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Westland Survival Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Survive and Outsmart Your Enemies

Westland Survival is a survival MMORPG with a Wild West theme from Helio Games. Since its launch back in 2018, Westland Survival has maintained respectable ranks on top mobile game list across countries where it is available. Considering the numerous updates that led to the game’s status as it is now, Westland Survival has grown to boast enormous content for its players to revel in, which expectedly includes a variety of challenges and events to conquer.

Westland Survival sets you on the role of a neophyte hero in the time of the Wild West, where bandits run rampant and nearly desolate surroundings hold plenty of surprises and threats. Beyond eliminating bandits and collecting bounties, you also have a shelter to maintain, improve, and protect. Hunting animals and collecting resources form part of your regular tasks and all the bandits, wild animals, and even dark spirits that you can encounter all pale in comparison with other survivors like yourself who may be out to take your hard earned resources.

westland survive guide

With its share of base-building elements and adventure RPG mechanics, the initial salvo of information that greets newcomers can leave an overwhelming first impression. The idea of potential plunderers having played a lot longer than you can also be discouraging. However, the tutorial session in Westland Survival ensures that even complete beginners will have no trouble grasping the basic objectives and features. As far as PvP elements and camp raids are concerned, newer players, especially very active ones can certainly catch up to the population.

Westland Survival is definitely a game where time spent and dedication play a critical role. Although it is still welcoming to casual players, growth and survival requires being available in regular intervals and investing more time especially in the early part of your hero and camp’s development. If you have just taken your first dive into the world of Westland Survival, or about to, our Westland Survival beginner’s guide has plenty of tips and strategies to jumpstart your progress and help set you up to survive and outsmart your enemies!

1. Prioritize Story Quest Progression

Westland Survival offers a mix of single player adventures and multiplayer game modes as well. Despite having a tutorial session that is fairly easy to understand, it covers only the basics and there are plenty more of things to learn. Despite a natural inclination to freely explore all the features and areas surrounding your home, a better understanding of the most basic aspects of the game can be obtained through the initial story quests, which is what makes it important to push through with it before anything else.

westland survival story

Quests can easily be accessed via the paper with exclamation mark on the left side of your screen. The main story quests have sequential objectives and often involve speaking to the sheriff in Silverton or some other NPC. It will also require some travelling, which leads to the discovery and exploration of various areas in the map. You can hit the “Track Quest” button at the quest page to make it easier to go to the required locations and people. Rewards often include basic materials, gears, and most importantly, Experience Points.

Progressing through the story quests are not exclusively meant for you to get more accustomed to the basic features and mechanics of Westland Survival. Earning EXP and reaching new levels makes your character stronger as well. Beyond that, each new level reached takes you a step closer towards being capable of exploring more areas, having access to more resources, and ultimately being able to craft more items and improve existing facilities.

westland survival sheriff

There will be instances where you can venture into locations that have a higher recommended level than what you currently have. Although more challenging, it is still possible to make it through the area and accomplish the objectives you set out to complete. These instances are good indicators that you can opt to discontinue pursuing a main story quest and shifting attention to other activities to level up your character and prepare better for the challenges ahead.

2. Keep Your Shelter Tidy And Organized

Although we consider progressing through the main story as the most important activity in the early part of your adventure, keeping your camp clean and organized stands as a non-stop responsibility you need to constantly tend to. To begin with, the camp you start off with will be littered with trees, rocks, and a plethora of machinations up for construction and upgrade. Your house itself will need some fixing and improvements upon every aspect of your shelter will seem endless.

westland survival shelter

It is best to explore your home a bit on your first dive into the world of Westland Survival. Identifying sources of basic materials like trees and rocks are important as well as familiarizing yourself with the tools you need to harvest from them. Even if you chop down all the trees, break apart each boulder you see, and hunt every critter that loiters about, they will grow or spawn back and you will always have something to clear up with each visit. Securing materials within your camp should also give you an idea of what not to farm outside of camp.

There are an overabundance of structures and items you can create in Westland Survival and it is important for you to understand how it all works to help you improve your home at the soonest possible time. The hammer and saw icon at the right side of your screen is a portal that takes you to the various structures, production equipment, storage devices, furniture, and projects you can build.

westland survival workbenches

Below that icon is the workbench icon, which lists all the production equipment you already have or can create. This essentially links to the craft icon at the bottom of your screen. The craft icon basically lists all blueprints, which can include items you still will not be able to create. At the very least, you will see all the materials you need to gather to craft the item as well as the needed workbench and its accompanying level to create the item you want.

Take note that the saw and hammer icon, which we discussed earlier has another purpose. You can use it to make adjustments to your home’s layout and move items about. There is also a rotate function to make the layout more appealing or better in terms of overall functionality and accessibility. Once you hit the button, all items you can relocate will appear blue but you will need to choose any other tab to be able to select them.

westland survival production

Once selected, the cross button lets you pick the item up and you can tap on a location to check if you can move them there. Red marks indicate that something is blocking the way and if there are no impediments, you can tap the anvil button to complete the relocation or adjustment.

Going back, cleaning up the surrounding area holds another positive effect as you would want to completely be able to adjust your home’s layout to suit your tastes and preferences as well as help you remember each and every important part of your camp.

3. Inventory Management Is A Critical Necessity

Westland Survival lets players enjoy collecting tons of loots wherever they go. In addition to the usual sources of materials like trees, boulders, and animals, there are also plenty of storages and areas to rummage through, giving players a chance to acquire rare materials, crafted items, and even new gears and weapons. Even bandits you kill and quest rewards add to the mountain of items you would want to keep.

While it is only natural to want to hoard everything you can pick up, the trouble comes with the limitations set on your inventory. You can only carry a very limited supply of items and even storage space within your camp are hardly spacious. As such, it only makes sense to start organizing your inventory system in such a way that you will always get the most out of every adventure and that you will also consistently know which items are stored where.

westland survival inventory

For starters, you should only carry basic necessities with you before heading out of your home and the term “basic” here could mean a lot stricter than what you would assume it to be. Part of the journey’s survival game mechanics makes your hero consistently need food and water. Hunger and thirst levels are something you need to keep a good eye on and carrying ample supplies is as basic as it goes. You also need to be ready to receive damage in your adventures so carrying a couple of healing items are in order as well.

In most areas you visit, you can expect enemies to be present. Although you can equip 2 weapons at a time, it may become necessary to bring extra ones for the trip, most especially if the ones you have equipped already have low durability. If you expect to need to chop off wood or mine ores in your venture, then bring an axe and pickaxe. Otherwise, it would be best to leave them behind and save more empty spaces in your bag.

Everything else should be left at home as every exploration you engage in is more likely to earn you items you would want to bring home with you, so the more empty spaces in your bag you have, the better the trip will be. Even with this setup, you can still expect to not have sufficient space for items you want to hoard. These scenarios make it important for you to have a good understanding of each item’s rarity and value.

Naturally, what you would want to keep in your inventory should follow a priority list with more expensive or rare items at the top. There are cases, however, when an item that is more urgently needed should receive top priority. Although item rarity does go a long way, having a project in mind you want to finish can be very important.

westland survival items

Items left at home are not as safe as you might hope they would be and both the ones stored inside and outside of your home are always at risk of being stolen by raiding players. There are traps and numerous other items you can craft for the protection and fortification of your camp and while it can impede or slow down plunderers, there are hardly any guarantees if you are not around. Similarly, it can be challenging to store everything within storage boxes inside the house and some items you have will ultimately be placed at higher risk than others.

In the early part of your adventure, the broken cart in front of your house offers some extra slots for you to store some items. There is a medium chest inside the house and the walls stand as an extra layer of protection for it. Basically, these 2 storages should have you classify items according to their value. Common materials like pine logs and rocks are important but you can readily leave them outside the house and chances are that no one will bother to steal them.

On the other hand, items that are more valuable of have higher rarity should be kept in the storage inside your house. Again, it will be a challenge to protect them especially early on but any bit of protection you can put up counts.

4. Avoid Dying At All Costs

Westland Survival is not at all like old school games that end when your character dies. However, it does come with its share of inconveniences that basically amounts to the loss of valuable resources and, ultimately, time. Beyond ensuring that you always have a steady supply of food, water, and healing aids, constantly keeping tabs on health, hunger, and thirst levels are a must. Running out of food or water leads to continuous health loss and it would be a shame to go out that way.

westland survival food and drink

Beyond regular nourishment, it is no surprise that there are many things in the world of Westland Survival that can hurt you. From wild animal to bandits and dark spirits to fellow survivors, every encounter poses risks of being damaged or worse, being killed. When you character dies, all the items you carry, including the gears and weapons equipped, will be dropped. As painful as that may sound, though, there is still a chance to recover dropped items and you simply need to return to the exact spot you died and retrieve the lost items from your corpse.

Although losing valuable items is the worst that could happen, going back to the area where you died is an inconvenience of its own as well. Travelling from one location to another in Westland Survival, is a long process especially if you walk. Running definitely makes the travel time shorter and more convenient, but it consumes energy, which you have a limited supply of.

If it so happens that you do not have enough energy to return to where you dropped your items, then chances are that they may be lost. Likewise, if dying involves another player, then there is a bleak chance of recovering your items as well.

westland survival tin mine

For good measure, avoid conflicts as much as you can especially early on, when you hardly have increased stat points and superior gears and weapons. Before leaving your home as well, considering carrying the things you need while keeping in mind the possibility of dying and losing everything that you are carrying. Before entering any areas, make sure to take note of the potential enemies you can encounter in that area or if there are enemies at all.

5. Keep Processes Active And Plan Ahead

Westland Survival has plenty of workstations for you to create and upgrade, each with its own specific items to craft. You have a well that replenishes your supply of water, a bonfire that cooks your main source of food, a plot of land to plant seeds, and so on. Processes naturally take time to complete and while you can easily queue in multiple items for processing different ones have limited availability of slots for queuing.

westland survival garden bed

Most especially when you are in the pursuit of quests or event adventures, you will not have the luxury of time to restock on cooked food or other needs. As such, it is best to queue in as many as you can so your fort continuously processes your needs while you are out on adventures. The same applies to upgrades and upgrades generally take more time than simply crafting materials. Beyond pushing as much as you can for an upgrade to take place as soon as possible, having the process commence before leaving for a long trip is also recommended.

Planning out how to best utilize these idle processes can help you progress faster in Westland Survival. In line with this, a clear idea of which upgrades to prioritize over others are essential. To some extent, the required materials needed are sufficient indicators of how easy or difficult the project will be whether it is building or upgrading a facility or workstation.

westland survival stable

The stable, for example, which is a requirement for you to finally be able to ride your horse, enjoy faster travels across the land, and ultimately gain access to areas you cannot reach by foot, requires a lot of materials and may take some time and grinding to complete. It is best to start off focusing on items you can more easily accomplish and at the same time lead to a faster progression rate relative to your goal in mind.

6. Take Advantage Of Ad Boosts

Although the overall quality and depth of Westland Survival makes it highly unlikely to contain video ads, there are actually ads within the game. There are, however, no ads that pop up or play randomly to interrupt gameplay whatsoever and each ad forms part of its ad boost feature that free-to-play players will certainly appreciate.

The shop in Westland Survival that you can access through the bag and coins icon at the bottom of the screen holds plenty of packages and boosts for players who are willing to spend real cash on their adventure. Free players, however, are not left behind as there is an item from the shop you can acquire through ad boosts. Under the Westland Delivery Tab, you can grab an Engineer’s Box, which contains a random weapon or armor blueprint for playing a short video ad. You can only obtain one once a week but free blueprints are definitely an opportunity you should never pass on.

westland survival westland delivery

Energy you need to travel across the world map is fairly easy to deplete in Westland Survival. Although it replenishes over time, chances are that you will always find yourself itching to go on an adventure but cannot afford to use the run function to fast travel to where the quest leads. There is always an option to walk but the time it normally takes pretty much means you will want to take some time offline and away from the game. There are instances as well where your supposed destination will not be around long, making it absolutely necessary for you to visit it within a certain period of time.

If you do not have enough energy to use the run function and travel to an area at a fraction of the time it would take to walk there, you have 2 choices to obtain extra energy. The first one requires you to consume silver and 15 energy costs 15 silver. Since silver is difficult to earn, it is best to save it for something else. The other option grants you 15 energy as well and all you need to do is to play a short video ad to obtain it.

westland survival energy refill

Westland Survival offers plenty more features that become available much later in your adventure. The alliance function, for one, only becomes unlocked once you reach level 50 and there are numerous areas and rewards that only become available beyond that. With an increased level cap of 114 after the most recent update, there certainly are an abundance of experiences to look forward to.

This is where we end our Westland Survival beginner’s guide and we hope that our collection of tips and strategies we shared will help you with not just improving your survivability but arm you with what you need to take on any challenge that comes ahead of the adventure. If you have spent quite some time in the game and have more tricks and strategies to share, feel free to do so in the comment area below!