroes is to get inside a building (if not already there) and get to looting ASAP. Your biggest aim is to get armors and class exclusive weapons. You’ll know that they’re class exclusive weapons because they’ll show as such while you’re looting them. Anything else you manage to loot is a bonus. Depending on your Settings, the auto-loot should be setup so that skills and some other items will not be automatically looted.

The strategy behind this is to make sure you’re getting the specifics you want. This holds especially true when it comes to your heroes’ skills. Yes, certain hero skill combinations work better than others. Beyond that, the auto-loot should be configured to only loot equipment of higher values.

As showing in the above screen shot, a class exclusive weapon was not already looted. That’s too bad but it’s still ok. The devs of Ride Out Heroes didn’t leave you without. The standard weapons can also work well until you can loot your class exclusive weapons. Despite range, power, and ammo amount difference, the class exclusive weapons are going to be a lot more potent compared to the standard weapons. Still, even some standard weapons can be very sneaky in your favor! Take the example of the Silent Pistol. It’ll be a lot harder for your opponent to find you because when you use the Silent Pistol, nothing shows up on the map!

Once you’ve looted a building and you’re certain you’re not in any immediate danger, open your map. At this point you’ll want to see where The Circle is and set a waypoint to its center. The exception is if you started with or already looted a Golden Shovel Relic. That Relic will show you the center of The Circle anyway. So if you have that Relic, you can already set the waypoint whenever you like. From there it’s a matter of the standard battle royale tactics. You can either run around while trying to win or you can find a spot to “camp on” and try to win. Either way, you really should be trying to win!

5. Auto-Fire And The Other Firing Setups

Make no mistake about it. The devs of Ride Out Heroes decided to make things beginner friendly. That’s the good news. They also decided to make the controls customizable. That would be the much better news! The bad news is that not all class exclusive weapons can use the auto-fire system. Currently the 2 cases of this are with both of Robin’s class exclusive weapons and Tesla’s sniper rifle. It’s weird but “them’s the breaks”! So if you’re setup to use auto-fire with either situation, one of your best bets is to keep moving using the d-pad. When your target is lined up, press the attack button. Pan if and when you can. There’re other strategies involved with this but you won’t always get the chance to use them.

The big question concerning auto-fire in Ride Out Heroes is if you should use it or not. That is in fact entirely up to you. Some of the players happen to be players of other battle royale games. In their case, there’s the possibility that they’re much more used to using a manual type setup. That’s fine and dandy but your concern is with what you like to use. Don’t bother listening to anyone telling you that you should use this specific setup or that specific setup.

If you like to use a particular setup, have at it! The idea is that you’re the one playing and trying to have fun here. To add to it, you can customize the controls so they’re wherever you want them! Of course all this is set up in the game’s settings. So be sure to look into it!