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Pocket Love Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Expand Your Home Fast and Unlock Everything

Some game developers have a way of establishing their brand through the games they develop and publish, whether through focusing on specific genres or having a consistent appeal that sets almost the same mood across all its apps. If you have a knack for casual simulation games that offers an adorable graphics and equally appealing gameplay mechanics, then chances are that you have played and enjoyed one or a couple of games from HyperBeard, the company behind Adorable Home, Tsuki’s Odyssey, and Cat Spa, among other hit titles.

choosing a pet in pocket love

Pocket Love is HyperBeard’s latest mobile title, a casual home-building and design simulation game that lets players build their ultimate pocket home. With a plethora of furniture and fixtures to decorate and design your ever-growing home, it is a guarantee that no 2 homes will be exactly the same. Beyond customizations on your home, Pocket Love also lets you dress up your couple and take photos of your creations as well.

pocket love share

As a casual simulation game, Pocket Love is designed to be as simple and as easy to pick up and enjoy as any casual game. There is hardly any pressure to move forward and your home will continue to grow almost regardless of what you do and how often you play. However, if you have jumped into the game and want to know about the fastest way to improve your home and unlock everything, our Pocket Love beginner’s guide has everything you need to do just that!

1. Earn XP And Reach New Levels By Collecting

Beyond having a home with a number of rooms, each perfectly set with your favorite items, another indicator of progress in Pocket Love is your level. This is shown by the heart at the upper left side of your screen. Clicking on it will not show how many points you have and need to get to the next level, but it encourages you to progress forward by showing new items you can unlock when you reach the next level.

leveling up in pocket love

Pocket Love gives the impression that purchases from the Amazing showroom is your primary source of EXP as each purchase earns you 5 hearts, slowly filling the heart icon. Although it may seem that the EXP earned is attributable to a new item added to your collection, it also applies to purchases of items you already own.

Additionally, earning EXP does not require purchases. Furniture you obtain for free also earn you 5 hearts, making it more appealing to take advantage of every opportunity to obtain more items for free. Collecting furniture and decorations, in this sense, means grabbing as many as you can primarily for the EXP so you can enjoy an even wider assortment of items available to you.

pocket love furniture

Relative to the acquisition of items, you can easily notice that prices can range from 30 coins to hundreds of coins and even several dogllars, which is the premium currency in the game. EXP earned, however, is not impacted by the value of the item you have obtained. Whether the price is 30 coins, 300 coins, or even 30 dogllars, obtaining it earns you 5 EXP just the same.

In this sense, it becomes more reasonable to prioritize purchasing the cheapest items available in the Amazing Showroom. There are plenty of opportunities to earn the more expensive furniture and decorations anyway. Even with the random availability of supplies from the showroom, refreshing it is not as inconvenient as well so anything you see that seems expensive for the moment can always be purchased at a later time.

2. Pursue Missions For Coins And Surprise Rewards

Pocket Love makes it so that there is no atmosphere of pressure for players to push for progression. There are activities that earn you coins and EXP and then there are some things to do as well that may not be remunerated but brings joy and excitement just the same. The most common type of the latter set of activities relate to makeovers of each room you have or the entire home itself.

pocket love tasks

On the other hand, if you are the type of player who are more inclined to push forward in your progress faster, then you should pursue missions under the “To Do” feature that you can access through its icon at the lower left side of the screen. There are always 3 objectives to complete, each giving coins as rewards.

Accomplishing all targets earns you a special reward as well but there is a limited period of time within which you must accomplish all 3 missions. Every mission you clear also earns you bits of EXP so if you are raring to get to the next level, make an effort to accomplish missions.

If you have cleared all targets and have claimed all rewards, or if you feel that it will be difficult or impossible to clear the remaining tasks, you can also opt to reset the list of missions by spending dogllars or playing a short video ad.

pocket love mission

The available missions, however, are rarely difficult to accomplish especially if you regularly visit the game. Common objectives can include simple feats that relate to your usual activities like purchasing furniture and changing floor tiles to cleaning up parts of the neighborhood. With regard to the latter, you may not be aware of your neighborhood’s significance prior to seeing the missions in the To Do list.

The trash bin and fire hydrant around your house may sometimes have flies hovering around them and you may also see mice running in circles on some random pavement. Simply clicking on them earns you some coins and EXP, and if the mission is active, doing this just 6 times clears 1 of the 3 missions easily. For convenience, use a pinch gesture on your device to zoom in and out of the scene.

3. Take Advantage Of Freebies And Ad Boosts

You can actually make good progress when it comes to building your dream pocket home in Pocket Love through your usual activities. Pocket Love is simply very generous when it comes to handing out extra freebies and rewards, ensuring that every player can get an extra boost in their collection and EXP accumulation even if they cannot spend real money on micro transactions.

As far as advertisements go, Pocket Love is designed in such a way that players can enjoy the game for free without actually having to deal with seeing ads of any sort against their will. Surely enough, ads being a part of a free-to-play casual game is no longer something new and more and more players understand the rationale behind the existence of any form of ads to keep the game available for everyone to continuously enjoy.

pocket love freebie

There are so many freebies to claim in Pocket Love especially for new players and we will be running down on each of them as best as we can to make sure you claim each and every one of them. To ease down on the scale a bit, keep in mind that the free rewards are basically divided between the shop and the dressing room where you customize the couple’s appearances. Everything else should be visible on the screen.

The first and most basic free items will come from the package constantly seated in front of your doorstep. Claiming it will initiate a cool down period that grows longer the more items you claim in a day. When you tap on the package once it is available, you will be presented with an option to claim an extra item as a bonus reward and all you have to do is play a short video ad to claim it.

pocket love reset

The cart icon at the lower right side of the screen is primarily attributable to the Amazing show room where you order different furniture and decorations from. However, the shop actually has multiple tabs and you can easily switch and look at other offerings. Within the furniture shop, there is a special furniture item at the right side that you can instantly claim after playing a short ad.

After doing so, the next one can be claimed after the list of items available for purchase is reset. You can click on the countdown timer at the upper left side of the page and play an ad to reset the store content. Doing so will leave you with yet another special item to claim at the cheap cost of playing another ad.

pocket love double rewards

The piggy icon tab is the currency tab and you can earn free coins as well as dogllars. You can play an ad to earn 5 dogllars instantly and you can play an ad as well for 100 coins 5 times, earning you a maximum of 500 coins and 5 dogllars daily. The clothing tab works much like the furniture tab and free random clothing can also be claimed instantly if you play an ad. Similarly, you can play an ad for instant reset and claim another free random clothing.

pocket love clothing

Finally, Pocket Love also showcases some time-limited premium furniture sets on the next tab that can only be purchased using dogllars. At the bottom left side of each page, however, you can claim a free gift box that randomly contains one of the premium items. Keep in mind that multiple premium sets may be available at the same time so be sure to scroll left and right to see them all. Once the offer period expires, another set may be offered, giving you another opportunity to earn a random premium item.

There are extra clothes and accessories you can earn from the dressing room or where you customize the couple’s looks. The shirt with a pen icon is your key to visiting it. Different freebies can be obtained by scrolling through the different types or classifications of cosmetics and playing a short ad is all you need to do to build up your collection.

pocket love money truck

A money truck will also randomly make its round around your home. Catch it with a tap and you will be presented with an opportunity to earn some extra coins. If you see some folks waiting outside your door, be sure to check what they have to offer by clicking on them. There are special clothes and other rewards you can earn through your visitors and taking an opportunity to do will always benefit you.

4. Packing Everything Up Makes A Makeover Easier

While you will basically start in your new pocket home with almost nothing but an empty space, the initial minutes of your adventure will quickly lead to an overcrowded room. Fortunately, opportunities to expand your home by adding additional rooms come easy, especially if you save all your dogllars for this purpose. The first expansion costs 10, the second 20, and the third costs 40 dogllars. It may take a while to purchase a third room and chances are that even the second room will be very crowded by then.

Although placing furniture and decorations, as well as rearranging them will not earn you coins or EXP, this activity is what makes Pocket Love all the more exciting and addictive. Some players may itch to redesign their homes following the receipt of one or a couple of new items while others may be inclined to do so after acquiring several more items and unlocking a new room. In any case, packing everything up at some point before restarting to decorate can be a huge time-saver.

pocket love furniture and decorations

Having more than one room will most likely give you the inclination to organize your things more appropriately. Considering the variety of items you have purchased or acquired for free, your logical sense of what a home looks like will naturally drive you to re-organize your stuff according to the kind of rooms you want to have.

For example, the first 3 rooms can be the living room, the bedroom, and the dining room. There are plenty of furniture and fixtures for a comfort room as well so you can go for one or have a room that is a mix of two ideal rooms.

Rearranging items in a room full of furniture and decorations can be a very grueling task. Given that available rooms are potentially filled with a lot of items, taking out one so that you can place another can be hard. At some points in time, you may want to instead clear the whole room, or all rooms even, and then start placing back the items that will more vividly reflect your new vision.

pocket love rooms

Click on a room first, then tap the chair icon on the lower right side of the screen to begin editing or remodeling the room. You can tap on any item and then hit on the box icon to put them away. Note that you can also rotate any of the items you have, giving you total freedom in decorating. The number on the lower right side of an item indicates how many you have in stock.

It is highly likely that you will often be giving your home a different look. You do not necessarily have to start from scratch each time especially if no changes are made with regard to designating the types of rooms each one are. Organizing rooms based on the type you want them to be will make it easier for subsequent placement of new items or other adjustments that still coincide with that room’s overall design.

5. You Can Sell Unwanted Items For Coins

Another truck besides the money truck will occasionally pay you a visit as well, offering to buy some of your unwanted items. For one, there are no limits to the number of items you can hold as far as we know but then, there is only enough space to put them on display. Considering as well that you can buy extra copies of any item and that random freebies can result in duplicates as well, the number of items you will probably never get to use will continue to pile up.

Acquiring items in Pocket Love certainly falls well within its core mechanics. As we mentioned earlier, each new acquisition earns you experience points you need to reach higher levels and each level up unlocks more items for you to purchase or obtain for free. While getting more items never loses value considering EXP earned, hoarding them and never actually getting to use some of them is a counter to your overall efficiency.

selling items in pocket love

Selling items at half of its acquisition cost seems like a huge blow on your investments but then, half price is still better than zero. We actually do not recommend having you let go of items you only have 1 copy of for collection purposes but if you are especially needful of some coins, then feel free to do so.

In essence, selling your items for coins basically equates to converting items to EXP as the coins generated by this activity will ultimately wind up being used to purchase more furniture and decorations. Again, new items acquired earns you EXP so if you are pushing to reach new levels, then this tactic should definitely be considered.

6. You Can Play Pocket Love Offline

Despite exhibiting an already impressive amount of content, Pocket Love is actually still in its early beta stage. This means that plenty of plans for the game, which can include visiting home designs of friends and other potential gameplay mechanics are still in the process of development. Even with timers, cool down periods and weather forecasts, Pocket Love is actually a game that you can play and enjoy completely offline.

pocket love bed

There really is not much difference in gameplay between doing it offline and online. For the most part, some players only prefer playing offline in games where random ads can distract them from its gameplay. Again in the case of Pocket Love, no such ads exist and, as such, playing offline will only leave you with an inability to enjoy any of the ad boosts and extra conveniences.

If you have a temporary inability to access the internet, however, there is no need to worry as you can still continue on with your progress playing Pocket Love offline. You will have to bear with the temporary inability to perform instant refreshes on top of claiming other ad boost rewards. Everything else will play normally like missions, purchases and decoration makeovers.

7. Use The Time Travel Cheat

We feel that Pocket Love is indeed a kind of adventure anyone can enjoy with the littlest of free time they have in their hands. The complete absence of pressure of any sorts make it a relaxing game where you can just enjoy designing and remodeling as much as you want with whatever furniture you have.

Despite that, there is also a collection part of gameplay that can be equally addictive and despite already having a wide selection of furniture and decorations to begin with, the desire to keep on purchasing new ones is one of the most addictive elements of every home design game.

pocket love pocket surprise

Even with an almost unquenchable desire to complete your collection of furniture and decoration in Pocket Love, the plethora of extra means for you to continue acquiring new items should very much satiate your every craving. Still, it becomes understandable if you want more than what you can earn using conventional means and if you are up for that then we will share a simple cheat to help you unlock everything at the fastest possible time.

There is actually a combination of information we discussed in the above tips that should hint on how the time travel cheat can work in Pocket Love. First, we know that a lot of freebies and ad rewards are bound by time, with some available once a day while others have cool down periods. Second, we also know that Pocket Love can be played and enjoyed completely offline, which means that its sole source of date and time lies in the device you are playing the game on.

The key to unlocking time travel in the world of Pocket Love, therefore, requires you to make adjustments to the date and time settings of your device. Performing this cheat can be done over and over but it does have a few bits of details you will need to take note of. In any case, it will be best to exit out of the app before making adjustments to either date or time.

pocket love choose

Under the date and time settings of your device, be sure to turn off the use of network provided time so you can adjust either manually. You can make any and all kinds of adjustments but we recommend a more subtle and regulated approach to make sure you can keep track or at least take note of the changes you made. For example, you can simply adjust the date to the following day’s date.

After making the change, you can log back in either online or offline. Following our above example of changing the date just a day forward, you can enjoy the daily login rewards in the weather forecast as well as free currencies in the shop, on top of other daily freebies. After claiming everything you can, you can exit out of the app and rinse and repeat as you please.

Some of the rewards and freebies you earn are stamped as obtained on the dates you jumped to. We will assume that after a couple or several time skips, you will want to get back to the current date and time and continue on with your adventure normally. Once this happens, you will no longer be able to obtain some of the rewards you have already received, like the login bonuses for the dates you jumped to and some daily freebies you claimed during the time jump.

pocket love organizing rooms

It becomes important to take note of the dates and times you fast forwarded your game to so that you can pick up where you left and continue on doing time skips the date following your last jump. Some cool down times like the missions and free packages may also be impacted by your time jumps. In any case, there is always more to gain than lose with this cheat, especially considering the infinite amount of time you can continuously use the exploit to travel to dates that can go even beyond what anyone can realistically reach playing the game.

We can confidently say that more things are expected to come to Pocket Love following future updates but for now, this is where we end our beginner’s guide. We certainly hope that the simple tips, cheats & strategies we discussed will propel your progression rate and that you enjoyed every bit of it as well. If you have stumbled upon some more tricks and strategies in addition to what we have provided, do not hesitate to share them with us below in the comments!


Thursday 15th of December 2022

Idk what to do my characters in pocket love have been asleep for 2 irl hourss😭


Tuesday 28th of March 2023

@Sunny, You can pick up your characters and move them. They can move by themselves, but if you want to place them somewhere else, you can.