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Tabou Stories: Love Episodes Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Make Your Secret Dreams Come True

A lot of mobile games don’t rely much on storytelling or even have a strong narrative. A large majority are simply meant to challenge your skills for entertainment purposes. However, if you’re the type that prefers games that are largely driven by the story, you’ll find no shortage of available options on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

tabou stories love episodes guide

Take for instance Nanobit’s recent Tabou Stories: Love Episodes which puts the player at the center of making choices that matter for the wellbeing of the characters in the game, but mainly the protagonist. Think of this game as a visual novel where you get a say regarding how the main character shapes their destiny.

The developer is quite well-versed in this game genre, as its portfolio also include titles such as Hollywood Story or Superstar Life. But if your inclination is towards romance, then you’ll definitely prefer Tabou Stories: Love Episodes with its rom-com vibe.

Getting started with Nabobit’s game is fairly easy, just create your character and style it according to your preference. Then make a few preliminary choices regarding your ideal boyfriend and you’ll be good to go.

tabou stories love episodes interest

Even so, if you’re fairly new to this game genre perhaps you might feel a bit worried about not being able to stir the life of your character in the direction you desire. Don’t worry though, we’re here to help as we’ve put together this Tabou Stories: Love Episodes beginner’s guide so we can guide you through creating the life you want for your character. Follow us below as we provide you with the best tips for finally getting your happily ever after.

The Basics Of Tabou Stories: Love Episodes

There are multiple storylines contained in Tobou Stories: Love Episodes and you can unlock your first by making a few choices regarding your ideal boyfriend. Do you prefer Nerdy & Hot over a Mysterious Millionaire? If so, you’ll be plunged into a professor/student dynamic that will bring back all your steamy collage romance dreams.

For the purpose of this walkthrough, we’re going to focus on the Mr. Davis storyline, who as it turns out your character meets at a club one night and tries to approach him. Lo and behold the next day when walking into class, she realizes that the hot guy from last night is actually her Chemistry professor. Will they be able to resist their obvious feelings and act professional? Or will they give in to their sentiments and break the university’s code all in the name of love?

tabou stories love episodes basics

It’s will be up to you to try and guide this budding love story towards its happy end. As the days in the life of the main character unfold, she’ll be faced with numerous choices, which you will help her make. Now, here’s the twist – you’ll need to pay with Gems to make the obviously better choices. Gems are a premium type of resources which you can acquire for making progress in the game. The trouble is, the influx at which they become available is not near enough to sustain the pace of an enthusiastic player. 

Even so, the good news is that despite not being able to go for the most alluring choices (especially at first), you’ll still be able to move the story along in your favor. Now, there’s two ways you can play the game and we’re going to detail both strategies in what follows.

Save Up – All The Time

They way Tabou Stories works is this – you have to make various choices starting with your wardrobe. For each scene, you get a free wardrobe choice, but obviously you won’t be impressing anyone by wearing those. The better options are the paid ones, of course. The only problem is that you’ll have to spend Gems to get them. Some of them are cheaper at 5 Gems, but others can take you back with as much as 25 Gems.

Anyway, one of the strategies of playing this game is to save up on Gems and abstain from most purchases or paid choices and save up. Then you get to start spending towards the end. Always go for the free outfit and always select the free choice. Don’t worry, as explained above you don’t have much to worry about, there’s not much you can do to actually spoil the final outcome.

tabou stories love episodes nora

Don’t worry, even dressed in shabby clothes will get you enough attention, although you might have to take longer to completely seduce your beloved. The good news is that not all choices you have to make are paid, and so you get your fair share of stirring fate your way. For instance, your character gets to choose whether to introduce Kyle to her mom as her “Friend or Boyfriend”. What will you do?

Anyway, if you decide to take this “cheap” approach at playing the game, you also need to make it a point to be diligently collecting the free Gems. Each day in the shop you can watch 12 ads and in return for doing so you’ll be awarded 12 free precious stones.

Take your time and try to play the game without paying for anything. Instead collect the Gems from the ads. You might be able to win additional ones by making progress in the game and completing various goals, as well as advancing to the next Chapter in the story.

Once you’ve collected enough of these Gems, you can start spending and thus speeding up the game pace. Want to gain love points fast? Spend some of the Gems you’ve acquired over the last few days on making the next bombastic choice.

Live A Little

The other strategy we’ve mentioned entails alternating between saving up on making a point in spending regularly. So basically, try saving up in the first part of the game, until you collect enough to start buying new outfits. Then slowly start investing in your looks. For each Premium (aka paid) piece of clothing you purchase you’ll get a little Gem gift, so there’s an incentive to acquire this type of clothes, besides gaining additional love points for wearing them.

You don’t need to start buying the most expensive types of clothes. The most affordable ones are 5 Gems, while the most luxurious ones cost more, it’s true. Even with the cheapest purchases, you’ll still be able to redeem a small Gem prize, which will boost your precious stone reserve.

Even as you’ve opted for this strategy, you’ll still need to watch the ads and gain your daily dose of free Gems to make sure you regenerate your spendings fast. On top of that you should also constantly make sure you’re exchanging the Tokens gained by playing the game and unlocking new chapters to get even more precious stones.

tabou stories love episodes outfit

Once you have enough Gems, and you stumble upon a premium choice go for it and see what happens. While you might be tempted to believe that doing so will accelerate your progress, remember that you still need to play the story’s entire set of chapters to be able to complete it. There’s no other way around it. But premium choices will be able to unlock bigger reactions from your characters’ part, but that’s it.

All in all, it doesn’t really matter if you decide to play using only the free choices and free outfits, or whether you go all out and use your Gem stash. The finale is same no matter what – *SPOILERS* you do get the happy ending you’ve been craving for. So go ahead and leave you handsome professor on read overnight and go to bed if you don’t have the Gems needed to reply to him immediately. It won’t affect your relationships. Not to the point of dissolution anyway.

It’s true that spending the Gems will liven up your game play and make your experience with Tabou Stories more unforgettable. You’ll get to change clothes, as well as haircuts and dazzle everyone you meet. So, it’s definitely worth doing so, but in the end it’s up to you how you want to approach a text-based romance game such as this one.

Start A New Quest For Love

Once you finish a story, you’ll receive a prize consisting of precious Gems which you can use in the next one. This is good news as the Gems you don’t get to spend in a story won’t go to waste.

The gameplay is quite similar and you can go ahead and apply a different strategy in the next story, different than the one you’ve used in the first. Or you can continue using the same gameplay style. Tobou Stories is constantly updated and so new features (like the Tokens) might pop up now and then, giving you new options for collecting Gems and unlocking a full gaming experience without having to pay with real world money.

Anyway, this concludes out Tabou Stories beginner’s guide. Text-based games like this aren’t hard to play, but it’s worth having a strategy to help you maximize your potential and resources in the game so that you can help your character achieve everything they want in life!